Lou Dobbs Attacks Bill Barr


>>The possibly unprecedented and certainly
dangerous relationship between Donald Trump and William Barr, the current state of the
the DOJ, which has been incredibly deferential to his desires continues to develop. We found out today that Attorney General William
Barr has assigned an outside prosecutor to scrutinize the criminal case against President
Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn, according to people familiar with the
matter. To catch you up in case you don’t know about
Michael Flynn’s legal troubles. In December 2017, Flynn struck a plea deal
with special counsel Robert Muller’s team pleading guilty to lying to the FBI about
his contacts with the Russian ambassador and agreeing to cooperate. Now, Flynn was one of multiple people in the
administration who just forgot that they had been talking to a whole bunch of Russian officials. And, one would think, considering the conversation
at the time about what was going on that, that would matter. And the right wing has, to their credit, been
obsessed with Michael Flynn ever since then, but in thinking that they had been unfair
to him. That the DOJ was being too harsh to him that
they should let him go, and it doesn’t matter that he conveniently left off all of these
inconvenient facts. And so we don’t know exactly what the scrutiny
is going to produce. But we do know what the right wing media wants. They’ve been very vocal about it throughout
the day.>>So, look, they’re lawless. We’ve gone over this and so you have the career
prosecutors who are still trying to do their job and they go through the process. And this is what happens in countries that
devolve into chaos and then wind up having governments that do terrible things. They then have political correctness come
in and go, yeah, you were legally correct, but we’re not interested in that. We’re interested in being politically correct
and the dear leader says that he wants his friend out of jail so he doesn’t care that
he broke the law. And by the way, other people that didn’t break
the law, he wants them in jail and he doesn’t care that they didn’t break the law. And so that’s how democracies devolve and
we’re right in the middle of that right now.>>It’s hard for people to see it sometimes. I was thinking that the other day, it’s hard
for people to see exactly what’s happening in the country. When it’s happening, we think, we looked at
history like, hey, that happened. I read that book, that’s how it happened. But when we’re in the middle of it, or when
someone who happens to be in the opposing party and not everyone that’s in the opposing
party is saying this, but when someone says, hey, pay attention to what this guy is doing. It’s what we’ve always warned others about,
just pay attention, cuz if you don’t, it’ll happen to you. So, if you want to push back and say, how
could you say such it is America nothing like that could ever happen. That’s exactly how it can happen, when you
have an attitude like that you don’t pay attention to exactly what’s being done.>>To your point, Jayar, I remember Misha
was homeless long time ago here in LA. And I always wonder, how in the world did
Germany slip into what it slipped into in the 1930s, right? And then they laid it out. That’s why you go to museums, okay? And they showed these newspaper articles from
back in the day, etc. And the answer is, gradually. And they take away a little bit of freedom,
they break a law here, no consequences, they break another law, no consequences, and eventually
might makes right. And then eventually they start coming in with
batons and beating people up but there’s no law anymore to enforce. And all there’s left is power. And it’s happening right in front of our eyes,
if he wins reelection, now he thinks he’s 100% above the law.>>Yeah, it is right
>>So, and right now, that is correct.>>Yeah, your talking about that process and
you need legislative checks, hopefully. Hopefully the courts can provide a check,
maybe the media can provide a check. And you always sort of wonder what was the
media saying in the run up to that? Well, I don’t know, perhaps at the museum,
but we do know what some of the media are saying about the DOJ and about Trump right
now. Yesterday, William Barr had his a little comments
about how Trump is making his job hard. Like that, obviously there’s a lot of distance
between them. I mean, he said his job was hard. And I want you to take a look at even that,
that sort of like show of frustration with Trump from William Barr, who from day one
in that position has done nothing but protect Donald Trump, do his bidding. That’s why he was there, because he wasn’t
gonna be like Jeff Sessions and recuse himself. So let’s go to Lou Dobbs last night talking
about Barr from yesterday.>>I guess I am so disappointed in Bill Barr,
I have to say this. It’s a damn shame when he doesn’t get what
this president has gone through and what the American people have gone through and what
