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Hey everyone, Jason here. Today we are going to take a look at this beautiful new set, which is of course the latest LEGO Ideas
set – the Pop-Up Book, and if you’re unfamiliar with the history behind this
set, Grant Davis and I posted the original project back on Lego ideas just
over two years ago and it went through the process of gathering support and
went through the review process and it was approved and this is the final
product, which will be released on November 1st, and as you can probably
imagine is really exciting for me to finally be holding this finished set in
my hands after all that time. So without further ado, let’s crack it open. First we’ll take a quick
look at the instruction manual. On the first page is some information about
Grant and me which is pretty standard for Lego Ideas sets, and we also have some information about the Lego designers Wes and Crystal, who did a fantastic job
turning our idea into this awesome LEGO set. Next there’s a couple pages on the
history of pop-up books in general which I thought was really cool, and finally
there are a couple of pages about the two fairy tales that are included in the
set – Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk. Now onto the parts which
do come in six numbered bags but I have opened them all up and laid them out so
we can take a closer look. There are a lot of dark green basic plates and
bricks for building the book itself also quite a few bricks with studs on their
sides in black and dark green, and here we come across the tiles. A lot of them
in brown and tan for building decoration on the outside of the book and also for
the pages. Interestingly enough, during one of the interviews I did for this
project I said that this was one of my favorite pieces and this set comes with
32 of them which I thought was pretty appropriate, and here we have the
absolutely gorgeous tile, 8 by 16 printed tile, for the cover of the book.
And of course here we have the 1 by 6 printed tiles with Grants and my surname
on them, which is obviously really exciting for us. Here are the minifigs
which we’ll take a closer look at in a second some technic bits and we’ll
finish up with a lot of colourful slopes and curved slopes as well. For minifigs,
we get four plus a micro fig. For Little Red Riding-Hood we get grandma, the wolf, and red and for Jack and the Beanstalk we get a minifig giant and a micro scale
Jack. I especially like the printing on the Giant’s torso, it has some cool little
details like the goose and the gold egg, and also the printing on the wolf’s head
which has lipstick and grandma’s glasses. Here they are from the back, and here
they are without the head accessories so you can more easily see the printing on
the torsos. Okay, let’s build this thing. I actually did shoot video of me building
the model but I’ll probably just post that as a separate video, for those of
you who are interested in seeing how it goes together. So what do we get, we get
the book itself, we get the scenery inserts for the Little Red Riding Hood
story as well as the Jack and the Beanstalk story, and they both share
these two small little scenery pieces as well. The book is the same size as the
one Trant and I proposed in our original idea but of course it looks 100 times
better. It is this dark green with brown accents modeled off traditional
leather-bound books with this gold inlaid printing, which obviously looks
beautiful. The pages, or faux pages I guess, are in tan and on the inside we
have some exposed studs in the back and in the front corners as well, for
connecting scenery as well as the Technic pins here where the pop-up
inserts are anchored, and there’s also this bar sticking out on the inside of
the spine here which is for the Jack and the Beanstalk insert. So we’ll start by
adding the little red riding-hood scene we can add grandma’s bed in the back
which is actually hollow so that you can fit a minifig inside, which is really awesome. Then we’ll put in the coffee table and some of the decorations in the front. Each of the pop-up inserts
has a pin on either end of it and those pins just insert into the Technic bricks
on either side of the inside of the book. The front of the cottage is very nicely
decorated. We have a nice little chimney up the side here, the door can open and
close and it has some nice wooden framing around it. We also have this nice
colorful, probably straw thatched roof. In the back there is a fire burning in the
fireplace which is pretty cool. Each of the inserts
is hinged in the center which is what allows them to fold up when we close the
book and at the bottom of each end of the insert are a couple of Technic holes
which are allowed to slide along this axle at the anchor point, and this
mechanism is pretty much exactly the same as the one that Grant and I used in
our original submission which is pretty cool, and when you put it all together
you get this nice smooth closing motion. Now in order to switch scenes, all we
have to do is pop out the cottage insert, then we’ll take out the scenery in the
back. First we’ll put the bean stalk in, which has two clips at the bottom of it
which clip onto that bar, and then we also have this anchor piece here, which
fits into one of the holes of those studs in the back, and we’ll just take a
look at this first. It’s actually really, really cool. As you open the book, that
anchor piece pulls a string connected to this scissor mechanism which pops the
castle in the sky up to the top of the Beanstalk. Wes did an amazing job designing this,
it’s really awesome. And then for the micro scale village on the pop-up scene,
again we just anchor it into those Technic holes on either side of the book,
and it folds up just like the cottage did before. Of course the thing that
excites me the most about this set is that you can design and build whatever
interiors you want, and let’s see what else we can build using the pieces that
come in the set. And here I’ve decided to build another
version of the Jack and the Beanstalk story, giving the giant a little bit
bigger castle. I’ve put all the microscale scenery into the background,
including this cool little micro train built using the roller skate pieces,
going over this bridge here. And here is the larger castle in the clouds as the
main pop up scene, and it’s big enough for the giant to stand in. These towers
on the sides are even on little hinges so you can pose them a little bit if you
like, and of course it closes up just like all the other inserts. I am really
excited about this set. I can’t wait to see what you guys build for custom
interiors and I can’t wait to build some more of my own. I will be posting a
couple of more videos over the next week leading up to the release of the set. In
one I’ll take a much closer look at some of the changes they made from our
original Ideas submission and you may notice there is one big thing missing,
and that is the clasp that we had on the side of the book here to keep it closed.
And I will be also posting a tutorial video on how you can add the clasp back
in if that is something that you want. As always, thanks for watching, keep on
building and I will see you next time.

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