LEGO Pop-Up Book – History and Model Comparison


Hey everyone, Jason here. Today we are
going to continue our look at the LEGO Ideas pop-up book and in this video
we’re gonna take a closer look at the differences between the finished model
and the model the Grant and I originally posted to LEGO ideas. In addition, we’re
gonna go even further back and also take a look at Grant’s original pop-up book
model which started this whole process off. If you aren’t familiar with the
history behind the pop-up book set, this was originally entirely Grant’s idea and
as he tells it he’s been interested in pop-up books for pretty much his entire
life and as a fan of LEGO I don’t think it was that surprising that he would
eventually try and build one using LEGO pieces as well, and I just happen to have
a copy of his original design here which he posted up to Flickr on November 1st
2014, which coincidentally happens to be exactly four years to the day before the
official LEGO Ideas set will be released on November 1st of this year. If we take
a closer look at this model a lot of the ideas he had here have carried through
the entire process to the finished set, including the idea of having exposed
studs on the inside to add scenery, as well as the idea to be able to swap out
different interiors. I only have this castle interior here for this one but if
you look at his original video, he swaps it all out into some kind of science
fiction based scene as well, and as you can see he’s using rubber bands to
anchor either end of the pop-up scene, which actually works reasonably well,
although it does have quite a few reliability issues and if you’re really
rough with the model the scene can flop around a little bit and sometimes take
out some of the interior. He’s also using one of these old spring-loaded leg
minifigs which sadly LEGO does not make anymore. Fast-forward about a year and
grant got in touch with me about fleshing out this idea and helping him
develop a model to be submitted to LEGO ideas and this was the final model that
we came up with, which looks very similar to his original. Obviously there’s a few
differences. We came up with this Technic based anchoring system for the pop-up insert, which was much more reliable than the
rubber bands that he was using. We also made the book thicker, so that there was
four studs of space to use on the inside, which allowed us to make the pop-up
insert two studs wide on either side. It also gave us a little more room for the
scenery so you could build it up a little bit taller without interfering. We
also added a clasp on the side to keep the book closed and throughout the
process of it being on Lego ideas I think we came up with eight interiors
for the book including this cottage, a castle scene, a jungle ruins, a
western-style building, Humpty-Dumpty on his wall, Rapunzel in her tower, a
cemetery and steampunk structure. All just to show kind of the versatility of
this model and what you could do with it. For the cemetery model, I also
experimented with a different colored exterior and also adding details to it.
Fast-forward another couple of years and we finally have the finished lego ideas
model, and obviously the biggest differences are in the appearance of the
model with the dark green cover with the brown decorative elements on the outside, as well the cottage has been given a nice little makeover and the Jack and the
Beanstalk scene was a completely new addition by the LEGO designer. If we take
a look at the frame of the book it is the exact same size and width as the
model that we submitted and they also retained a lot of the interior studs for
adding scenery, but they did remove the interior studs along the spine which I
really liked and used quite often for like a pathway or other decorative
elements in the interiors I designed. To anchor the pop-up insert, the’re using a
Technic brick with a hole in it, which allows you to use an external pin
connected to the insert itself and the reason that they can do that is because
they have these tiles on the outside of the book which covers up the hole that
you get from that Technic brick on the outside. That is one of the reasons why
our original book was tan. Because the piece we’re using is a 1 by 2 brick with
a pin, this piece here, which actually comes in a very limited number of colors and
the reason we used this is so that we didn’t get a hole on the outside of the
book because we weren’t using any kind of coverage on the outside. And the
biggest difference with the frame of the book is the omission of the clasp that
we had in our original model which I was a bit sad to see go. I really liked it.
With the clasp it really gives you a nice secure feeling when you’re picking
up and handling the book. If we take a look at the mechanism itself, it hasn’t
really changed that much although Wes made a few minor
improvements that really improve the reliability of it. For example, he had a
cheese slopes in spine here to prevent the scene from being able to be pushed
further back because it really needs to stay at an angle for it to work reliably,
and if you take a look at our original model you can really push the scene back
if you’re really aggressive with it which can cause problems with it binding
when you’re trying to close it. Another difference is that each side of the
pop-up insert is twelve studs long, whereas it’s only eleven studs long in
our original model and this allows being able to add two of these Technic plates
with holes in them to be anchored to this axle here which allows for much
stronger and smoother performance of the mechanism. You do run out of space really
quickly inside this book though and to accommodate the wider inserts, Wes added
this window into the spine which allows this little semicircular protrusion from
the hinge plate some room to sit in there when you close the book. Otherwise
it would push out against the inside of the spine and put a lot of stress on the
anchor point of the insert. And of course Wes developed a whole new mechanism for
raising and lowering the Beanstalk in the Jack and the Beanstalk story. And I
think that’s about all I wanted to talk about in this video. Next up will be a
tutorial on adding the clasp back in, which hopefully I will be able to post
in a couple of days. As always thanks for watching, keep on building and I’ll see
you next time

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