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[Aimee] Excuse me [Aimee]
The problem is I have received an email called courtesy notice [Aimee]
telling me to return a book that I have borrowed [Librarian]
Okay [Aimee]
But the problem is I’m keeping the two books with the same names, the same authors and the same shelf mark [Librarian]
Alright [Librarian]
Have you got your card with you? Let’s have a look. [Aimee]
The only difference is the version [Aimee]
One is the third edition and one is the-the second edition [Aimee]
So I don’t know which one is being referred to. [Background noises]
[Inaudible background conversations] [Librarian]
Right, okay, so one of these.. it’s this one here so you’ll be able to tell by the barcode on the front of the book [Librarian]
So it should have the barcode ending in 3285

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