Luke Combs – When It Rains It Pours


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100 thoughts on “Luke Combs – When It Rains It Pours”

  1. Jonathan Ramplin says:

  2. Henry Sims says:

    If your listening in November leave a like

  3. Paige Shaker says:

    Who listen to 2020 because y'all should I mean

  4. Owen Winter says:

    How could someone dislike this?

  5. Jack Francis says:

    Not wrong about the title

  6. Dana Drummond says:

    "I don't have to see my ex future mother in law…" Amen!

  7. Terrance Melvin says:

    Awesome video I love this song

  8. Jack Jacobsen says:

    Make more videos

  9. KaLynn Wasilewski says:

    I love this song man it’s good I love country yesss

  10. Julianna santana says:

    This what I need 😩😩

  11. Jason Drennen says:

    Good as song

  12. Madison & Lance Wooten says:


  13. YoureTooEzz GetGud says:

    What a banger

  14. keens574 says:

    Im so glad I look just like him😬 blessed

    Im riding this wave until its done🤘🏼

  15. Even.Ways Music says:

    This song makes me feel so hopeful 🙂

  16. Jean-Micheal Morrissette says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    When I listen to Luke Combs
    My neighbors do too

  17. Woop says:

    1:28 how does a man get $20 gas and a $10 scratchy with $22?

  18. AB Badders says:

    Great song mate! Keep punching 👊👊👊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺 from outback queensland🇦🇺🇦🇺👊👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  19. Ashok Jalda says:

    fall 2019 .. <3

  20. Travis Fairchild says:

    when i think it makes me about fishing

  21. Dick Bangahoe says:

    Desiney kiss my ass press 0 now

  22. Isaiah Arnett says:

    Luke: Can I get a life vest?
    Owner: What size?
    Luke: Xxxxl

  23. Neal Harrison says:

    love this song2019

  24. Barbara Earley says:

    He drives a Ford. Wooo hoo

  25. Jasmine Lee says:

    Can anyone write the lyrics 🎵🎶✌

  26. Gage Westphal says:

    Who is watching in 2035
    Like if so

  27. Shadow_ Scream says:

    Doesn’t the girl at 2:29 look like Emma Roberts she looks like Emma roberts to me

  28. Crystal Beswick says:

    Am I the only one who doesnt understand the first part lol with the going to church thing??? Haha I love this song and it's a funny breakup song 😁😁😁 # Gotta Love Luke Combs

  29. PitaGyro Tvツ says:

    Who is still listening 2019 November

  30. Chris Staub says:

    I like that song

  31. coaster maniacs says:

    Succhh a good video

  32. r97 NeaL says:

    I think post Malone and Luke combs should make a song together. I don't know why.

  33. Mitchell Brown says:

    I mite com to your kosrte

  34. StiCkY J says:

    why does the hook sound so much like the song "who says you cant go home". Did luke combs rip off the melody? sure sounds like it. how original…..

  35. Bradley Gosnell says:

    As Toby Keith would say… “How do you like me now?!?!?!”

  36. Aubree Schreiber says:

    My uncle looks like you like when I look at you I thank you are my uncle

  37. Amy Hall says:



  38. Katlyn Melton says:

    i fall in love with this song

  39. Tony Durr says:

    I love your song



  41. Jake Moretti says:

    This song saved my life, helped me get through a very difficult time in my life. Thank you.

  42. Andrew Nansen says:

    If your listening to this in November give it a like.

  43. Sherri Truitt says:

    Good song

  44. Millard Filmore says:

    Big guy just stand up in the pool when you play pong. We know your big who cares. Your voice and money will get you a piece of ass way better than I will ever land and jm actually handsome. You got it made brother.

  45. Miles Munene says:

    some shit like that happened to me tooo!!!!!

  46. Ch3dar Ch33s3 says:

    Ahhh love driving to this song aye✊🏾

  47. Mr WOOP WOOP says:

    Brilliant song writer

  48. G H says:

    His voice so sexy but he looks the guy who changes your oil at jiffy lube.

  49. Mtl Menace says:

    50cents better version

  50. sue anna Foote says:

    So amazing

  51. Yvonne Jarman says:

    AWESOME – Has one of the best lines EVER – Don't have to see My Future Ex- Mother-in-law No More …

  52. Gandalf The Grey says:

    Jesus Christ folks. We need to call the Pope right at this moment.
    We need to canonize this dude for this song. Cant get enough of it.

  53. Sylvia Stallion says:

    Hey dude i listen to on 95.5 FM CHICAGO ILLINOIS!!!! This video makes me smile!! Love me Mrs. Chesney!

  54. Sylvia Stallion says:

    Kick Kenny's ass if at CMAS tonight

  55. Sylvia Stallion says:

    I'll kiss you on the lips will piss Kenny off to say the least!!!💋💋💋😍😍 I know. Will do it live on the Cmas next year on live tv. Ill be Kennys wife by then. If not will have a shoot out at the ok coral in Nashville!!!!!!

