Library – A Little Friend Squirrel S01E03

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A Little Friend Squirrel Library Hello Children! The Squirrel is a little bored today. Maybe this is a good time to read a book! Let’s go to the bookcase. This is where
squirrel keeps all of her books. We will definitely find something interesting here! Which one to choose? The Squirrel likes all of them, but knows them well.
She would like to read something new. That’s right! We can go to the library. We
can always find something interesting to read there. Mr. Mole works here. Good morning mr. Mole!
Let’s quickly go to the shelves with books that might be interesting to The
Squirrel. Some users read in the library, like miss Kitten.
This is why you should always be quiet in the library, so you wouldn’t interrupt
those who are focused on work or lecture. That was quick.
Mighty Squirrel seems like an entertaining title! Listen to miss
Kittens purring. It looks like she enjoys reading about history of cats! To rent a
book from library, we can’t just take it from the shelf. We need to take it to the
front desk to the librarian. You need to have our own library card.
Thanks to that system library will always know who rented which book and
when he needs to return it. Mr. Mole scans the books and enter data into the system
Remember that books can be rented for short period of time. If we don’t return
them in time, we’ll have to pay a fine. It works like that so everyone can read
everything they want, because books are not held by one person too long.
Everything ready! Now we can take our book and card.
Goodbye mr. Mole! The Squirrel can’t wait to read her new book! Reading is a great
form of entertainment. The Squirrel will come back home now. Let’s not bother her
while she reads. Goodbye children, see you soon! Remember to like and subscribe and a new episode will come soon!

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