his charge is as attorney general. Where the hell is the report? Where the hell are the indictments? Where the hell are the charges against the
corrupt, the politically corrupt, a deep state within the Justice Department, the FBI? And why in the hell are we hearing apologies
from someone in that rancid, corrupt department about what they permitted? But then to hear this Attorney General complain
about this president who’s fighting every one of those damn people to do the right thing
and to get this country straightened out. And it’s his mission to do so, not to carp
about his boss. And by the way, I don’t wanna hear any crap
about an independent Justice Department. This Justice Department, as does every one,
works for the president. It is part of the executive branch.>>Lou Dobbs never forced his life has felt
that the Justice Department should be the personal lawyers of the president. And I guarantee of Trump loses later on this
year. He will not continue to say that they should
be working for the president. But look at that, I don’t wanna hear that
crap about independent DOJ. No, because you would have that in a presidential
system in a monarchy where you have your king. No, obviously all of them are supposed to
working for him. But look, we’re gonna talk more about that. He was slamming William Barr there for like
a throwaway comment about tweets. He called him part of the deep state because
of that. And he said, why are you doing this when you
should be getting indictments against the people in the DOJ. Not like particular people, he’s not saying
here are people and the crimes they committed. He’s saying, go find people, and bring me
indictments. You should be rooting out the people who are
working against our dear lord, Donald Trump.>>All right, against our political enemies.>>Yeah.>>And so, also in the museum you see propaganda
and that was a huge part of it. And you’d think that the Germans, the National
Socialist Party when they first came into power in the 1930s, they were trying to get
into power, and then did. That they came in and said, we’re gonna murder
everyone. No, they didn’t say that, okay? They said, we’re trying to protect the homeland. And he’s the only one that cares about Germany
and the Germans. And you’ve gotta give him the power so he
can protect you. So he could protect the homeland, and he can
protect Germans outside of the homeland too. Cuz those are poor minorities that are being
exploded in other countries that when we have to go help them, etc. And they did propaganda on purpose and then
their enemies, their enemies were less than human and they were the ones causing all the
problems and etc., etc. And if anyone cross the leader, you’d have
someone like that go back in the day on in the newspapers and the leaflets etc., and
say, he is now one of our enemies and he has to be rooted out, rooted out. Okay, and they would get rid of them. And then until everybody got the message,
you’re not allowed to screw with the leader even a little bit, not even as John pointed
out, a show disagreement. It wasn’t a real disagreement. It was meant to show that he’s independent. While Bill Barr is not actually independent,
he did reduce Roger Stone sentence. He did put someone on the Flynn case to reduce
his sentence or maybe let him go. He did butcher the Mueller report and lie
about it. He’s done everything Trump has asked him to
do. And then he just did a little show of like,
I am upset about his tweets. And Lou Dobbs is like, that’s it. He’s part of the deep state and it’s rancid. We got to get rid of them because the important
thing is not his Bill Barr really on our side or not. The important thing is to terrify anyone who
might oppose the president, even a little bit.>>Justin Amash, Matt Gaetz, Jeff Sessions,
these guys get Mitt Romney there, they get run out for the smallest things. Matt Gaetz is one of the biggest kneelers
in front of the President, but I mean there was one thing was by the way, just yesterday,
the Senate did pass a limitation on presidents war powers against Iran. That’s what Matt Gaetz was put on punishment
for even suggesting before the vote actually happen. Of course he’s represented so that was a Senate
vote yesterday. But, just because of that he’s off of the
impeachment trial when he was one of the biggest mouthpieces. It doesn’t matter, you are now an enemy and
until I get rid of all of my enemies and not only have people like Barr and Trump who now
he’s toeing that line,->>Yeah.>>Then we’re not a complete country yet. Anytime the interests of the President only
matches up to be the interest of the country that sounds like a dictator to me. And when you have someone like, who’s our
boy in impeachment who said, what if the President thinks it’s the national interest for him
to get reelected, he can do whatever the hell he wants? The old guy-
>>Dershowitz.>>Dershowitz says that, then that becomes
the norm. That’s a legal argument he made in front of
the Senate. That’s what we’re supposed to do now?>>Yeah

