Library run at the University Library in Växjö

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Hi and welcome to the University Library in Växjö. I will take you with me on a Library Run to show you our facilities and what we have to offer. So we’ll start here on the entrance floor. Here is the checkout where you can borrow books, and here is the self-return machine where you return your items. Here’s the information desk where you can get help from the library staff. and… Down here in the basement we have an open study environment, study rooms, computer labs and printers where you can print, copy and scan. We’ll continue over here. Here you can register for a library card, and you can search in our catalog for books and stuff. Over here we have “reserved items” and they are sorted alphabetically by your last name. We’ll move on over here. Here are a lot of computers where you log in with your Lnu account, here are also printing facilities. And further on here we have journals in a lot of different subjects, and newspapers. And now we’re going up to the second floor. This is the second floor, and here are a lot of books, we can continue this way. Along all the walls of the building there are open study areas, and group study rooms. Here is one more printer, so you can print even more. And here is also another checkout station. Let’s continue to the older part of the library. Here we have the course reference section, which means that it’s course literature which you can sit here and read but not check out and bring home. And the book trolleys, on these you can put the books you have been using, and then we return them to the shelves. In this part of the library there are also a lot of open study areas and group rooms. And down here you will find the open stacks where we have older material, study places, group rooms and a quiet reading room if you want to have some peace and quiet while studying. Up here on the balcony you’ll find a study environment as well where you can study and do group assignments and such. We will continue and go back and up to the third floor. Up here on the third floor there are even more group study rooms. and here are two more quiet reading rooms, one where you cannot bring your computer, and one where you can, and write on your keyboard as much as you like. Further on here you’ll find a study environment with computers. and another printer. and over here we have the Academic Support Centre, where you can get help with your academic writing for example. Here it is. Well, as I said, a lot of study environment here, no books up here, they’re downstairs. We’ll continue over here… Open study environment… And we’ll go down again to the entrance floor. Behind me you’ll find the café, where you can have “Fika” and study. And that was really all I had to show you, thank you so much and welcome to the library!

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