I read Welcome to your weekly reading of the 25 November December 1 Jack greets you and are here on my channel Jota tarot I want to invite you as always to subscribe to activate the bell you reach all my notifications and reminds me your comments name and country ‘to have you present always in my meditations before you start these readings for me is very important to keep in touch you read my warriors if you want being one of the first videos to be published must be the most watched video of the week in that order public so it is that I invite you to leave me your fingers up and share this video with your friends and family send to groups that WhatsApp I would also send their friends so that in that way then you get smarter and be the first to be published I want to start this week with a advice to you from my heart and from my soul and what we do with this new book that I have called j tarot tips you can also obtain if you like you are in Watch live and work this way think of these moments in a situation where you’re going where You need some guidance or some ask what you can place on a table or you can place on your lap and let’s see what tips are for you this week after you turn the pages and stop the page displaying your days your spiritual guides tell you here and then these are the messages you for the question or situation in which you find yourself and avoids says take the first exit means with this here it is where we in practice your intuition tells you that the first option that comes to you the you must first path that appears in your life should not be the way that you take for example if you waiting to come into your life a love and suddenly a person comes to you that no It is the first exit you must take you must also look a bit more like You can get this message that tells you bring good luck indicating you from the change you want to make decision you want to take or question you just made indicates that you bring good the results of doing that than you are planning so these are the tips for you this week avoids taking first exit and you bring Good luck any change or decision you have at this moment in your life and this book can be used as the how many times you want and if that question or the advice that answer no resounded you can always change to another page and see you again out the same avoids taking the first So out here it says is more generous and the situation is unclear these moments could be facing a situation that is a little complicated so confusing try not to make decisions on the description of this video is the information on how you can purchase If you want to have that book with you because so I have always with you the energies that have this week My warriors will read out the letter the struggle and this can be a fight you have inside yourself you could be a situation where around you there are people trying to provoke you because you have to adapt your life to your situation because some of you may Once they are thinking about making a change dramatic in your life to take some decision and you have a conflict internal in which you do not know if that to the end will be the best for you or will be something that could hurt you more later remember not to take the first This is output if the first output or your impulses tend to look fight angry then discuss looking for ways to change the way reacting because this could you hurt me this week They are saying to you too that try to avoid conflicts because it can be a week where as you indicate there people around you who will be trying to press certain buttons on your life to get you to be angry for you then to choose to react and invite you to here you take it slow and there are people that do not react to your around who you might be trying to then you also have to provoke handled with those energies where people might be misinterpreting the things that you say during this people might be feeling week very offended by the things you say but it’s not because you’re saying with misconduct is because they they are taking it that way so tries to maintain communication quite open and if you use by example text messages about being pretty explicit in them because they could generated confusion in your life to the end we will have another question Interactive because I invite you I stay with me until the end and we will see the cards at this moment to the rest of the week let’s see the energies of your family your friends your job if you seeking work your partner if you in a relationship and also about the bachelorhood are looking for partner your family this week Leo warriors You have nine of spades and I are indicating here that there are energies where someone misses me are indicating that a loved one is a person in your family misses you do not know Where are you are worrying about you could you be to reverse this too It is missing to the contact some family is missing to have that communication again spending time together you could be missing a parent one mother grandparents uncles cousins ​​out there where you the strange energies to them or you are missing them and you could unless you have an internal conflict because maybe this person is missin you do not get along very well but at the same time the foreign then You’re like that feeling of confusion which would leave everything perhaps to return where is this family for the same time have that conflict is that because we are always arguing then not know what to do and these are the energies where is your family in these moments there yours family who are missing you They are concerned about you and then you definitely are thinking Reconnect me with you you want to see let’s see your friends this week you have the letter of 10 gold medals they are telling me here your guides you will be creating or having a new group of friends one group that will fill you with a lot illusion of great joy where you I see coming and sharing with new People see you as an activity to the outdoors can be a party a discotheque an activity where a group of people can be a fair some kind of celebration being making and this can be based on a new group of friends who are developing and may be then that your conflict and your inner struggle I think you will pass the fine but something is tying you to get nostalgically it keeps a person a country or a situation you like this imbalance or your new friends and new life can be given right now or your old life that Although it gives you a lot