Linking Google Scholar to Lancaster University Library collections


Hello and welcome to this short video on
linking Google Scholar to library collections. The reason you might want to
link Google Scholar to library collections is that lots of people
really like the simplicity of searching Google Scholar. It’s free easy to use and
provides Quick Links to millions of scholarly articles books and papers.
However Google Scholar can’t provide you with access to papers which require a
paid for subscription. To avoid being asked to pay for articles that the library has
already paid for on your behalf you can update your Google Scholar settings.
Before I do that I’ll just run a really quick search in Google Scholar. In Google
scholar you can use double quotes to phrase search and you can add multiple
keywords so I can do a search here for ‘attitudes towards end of life care for
children with cancer’ and you can see here that we’ve got lots of links Google
Scholar is trying to pick up on open access publications and because I’m
based on campus at the moment it’s already trying to link with us our
collections in the background. However we can see this top one has no link and so
we’d be asked to pay for that so for that article if we go to the three lines
at the top of the google scholar page we can open the options menu go down to the
settings cog and here we can see an option for library links. Click on
library links and in the search box. Type in Lancaster University and hit the search
button. You’ll see that we now have an option for ‘Lancaster University find
it at Lancaster’. Click Save and now we can see we’ve got a link through to find
it at Lancaster. If we click on the link we’re redirected to onesearch and we can
see the article information from onesearch. Please bear in mind
if you’re searching Google Scholar from off-campus it won’t automatically
recognize that you’re a member of Lancaster University even if you have the
library link set up. You’ll still need to log into onesearch click login and then
staff and students. Pop in your details and then you’ll be logged in to
onesearch. Then if we click on the link through to the publishers website you
can download the PDF from there. I hope that was helpful and please do check out
our other videos on making the best use of library collections. Thanks very much!

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  1. Faith Johnson says:

    Thank you! This is very helpful.

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