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Hello, and welcome to, Get Library eBooks and Audiobooks on your iPhone and iPad presented
by the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library. (Music Out)
To get library materials on your device, you will need to install the Overdrive app. Tap on the App Store icon on your device. Tap on the search bar and type “Overdrive”. Select the app, then tap, “Get”, then, “Install”. If asks to enter your Apple ID and password,
please do so, then tap, “Open”. Select, “Sign up”, then, “Sign up using library
card”. Find our library system by typing in, “Buffalo”,
searching by name then tapping, “Go”. Do not use a branch library as that does not
always work. Enter your library card number. If your number includes an A, do not include
the A. At this point you may be prompted to enter
information such as your age when creating your account, please do so. To add an item click on, “Add a Title”. On the main screen you can remove the green
bar by pressing X, and then click on, “My Account”. If you need to, you can sign in again using
your library card number. Be sure to check, “Remember Device”. On the main page you can see lots of different
categories of items to choose from. This includes eBooks and audiobooks. You can browse by featured items or by genre. Additionally, at the top, there is a search
bar that offers advanced search and regular search. Be sure to be accurate in your spelling, because
unlike Google, Overdrive does not guess what you mean. The most common searches are by title or author. When you see items appear in your search you
will note at the top that they are marked as On Hold, Available, or Wait List. By tapping on the cover of an item, you can
find more information about it. In this case we are going to tap, “Hold” and
place a hold on the material. If you haven”t entered in your email address
before; this is the point where it is going to prompt you to put in your email address. Please do so, because this is how Overdrive
will notify you when your eBook is ready. You can use filters to narrow your search,
such as by selecting, “Available Items”. When you are ready to check out an item select,
“Borrow”, the drop down arrow on the right lets you change your borrowing period from
7 days to 14 days and vice versa. You can add several items to your check out. When you are ready to read the items select,
“My Account” and then, “Checkouts”. When you select, “Checkouts” you can then
choose the items you wish to have on your device. Until you do this, you cannot see these items
in your bookshelf. For eBooks, make sure you select, “ePub”. For audiobooks, you will want, “MP3”. Click on the sidebar menu to see the bookshelf. Your items will be in the bookshelf. To open an item, just tap on the cover. When you open an eBook you can double tap
on the screen to select various options, such as Table of Contents, Bookmarks, changing
your font and others. Overdrive remembers your place so you don’t
have to worry about making bookmarks or remembering which page you are on. To return a book, hold down on the cover of
the material you wish to return. A menu will appear asking you to return to
the library. Audiobooks work very similarly to eBooks. Thank you for watching this tutorial video
presented by the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library. We hope to see you in soon!

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