LoveLiveServe | Before They Were Famous | Rhino & Noah Boat


Before the boys of Live Love Serve would go
viral with “When the Music Video doesn’t match the song”, “Things You Think About
During…” & “Blasting Inappropriate Songs in the Library
Prank” video series… Before Live Love Serve would clock in nearly
5 Milion Subsribers on YouTube, 100’s of thousands of followers on Instagram off of their comedy
sketches. LoveLiveServe is made up of Noah “Boat”
Taitino and Ryan “Rhino” Burton. The two boys met in middle school, but wouldn’t
start collaborating together on videos until their high school days, when they made their
first video on the channel, which was originally Noah’s. Since then, Noah, who’s known to produce
and edit the content, and Ryan, who’s believed to be the mastermind behind a lot of the channels
content, have gone on to grow quite a following for themselves on youtube. Currently just shy of 5 million subscribers
at the time of this recording, the duo have used their comedic and entertaining on screen
chemistry to not only grow a massive fan base, but also partner up with the likes of Fullscreen, Authentic, Inhinge, and Fanjoy. Huge congrats to them – we’re here to tell
you guys all about their rise to fame here for you on Before They Were Famous. What’s good everyone it’s your boy Michael
McCrudden, if you are new to the channel we do the best Bio’s on the internet. Be sure to Subscribe and as always drop us
a comment below with who you’d like us to cover next. This video has been one of the most requested
videos for us to make for sometime now and is long overdue. The boys actually helped us out answering
a bunch of our questions so huge thanks to them. If you wanna support this channel you can
join the fame gang as a channel member or on Patreon. We also got a trivia question for you guys: Which pop star is Ryan secretly obsessed with? Place your guesses down below and I’ll answer
a little later in this video. First up we got Noah Dennis Taitano was born
on September 16th, 1997 in Washington DC to parents Mary K Tompa and Dennis Taitano. Noah Boat is of Hawaiian decent and grew up
30 miles south of Washington DC in La Plata Maryland on several acres of land. He’s got an oler sister Anna and a younger
sister Amy and both his parents work or worked for the Department of the Navy. I asked Noah to descibe his childhood and
he told me: I liked exploring in the woods, playing in
the creek, riding my bike, and playing soccer. I had/have a good group of friends. I’m pretty outgoing and always asked a lot
of questions. He was also brought up Catholic and even served
as an altar server for 10 years. Something you don’t hear often from today’s
YouTube stars. Religion is also part of the story for how
he got his moniker Noah Boat. It’s a play on words for Noah’s Ark that stuck
in high school and he just ran with it. Growing up in La Plata, Maryland when he wasn’t
getting lost on his 7 acres of property he would watch a ton of youtube videos, and around
the age of 10 he created a youtube account just so he could comment on some of his favourite
videos. Growing up, Noah cites the likes of Supermac18
and Ryan Higa as big inspirations. Outside of YouTube, Noah also cites David
Goggins as one of the people he admires most, you’ve likely seen David on Instagram. David had a tough and cruel childhood but
was able to overcome his nightmares through self-discipline and hard work to be
the only person to complete the elite training as a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, and Air Force
Tactical Air Controller. Dude sounds nails! Like most of us, Noah got his start up on
his laptop’s webcam. However he would also use his mother’s old
camcorder around the house, and when he first started creating videos, Noah didn’t have
stardom or a career in mind and was on the path to become an elementary school teacher. At the time he just wanted to make some content
for his family and friends to laugh at. In fact, he would hook up his camcorder to
the TV to playback the short skits and videos for his parents and let me tell you this stuff
was suspenseful. Noah would also learn some card tricks throughout
his youth, which he would use to help him make friends in school. He’s also a massive sneaker head. Aright, let’s talk about him meeting his boy
Ryan Burton the two would officially meet for the first time in their 6th grade gym
class. Although they weren’t best of friends immediately,
the two would eventually find that they had a whole lot in common. Noah would go on to attend North Point High
School, where he would continue to produce and edit videos with Ryan, while maintaining
good enough grades to get into a university. He also received an award for having a perfect
attendance all throughout high school. After graduating Noah would attend Drexel
University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in film and video. Ryan Burton would attend the same school taking
the same program and while their classmates rolled their eyes at their budding YouTube
