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hi I’m Bonnie Parker head of ARIS at
Clayton State University Library. Our library is pleased to offer supporting
services for our genealogy group also known as OGG. What is OGG? OGG is a
group of individuals who are interested in studying family trees DNA and other
genealogy related topics. OGG meets every other month starting
in February at Clayton State University and the University Center, room 265. They
meet from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and everyone in age 16 or older is welcome, whether
you are a beginner or an expert. You can visit OGG’s blog at our genealogy group
dot blogspot dot com. Now let’s talk about how the library can help with genealogy
research. There are many services that the library offers to community and
public users: computer and internet access with a valid ID, printing, copying,
scanning services, Libchat, and access to books, databases, journals and articles on campus. You can visit our library’s homepage at
clayton dot edu slash library. The galileo search box is in the middle of the page
and this box searches over 200 databases at one time. You can also go directly to
Galileo at Galileo USG dot edu slash scholar slash Clayton. Galileo is an
online repository of millions of reference materials. Remember to refine
your search using keywords and terms and use the filters tool when searching in
the databases. We suggest these topics for searching: history, genealogy,
registers of births, history and criticism, African-Americans and social
conditions. Galileo is accessible to public and community users on campus but it will not be accessible off-campus. However, you can check with your local
public library to see what subscriptions they may have to Galileo. There are several genealogy and history
databases that we suggest. One is ancestry Library Edition. This one has a
collection of genealogy records which has coverage date from 1300 to the
present. Voyages the transatlantic slave trade database provides information on
almost 35,000 slaving voyages between 1514 and 1866. African American
biographical database is the collection of biographies and narratives including
photographs from 1790 to 1950. Another database is African American funeral
programs from the East Georgia Regional Library. This consists of over 1,000
Funeral programs from 1933 to 2008 and this is from the Augusta Richmond County Public Library. Archive grid is a collection of over 2 million archival
material descriptions. Digital Library of Georgia provides access to Georgia’s
history and culture found in collections of digitized materials. Not only can use
databases from Galileo but we suggest these databases which are free to use
from home: . This has access to governmental information. Roots is a good way to learn if someone else is doing research on the same family
line. allows you to search by name cemetery or location. includes good
tutorials for learning new research skills. is by the
largest genealogy organization in the world, giving access to records, resources
and services. has general genealogy information and cemetery
surveys done by volunteers. Be sure to look at the library’s Lib guides at
Clayton libguides dot-com slash research for a collection of pathfinders on
various topics our guides can help you with finding resources and going through
the process of conducting general research. If you have questions about
your research you can get help in a number of ways. Use our ask a librarian
feature at the bottom right corner of our library’s homepage or call the
reference desk at six seven eight four six six four three four six. You can also
visit the Clayton State University Library during open hour. We do have an
archives and special collections department at Clayton dot edu slash
archives. You can make an appointment with our University Archivist Feechi Hall
by calling six seven eight four six six four four seventy five or by sending an
email to feechihall at Clayton edu.

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