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do let love island well what would
happen if I use BBC Symphony Orchestra sound library to adopt the theme gin hi my name is Euan Smith welcome to
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basically I’m going to be arranging the theme from love island love island is a
super popular show I really like the music and the music of course is written
by a company which you can see in the screen I’ll also link to that company’s
webpage below in the description if you want to find it more about the music as
I’ll be unable to play it due to copyright reasons but of course I am
going to be arranging it so the arrangement it will be my own based on
the theme so the love island theme is Dancy it kind of is a summer Ibiza vibe
and I thought well I’m starting off with a slow section of the main theme and
then I’m gonna go right into the original tempo which is round about a
hundred and twenty nine beats per minute why not bring it a bit more emotion and
a bit more love into the music I’m about to play the first section just to show
you how slow and emotional I could make it I’m using the template I was gifted
by Christine Hansen and I’ll leave a link to this template in the description
below as well so what I’m going to do is I’m going
through I’m going to add in different layers to different sections of the
music so I’m going to add in some brass Oh Gerard in some woodwind I know in Section two what I’m going to
do is add a little bit more original speed see how I treat that so we two
different treatments are the same thing I’m gonna do is I’m going to show you
the full theme and and if you would like to download this you’ll be available on
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