channel the boys continued to work on building up an audience. Ryan William Burton, also know as Rhino, was
born on September 18th, 1997 at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. He is of African American and Northern Irish
decent, and has a brother named Andre. His father is from Reading Pennsylvania, and
his mother, Heather, is from Northern Ireland. Growing up Ryan would play soccer, and would
also start creating content after he got a dell laptop with a webcam on it. After meeting Noah in 6th grade, the two would
start making comedic sketch comedy videos together, something they would continue to
do all the way throughout high school. Ryan would go on to attend La Plata High school,
where he would not only play soccer, but would also be named senior class president – he’s
posted his speech to the channel which has pulled in nearly 10 Million views. Ryan would also go on to study film and tv
production at Drexel University, a decision that would allow him to not only pursue his
passion, but also spend more time creating hilarious content with his buddy Noah Boat. And while attending university, the two boys
would have to make the decision if they wanted to even continue their education, or just
run with their channel. While managing their heavy workload they made
sure they invested their free time to scale their channel and made tons of videos about
their college experiences. They also got all their buds in on the action,
shoutout to Tuffy! Not everyone was a fan. A lot of their classmates didn’t understand
their YouTube channel and thought the boys felt they were better than everyone else. They ignored the haters and both graduated
in 4 years with honors. Aright, et’s talk about their channel. The youtube channel LoveLiveServe would be
officially created on November 20th, 2010, but the two wouldn’t upload their first
video until November 14th 2011. A video titled Best Day Ever would show a
teenage Noah, Ryan and their other friend having themselves a day doing kids stuff like
playing in a pile of teddy bears, heading to the forest and tossing a few garbage bins
around. For some reason they used a pic of Justin
Beiber for the thumbnail – turns out Ryan’s got a secret obsession for the pop star. So that answers your questions from off the
top. Their next video, a parody of The Conjuring
wouldn’t come until July 22nd, 2013 and they would continue making parody type videos
moving forward. However, LoveLiveServe was originally Noah’s
channel, and It’s believed he uploaded hundreds of videos, but made most of his early stuff
private because his quality of content has significantly improved. Ryan’s channel was Rhino Soccer 2, but it’s
now what many people know as Sub2loveliveserve. Although they haven’t posted a video to
their second channel in about a year, you can still see Ryan’s high school soccer
highlight tape. Although they would start in middle school
making videos here and there, they would take the platform much more seriously in high school
uploading content every week. However it wouldn’t be until university
that they would see some serious progress. Going from their first thousand subscribers
to their first hundred thousand, the two would continue to produce comedy skits, parodies,
pranks and pop culture commentaries for their audience. One of their video’s, When the Music Doesn’t
Match the Song, which shows exactly that, is one of their many videos that would go
viral on the platform and help them gain more exposure. They would turn it into a mini series and
at the time of this recording, they’ve released 5 versions total. Check them all out, they’re funny as hell. Their biggest video to date would be the sequel
to their blasting inappropriate songs in the library prank. Posted on November of 2017, It’s clocked
in just under 29 million views at the time of this recording. The
two would continue to consistently post content every week, with Noah handling the production
side of things, such as filming, and editing, and Ryan focusing more on the actual content
itself, such as ideas, filming locations and acting. The two boys just recently both graduated
from Drexel University and the boys plan on moving to LA in September. On July 23rd 2019 they created another channel,
Loveliveserve Vlogs. They haven’t posted their first video to
this channel at the time of this recording, but it’s safe to say they got some big stuff
planned.. Regardless of what they decide to do moving
forward from here, I have no doubt it’ll be successful. These guys got some great on camera chemistry
and they’re just very entertaining to watch. You guys gotta let me know your favourite
video that they’ve made in the comments below. Mine has to be Rhino singing Justin Beibers
somebody to love in their series when the music doesn’t match the song 2. Hope you enjoyed, be sure to share the video
with a friend, subscribe so you never miss a channel and drop us a comment below with
who you’d like us to cover next. My name is Michael McCrudden but you already
know that – I’ll see you in another video.

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