Liz Lemon’s Dealbreakers Book – 30 Rock


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20 thoughts on “Liz Lemon’s Dealbreakers Book – 30 Rock”

  1. Oz Baxter, Inc. says:

    "Lemon numbers among my employees…"

  2. JimmyAztec says:

    Liz Lemon got "Jammed."

  3. Carlos Godoy says:

    “Connie Chung did the right thing.” I bet when famous people get called out on this show no matter if it’s good or bad they put there heads on their pillows that night saying “they said my name on 30 Rock. I have reached the apex of my life.”

  4. EVOCATEUR says:

    Another successful interaction with a man!

  5. That Guy says:

    "That guy deserves a quick punched in the Face"

  6. Cerbyo says:

    I don't blame him for doing that.

  7. andres segui says:

    “I’m gonna do the same thing to your cutout, wait you don’t have one because YOU’RE NOBODY!”

    that was harsh.

  8. AGH331 says:

    Most doctors run around with name tags. People in research institutions too …

  9. Brianna Cherie says:

    I love the part about the elephant in the room hahahaha 😄😄

  10. Kyle Zickert says:

    "I'm allergic to dogs, Jack!"
    "She doesn't even refill the Brita."

  11. I. L. says:

    LOL "The Cigarette Diet" by Dr. Spaceman

  12. Ace Hardy says:


  13. RE2LeonS says:

    Damn…RIP Borders Bookstore

  14. Linda B says:

    You sit on it as well … aaay!

  15. JammastaJ23 says:

    I love Jon Glaser

  16. Spermwhale1000 says:

    That dude would lose his job for doin that.

  17. southerncajuncharm says:

    What is Liz Lemon doing writing a book about dealbreakers? She’s a WALKING dealbreaker.

  18. Tyler Kochman says:

    Milton's and Dr. Spaceman's books are the others on display, nice touch

  19. a pebblebutt says:

    "and i will take the top half. for that is the part with the face."


  20. Steven says:

    “If your man owns a diamond necklace that says OPEN MARRIAGE, that’s a dealbreaker.”

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