of security It is quite controversial to the end as you were instructed my warriors take decisions that you seem them best I send information on the Message your work leaves you the letter 13 Golds are talking about meetings important that you’re going to have this week projects which could instruct several people and you could be the who he is responsible for leading a lead a group of people and can I be as simple as if you work on a market as your turn to blink the market will turn to blink the place where they’re working you will give more responsibilities for others or because if you work in a or a multinational company and coming from a lot of money because the boss then maybe they are giving you a much more important role and responsibility for a project to apply to your life and as I always tell them no matter if you work selling fruit in a market if you work in a company multinational on the fifth floor the message applies to everyone equally just resonate with you and that recalls could be combating the letter of the fight is what crowns you read and that could be the conflict that there are people around you who do not want see you in that position but they say than because they’re going to put that read if I deserve to have that power your around hopefully not you who has that energy with people around you my dear if you leoncitos looking for work leaves you letter 2 swords look and I fall back with the advice you of the book it seems that here you have two options You have two paths to take to do with your life and you’re trying as define that and there are situations which one of these decisions could having to do with returning to your home return home where your family your parents your cousins ​​your return to a place where there are other but people know that place Although difficult is your home and then you are convenience indecision what to do which way to take the new the new road because if you do nothing and still enjoying your life with friends out there and life goes lane you will be life and not You do nothing or you take the decision returning a difficult place where you have to fight for your future and the end of the day the decision you have to take for there are two ways for you two options that can occur if you do not have nothing to do with your family as I could having to do with two companies They want to make some sort of supply and the struggle here is because these two companies will be fighting for you oh yes and why I not read and all those who are right now thinking is that there is clear which company He will fight for me because I want you to know with all the respect and love that no company is going to fight for you then why because you just reject by yourself just said no to It is which company is going to fight for me then the universe says ah perfect because no one fight for him and follow unemployed then when you hear nice things no the energy reject it works you have to accept them and say Of course yes of course two companies are going to fight for me and see with this change of attitude things around you also start change but you always have to take action if you are in a relationship of being the letter of 7 gold medals speaks your relationship is moving slowly here you are indicating that you have to go calmly that can not stand accelerating and may be a couple They have years of being together and right now same are trying to engender have a son like you can be a partner that just started a few weeks ago but this is for people who already they are in a relationship then you will or you are indicating that you have to have patience you have to have calm things will be giving slowly and they are telling you take advantage and enjoy the blessings you have in these moments around you with your partner because it seems that someone is focusing only on the main goal and he is neglecting to live in the moment and then you are advising you to do that too if your child is and looking couple or you chart out force and much love and much respect you I will tell me your guides are saying here you decide what you want if want to have a partner then you are a little more docile because I is indicating a person here that is as well radical tenacious that good good Strong they tell you something and you do not like and you say I did not like if a person you like you say I do not like it’s okay you’re so with much respect is well because you are that way but then you are indicating you went down a little guard says you’re scaring people there people who are interested in you you spend on the street with a face as serious embittered love angry people we want to bring you that even they give away a smile because that is the message for you what I transmito Leo numbers luck this week so you can play chance and receive you some important news comes 67 and you also get the 60 or 61 so to play with those numbers and remember always play responsibly day lucky this week for you one day Where are you charged with positive energy to receive good news or news shocking you out to be the day Monday so is very attentive to my leoncitos on Monday because he will fall good news to start the week wow shocking we will walk with the question Interactive’ll take two questions two cards to better yourself that you can ask a question and choose one of the two cards or you can ask a question for each letter as you like you have the option and the option b can press Pause right now if you need a seconds to think about your question nobody distracts you stay here with me is the choice if you took your question the answer is wow June 1 of Wands responding yes final and this is good news win applause awards very well if you took option b is the answer to you is yes and this He was previously no life the universe had you allowed get this yes if you wanted it and now it is becoming a sip for your life if you wanted a can not then it is not the time They answer both questions if one is final and the other was a situation which it was blocked for you now It will open in part on these moments will appear the following videos that I recommend here are the videos of the month so I invite you you see it in my secondary channel jt ross stores there other types of videos and the ode here is my website for the visit if you know what the different private consultations offer and prices I’m Jack and I ordered a full week plenty of light and progress

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