  56. EastsideMike says:

    I hate country but Knockin Boots and this song have ALMOST won me over…

  57. Sharon Haynes says:

    I'm here after seeing Luke just win awards at the CMA. I'll have to say, Luke is a Natural at this!

  58. Dorie McKay says:

    same old drunk song theme, bring back hank Williams! don't kill me but I'm a lover of classic country music. just tried to see what the CMA male winner was about.

  59. Chase Carroll says:

    I got a question for Luke how can he drink the suds of the beer everyone I know don"t

  60. Mary Ann Redd says:

    I love how Luke's flipflops didn't fall off when he was on the bed

  61. Paul Goettemoeller says:

    Why wouldn't you just buy a case?

  62. haley roper says:

    November 2019

  63. Robert Burge says:

    Is this a real story .

  64. heather malone says:

    im watching in 3019

  65. Shareen Ah One says:

    Yeah i am this song is the best is this song one of your favorite song

  66. Igor Campos says:

    I still remember the day when I first listened to Luke Combs a couple years ago. It was afternoon, I was layed in my bed, listen to a random country music playlist on spotify, then "When it rains it pours" just came out, I couldn't help stop listening to it, and it just became my favorite song ever, and Combs my favorite country artist. Thank God he sent me that Combs song, and a lot more, now I can truly say, WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS!

  67. Mahlercougar says:

    I like Luke Combs and Id love to go to his concert im just too scared and afraid to go because im black.😭😭😭
    My Aunts friend had tickets to Lynard Skynards concert 5-7 years ago and I wanted to go because I know a lot of their music, but….. was still too scared to go back then 🙁

  68. mard420 says:

    come to Canada in the summer, can;'t get more country than NOrtern ONtario thunder bay, just sayin

  69. 1735mike says:

    From Detroit. In Cleveland Ohio and just found out he was playing tonight. See you in a few luke buddy.

  70. rbl529 says:

    If you’re listening in December 2019, give me your time machine 🙄

  71. Jason Striation says:

    One way ticket to the♿🍔🍟🍕

  72. ericswain70 says:

    This guy is for real

  73. jesse .w says:

    Yes, I'm still listening from Australia. Cheers big fella.

  74. Greg Halvorson says:

    Oh yes, let's celebrate getting dead drunk and passing out on the floor…. So awesome. #NOT

  75. Jamie Forrest says:

    The first song from this guy I ever heard! Pretty good! Put ime in a good mood. Every song after that……. heartbreak high school. And that’s why new country sucks.

  76. B J C says:

    Yes it sure does

  77. Zytroxy says:

    He really hates his ex’s mom

  78. Steve Rollins says:

    Nothing like a good Carolina boy.

  79. Reyes Arteaga says:

    if your listening because your listening then give this listen a listen

  80. Lisa Capell says:

    Luke combs is my favorite song ever😘

  81. ericahartlineful says:

    If you like this song give a thumbs up👍🏻

  82. Brandon Koch says:

    Clrissa laub ilove you so much i Would like to talk to you to

  83. Gabriel Castrequini says:

    Boa música !!

  84. Tonya Fregoso says:

    My son absolutely loves Luke Combs. He's been obsessed since he was about 5 months old. It all started with this song. Some kids love cartoons, my kid loves country music videos. Especially Luke. He's 10 months now, and just stands at the end of his crib with his nose pressed against the bars and just becomes engrossed. Thank you for you and your music. ♡ You definitely deserved that award.

  85. Braden Ruple says:


  86. F14TomcatAOC jordan says:

    This is really one of the greatest songs written and a really well put together video to that goes along with life that some of us have lived. Well done Luke. Congrats to your acceptance in the Grand Ol Opry. I think this is just your beginning. Keep it going! Your a new brand of the old country we love.

  87. Grant Heil says:

    give this a like if this is your Favorite song by Luke combs

  88. TPLunkers says:

    Thank you Luke for this masterpiece. The new album is mint, but this song will always be my favorite🍻

  89. car_life passion says:

    I feel like this song is older then 2 years like in the mid 2000's

  90. Air Pulse says:

    This man has got to be one of them best song writers I've ever seen!

  91. Paige Shaker says:

    Leave a like if you love this song??????????????????????

  92. Shin kicker says:

    With all I've heard I thought looking this guy up I'd get a wow factor but same ole bubble gum crap.

  93. Mdtfan2506 *** says:

    Funniest thing there is no rain pour in the vid

  94. mestizos indios truchos bolivianos :v says:

    Me compro una guitarra ya nomas.

  95. Bryleigh Walker says:

    Check out beautiful crazy

  96. Anthony Gonzales says:

    Love it

  97. Anthony Gonzales says:

    It is so go I love it

  98. C.J.C says:

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