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Hi! In this video I’m going to show you how
to set up and use Libby, the library’s new app for eBooks and eAudiobooks. Libby is available on iPad, iPhone, and Android
devices. If you’re using a Kindle, Paperwhite or
Kindle fire, check out our other videos, linked here: If you’ve used OverDrive before, you’ll
find Libby much easier, simpler, and friendlier. It’s an all in one app to checkout and read
or listen to library materials. Search for Libby by OverDrive in your App
Store. We’re using an iPad, but the app will work
and look the same on all devices. When you first open the Libby app, scroll
down and click “Find My Library.” The app will use your location to find the
nearest library in the system. If it’s correct, hit yes. If not, click no and you’ll be prompted to
search for your library by name or zip code. Next you’ll need to enter your library card. Click Add Your Card on the right side of the
screen. Select your library from the drop-down menu,
and enter your library card number. Then click “Sign In.” Libby has two main sections–the Library,
which is synonymous with “My Media Mall,” where you can browse and select books, and your shelf, where you can see your checkouts,
holds, and activity. At any point while using Libby you can toggle
back and forth between these sections Let’s go back to our Library and find a
book to check out. You can scroll down through the various collections. Or scroll up and click the magnifying glass
to search our catalog. As you type, Libby will suggest search terms
for you. If you find a book you want and it’s available,
you can click “Borrow.” Confirm this on the next screen by clicking
borrow again. The title will automatically download for
offline reading. You can click “open book” right from here
or keep browsing or go back to your shelf. Let’s click “open book.” Then you can swipe to the left to page through
the book. At any time click the center of the screen
to pull up your menu, where again, you can toggle between the library
or your shelf. Notice that it brings you back to the last
page you left off on, in this case, our search results. If you’re looking for a book that’s already
checked out, click “place a hold,” and confirm on this next screen. You can keep browsing, or edit your hold. With Libby you have lots of navigation options. So, click back into the book you’re reading
by clicking in the center book logo at the bottom menu. Or go to your shelf to see your current checkouts
and holds. Returning to any of these sections is just
a click away. The best part about Libby is that it’s truly
an all in one browsing and reading app. No need to use complicated menus to switch
to different confusing sections of the app. And Libby with never sign you out unless you
sign out yourself or delete the app. You can also listen to electronic audiobooks
in Libby. Look for the headphones logo and click borrow. The whole audiobook will automatically download
for offline listening. Then “open audiobook.” [eAudiobook: “Random House Audio presents,
“Blue Nights” by Joan Didion”] Checkout our YouTube page for more videos on using Libby,
including more detailed audiobook instructions. Thanks for watching! Check out of some of our other informational
videos and if you have any questions feel free to give us a call.

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