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100 thoughts on “Lou Dobbs Attacks Bill Barr”

  1. alexander macintyre says:

    Barr in Deep State? Lou Dobbs needs a brain implant!

  2. Paul Forster says:

    Exactly the same thing happening in the UK. The world is either going to fight back and we are going to get back to a better world. Or we are going to another very dark place. World war 3 is not an over exaggeration of what could happen. Will we ever learn.

  3. theendofit says:

    Lol i called this. I said the second i saw barrs comment that trump and his idiots would not be able to understand barrs double talk. What fing idiots.

  4. Stafford Geduld says:

    …..its okay to point out Trump's violations of US laws but what about bipartisan US hooliganism in violation of international law?
    That's why you deserve Trump to create internal chaos so that internal cleansing can take place.

  5. Marie Rose says:

    Are some of these folks not of the Jewish faith? How can they in all conscience help to promote another tyrant?

  6. Bud Barron says:

    Who will rise up and stop tRump. Talking obviously isn't working.

  7. Russel Nokes says:

    It's hard to maintain checks and balance when you have a Senate of spineless corrupt b*stards.

  8. Dave Lester says:

    Think about Lou Dobb's wife. Poor woman!. And one other thing, Who is Lou Hobbs? Who is your proof reader?

  9. Don Bargas says:

    In the end the rats will eat each other, solving the problem.

  10. Leonidas The Great says:

    How about the 600,000 dollar bribe, Flynn got from Turkey. Hey Chenk quit bowing down in front of Erdogan.

  11. Al Knowles says:

    The problem is, many of us can SEE the devolving of democracy from the time Trump first took office. But other than voting him out (which with an almost cultish base and a well-organized voter suppression from BOTH parties seems VERY unlikely), what can we actually DO?

  12. Greg Greg says:

    There is no deep state its right wing fiction, if you believe in one you've got brain melt, the levels of looney tune propaganda is staggering

  13. Alcagaur1 says:

    Dobbsy the Oh-So-White House Elf is one of the few absolute consistencies of the modern era, infallibly homing in on "The Wrong Side of History" and stabbing his confederate flag adorned by the Narcissist Rampant (Dotard Donny) in this piece of territory.

  14. unit007 says:

    I wonder why these old men like Lou Dobbs who will be gone in a few years are so bent on leaving their own grandchildren with oppressive systems which their ancestors died to escape from

  15. Anthony Smith says:

    The followers of the Cult of Trump are too delusional to see what is happening. They're under his spell and will only wake up when it's too late.

  16. Gary Wesley says:

    It’s all a show.

  17. Brad Gray says:

    Hello all you commies.
    Trump 2020

  18. Marc Milton-Talbot says:

    Lou Dobbs-Goebbels.THere was another Nazi guy Julius Streicher who used to do this vicious propaganda stuff.He was hanged at Nuremburg for his efforts.

  19. A. Long says:

    The way Barr behaves was very similar to what our AG did for our former PM a few years ago. Conducted a sham of an investigation when everyone knew the bugger was misappropriating billions of dollars, and the AG concluded that there was nothing to investigate. What? America? Who could believe it! No ! No! This only happens in 3rd world countries! Never in the US!

  20. John Mark says:

    You said it all! He wanted those that broke the law to be out of prison, but those who are doing their jobs should be in jail.

    People like Lou Dobbs are doing everything they can to navigate US into becoming a 1930s Germany under Trump, is this mr dobbs truly an American? What does he think America will become if other US presidents should be doing exactly what he is instigating Trump to do, or does he want that kind of abuse of presidential authority, such as locking up your passived political enemies to start and end with Trump?

    That exactly is one of the major reasons a good number of third world leaders want to be president for life, because once you start locking up your enemies then the repercussions awaits you, thereby making that leader to be afraid of his own shadows, so the only way to avoid that fear is to remain in power for ever, really is that what dobbs want for America?

  21. Aramai Jonassi says:

    So much profanity Mr Lou! I've nevah!😂 I'm pretty sure Donald Trump was pissed at Barr and put Lou up to this attack.

  22. Dennis Nelson says:

    Russia? Russia! It's always Russia.

  23. Derek Newbury says:

    What a poisonous little bitch is Mr. Dobbs. Yearning for Trump's tiny lingam up his flabby profundity. The pathetic face of facism made actual

  24. David Lickiss says:

    No charges have managed to be brought because there's nothing to charge. They tried. It failed. They never filed anything against Comey or Brennen even though they talked mad shit about them in the media. They BS'd a 2 year Grand jury against McCabe and the Court forced then to close it cuz they had nothing. They went back for a third look at Hillary's emails and again failed to bring any charges. Notice any pattern???

  25. Adi Buddhi says:

    They're so fired up with their invincibility, that they really give a damn. And the rest of that repugnant circle, called republicans, are petty frightened dispicable cowards.

  26. Pure Methane says:

    Flynn was set up and shook down by Mueller. Who kidding who does the TYT are fooling. No one. Comey was a disgrace how he joked about sending FBI agents over to "just talk" to Flynn. and even after the FBI agents talked to Flynn, the agents determined Flynn did not lie. The demented Mueller team reviewed the FBI's interview with Flynn and brought up bogus charges that Flynn lied, broke and drained Flynn's bank accounts and the hearsay is Mueller threatened to investigate Flynn's son. Is this what TYT condones? lawlessness by FBI and Mueller's disgraced "angry 13 Democrats" team?

  27. Riley Audet says:

    JAYAR!!!! THANK YOU for pointing out the Alan Dershowitz impeachment defence!!! This is something that needs to be talked about A LOT more!

  28. Guy Burtwell says:

    Lou dobbs that psychotic bitch hes so disgusting

  29. Bob’s Your Uncle says:

    I am by no means a fan of trump but I think Barr’s comments were directed at more than Trump. Media and Congress and to a lesser degree the Senate.

  30. Earnest T Bass says:

    Attacks??? Again overstatement Dobbs was just showing some frustration that Criminal Andrew McCabe who lied to Congress leaked government material gets off with just being fired… I believe everybody's frustrated at that but I don't believe it's the end of Andrew McCabe troubles.. John Durham still out there..

  31. Alan Clarke says:

    Lou dobbs polishes knobs

  32. Charles Scott-Finnigan says:

    Trump is a halfwit.ffs America do something about the most transparent egit that ever lived.His supporters share one brain cell between them and the irony is that he is using those lemmings.A very sad time for the USA.

  33. Shelley Ross says:

    Trump has negated the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Supreme Court and now the Justice Department. The problem is Trump, and lackies like Dobbs, haven't noticed that Trump has also negated the Presidency.

  34. Jay Richardson says:

    Love the look on the face of the dude Dobbs is ranting at.

  35. Bjarke Stemann says:

    "To protect the people" will be the explanation for the cancelling or postponing of the election in 2020

  36. zachery wright says:

    …okay so.. as a black man I see two groups of rich white people locked in a knife fight to the death. .when the police start shooting white people for no reason then call me ..America deserve trump. .white privilege that come back and bite you in the ass …good luck with that …

  37. wayne french says:

    dobbs on as many drugs as limbaugh SAD !!!!

  38. Losaiko Vote!!! says:

    Barr must resign. No if or unless about it. He is Trump's puppet. Trump is Putin's Puppet. Vote!!!
    Ask any citizen of an overthrown government how it started.
    Either release everyone who threatened witnesses or give Stone the same exact friggin' sentence.
    Vote the Trump and the corrupt Senate out in November 2020. Your vote counts. Also verify your vote is not suppressed and removed.
    Say no to Fascism!

  39. manx77 says:

    Yo, Young Turks. Instead of being "whiney libtards," go send Emma to interview Michael Cohen, and get his thoughts on why Bill Barr is acting the way he is (as trump's fixer, who does not need to tell his minions what to do). This would explain it to the American people in a way that they would understand. All of the other media is questioning authors who are eager to peddle their prolixity. This does not advance the cause. I hope some intern with guts to speak up reads this.

  40. Oma Cool says:

    Loud Dobbs is a nut case.

  41. Robin Howard says:

    Barr is a full blown trumptard lying fool.

  42. BCT says:

    FOX is an enemy of the state.

  43. paul irving says:

    Lou Snobs has his lips superglued to trumps ass it’s truly pathetic. How dare Barr criticize the president. Snobs and hannity are trumps two greatest cheerleader sycophants who feel privileged to have an insider relationship with the chosen stable genius. Has this dynamic duo ever once even hinted at criticism of trump? You know if Obama was now president and refused to release his tax returns imAgine how often we’d hear about it. We’d constantly hear about all the emolument violations if they could keep up with them. We’d hear about how he abandoned the Kurds without even consulting the proper military personnel. We’d hear about how he calls members of his government scum and how he sided with Putin over his own intelligence agency. I could go on and on but I’d be here all day. This one sided reporting just reinforces what people are inclined to believe.its not only fox cnn is guilty of this as well but I believe the facts fall on their side far more often. I’d urge everyone, both left and right, to expand their news sources to watch unbiased reporting if there are still any left.

  44. Diane Morris-hill says:

    I think Lou Dobbs smokes crack.

  45. James Irving says:

    Dobbs is a RACIST NAZI POS…..He was DEMANDING Trump's Complete BAN on Muslims and even said American Muslims, including those in the Military should be placed in "Internment Camps"…

  46. Gerdschi D says:

    Deep State == People, who do not agree with Trump. That's all.

  47. Don Post says:

    Fascism 2.0

  48. Jovon R. says:

    Trump supporters see it happening but dont care. Trump has divided the country so much they think he is right about everything. They say everything he do is ok even if it is against their own interests like cutting food assistance programs, Medicare, the EPA, the CDC, and other programs the help them.

  49. Don Post says:

    With Trump's ties to the Mob, you can expect assassinations to be forthcoming.

  50. Brian Firlie says:

    I still wonder what happened to Dobbs. He was so pro working class when he worked at CNN. I really wonder how someone can change so much. Severe head trauma? I have no clue.

  51. datnigga mimo says:

    Both Dobbs and Hannity are never seen in public. They already know there’s contracts on their heads.

  52. Good Palmer says:

    Old fool is the worse kind of fool.

  53. zachery wright says:

    …so now everyone can see the government is crooked and the system has always been rigged ..trump has got America crying like a bunch little bitches in three years people would never make it as a dark skin minority ..get rid of that phony faded piece of toilet paper call a constitution and start over ..maybe include everybody this time might be a good idea ..suppress the minority vote and gerrymander the white vote …burn it all down and start over .."the liberty and justice for all" in our aligence ain't working. ..

  54. JimJ says:

    Barr will be fired like all the others. AG's do go to jail for breaking the law !

  55. KingJustice98 says:

    Either vote for the Socialist, who attacks Christianity, forces LGBT, wants to free drug dealers who sell poison. OR vote for the Fascist, who's racist, gives tax cuts to the rich and is a criminal.

    You voters did this to yourselves by voting against candidates like Huckabee, McCain and voting for Obama, Trump. You will reap the rewards.

  56. Russell Racey says:

    As a pudgy sycophant of a TV Tele-tubby, Lou Dobbs is a sad joke in Cable News. When this hypo finally keels over, no one will mourn his passing let alone notice his absence.

  57. Danny Douglas says:

    I will say it again for the hundredth time, ANYONE WHO WRAPS THEMSELF IN TRUMP WILL FALL!! WHY DON'T THEY SEE THIS???

  58. ehi80 says:

    Did we already forget about the Mexicans in cages? Isn't that disaster still ongoing??

  59. smartyardhouston says:

    Ok i heard the fart here too at 2:29…there's something going on…🤔😁😂

  60. koala koalason says:

    Trump for jail…Trump for jail…Trump for jail..Michael Bloomberg kick trumps vile evil scummy ass to the curb…LOCK HIM UP……

  61. Donald Intlekofer says:

    started 40 years ago, with Reagan.

  62. Ben Rae says:

    Well, my pants are pooped.

  63. dalecs47 says:

    Good. For the rest of his political life Barr will forever be remembered as "Trump's ass lick!"

  64. Georges Cote says:

    Beware of "king justice98" below coment to confuse. Stay focus : trump and his cabinet must go. Vote Bernie Sanders.

  65. Toby Langdale says:

    What's to stop Trump from calling the election off? Why shouldn't he? He and his cronies are already above the law, and he can "do whatever he wants "
    At what point does the majority of the American people declare that this is it and stop everything and shut this nation down! We're not flipping another burger, hauling another load, turning another wrench or whatever it is that we each do. STOP!
    Until Trump and his entire corrupt regime are deposed from any authority.
    When? At what point?
    When we are at the point of a bayonet?

  66. Lindalee Law says:

    When animal dads eat their young …

  67. Adrian Wollaston says:

    When Barr said that Trump's tweets were making his job impossible it was not because Barr was trying to do the right thing and Trump was stopping him from doing it.
    It was because Barr was doing things that, in a normal country, would be considered illegal and Trump was telling people he was doing it.

  68. Selvin C says:

    Yea dictator wannabe in tht clown

  69. Belle Pepper says:

    Lou Dobbs didn't get the memo about the Barr-Trump hoax.

  70. Delroy Brower says:

    Why is Lou Dobbs on TV. He is a senile old racist. Cant wait to see him croak. Would be nice to see him go out with Rush. They will both meet at the gate of hell.

  71. Coy Hampton says:

    Remember, don't reply to the idiot MAGA trolls.
    Just click the thumbs down button and they will sink to the bottom where they belong.

  72. Mike Mpo says:

    Lou Dobbs is a nut case

  73. Vincent R Allen says:


  74. Vincent R Allen says:


  75. Sonny Dayz says:

    tic tic tic tic tic tic

  76. William Canfor says:

    Lou Dobbs will soon be getting The Medal of Honor from Trump. 😥😥😥

  77. Diego Fonseca says:

    Tumpublicans are fierce protective creatures…now Lou Dobbs is calling Barr a ''rancid'' member of the ''Democratic Deep State'' just because Barr slapped the Cheetolini's wrist. So now the AG's just a crooked Deep Stater like Parnas(R), Cohen(R), Bolton(R), Comey(R), McCabe(R), Rosenstein(R) & Mueller(R) XD.

  78. Reggie Reg says:

    Lou Dobbs ain't dead yet?

  79. Curraghs kennel says:

    A dictator with a military force like the US has is also very scarymfor us in Europe.

  80. Jean Pau Prince/Brooklyn Dorisca says:

    I like you guys channel and your cast of characters..
    But , who the fk pays $22.00 for a T-shirt ..

  81. Jean Pau Prince/Brooklyn Dorisca says:

    Like all of trump cronies Lou Dobbs is preaching to the choir there are no indictments on the Deep state is because there is no deep State there is no and indicting anyone on the other side because no one has really done anything to Trump or his administration no one spied on Trump no one lied but Trump as he continues to do so so blatantly

  82. Brighton Babe says:

    Flynn was also doing insider trading as well.

  83. Seeking the Trinity says:

    Good luck until they shut you down. Why America isn’t in the streets protesting is the scary part to me.

  84. Deanna H says:

    I recall Lou Dobbs was a pundit on CNN in the 80s & 90s.

  85. John Wright says:

    "I AM THE LAW!!!"

  86. cygnus888 says:

    US is the most advanced banana republic in the world.

  87. Dale Sprague says:

    Barr must've forgotten the only rule when working for the mad king: Never have even the slightest disagreement with the dear leader.
    But I'm sure he'll more than make up for that one real soon if Trump doesn't decide to fire him for another cult member.

  88. Colin Phetteplace says:

    Wow look how easy it is to turn the "law and order" party against law and order. Amazing!

  89. Terrance Mason says:

    Lou Dobbs is a soulless 🐖!!!.

  90. Ghenghis Khan says:

    Closeted Klansman Louisa Dobbs should put his false teeth in backwards and bite himself to death

  91. Tommy Parr says:

    Iam glad cnn got rid of this pos trump ass licker

  92. Gnosis2078 says:

    Crap about the independent Justice Department? FOX News now officially endorses ignoring the constitution! That sound you hear is America's soul swirling down the drain.

  93. Tosca says:

    Modern constitutional monarchies which includes the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Australia and Britain have a head of state who could not interfere in any arm of government whatsoever. The USA is really in Hitleresque German territory now.

  94. Katelyn Morgan says:

    Good for Lou But every American should be protecting this DOJ and the president involving himself in that, should be independent department. This is a shame and we need to call our elected officials republicans & Democrats alike and let them know we outraged and will not stand for our democracy to suffer over Donald Trump and his insistence that he as president is above the law and and had unchecked powers to do whatever the hell he likes! Bernie 20/20!

  95. MaskedMarvyl says:

    Flynn is an open and flagrant traitor to his country, who sold us out to Russia. In other words, Trump's kind of person….

  96. Jim Vento says:

    More Russia Gate BS. Are you not aware by now that Flynn spoke with the Russians at the behest, and to the benefit of Israel. That you're not aware of this fact you may be perceived as incompetent, or dishonest.

    Sincerely, Not a Republican

  97. Luc Préfontaine says:

    Slowly heat the water and the frog will cook unaware of what’s happening 🤣

    Can someone wrap Lou in a straitjacket and direct him to the nearest cold shower ? 🤪⛏👈

  98. D Mills says:

    Stating to feel a lot like that V for Vendetta movie…

  99. Tim Yatcak says:

    Old Dobbs is using a ton of hair dye these days

  100. Charles Jourdan says:

    Flynn is goıng to be pardoned of course and the American people will stand by him.Disgraceful.

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