LEGO Creator Bookshop 10270 detailed look & thoughts!


hello adult fans of Lego, teens and
parents who watch this channel over the past couple of days a number of you have
been asking me to give my thoughts about the new lego creator expert bookshop and
so here it is I’m going to be spending some time looking at the official
pictures from Lego in this entire video while giving you my personal thoughts
about what we can see from here first of all the important stats about this set
2500 and 4 pieces you can see right there in the US this will cost 180
dollars the euro price for Germany as a starting point is 160 and in the UK it’s
150 pounds so for a change the prices around the world are pretty well
balanced relative to the relative strengths of different different
currencies and the price to part ratio again in the US twenty-five hundred and
four pieces to be 180 dollars that’s a great starting point so we’re off to a
good start before even looking at any of the the major details here I’m gonna
focus most of the time looking at the individual detailed pictures that Lego
has given us and these are pretty good photos you know pretty good quality
photos who can actually zoom in like this and look really really close which
is fantastic I might as well just start giving you my thoughts right here a
first impression I like this Aurel just in general I like most of what I see
here and there are a lot of little details that I can talk about along the
way but let me let me actually move through some of the pictures first
before I start picking it apart too much and when I say picking it apart I don’t
necessarily mean looking for things to take complain about him I’m actually
having a lot of things that that I’m having to skip over right now that I
want to focus on that are good better positive about this but some things that
I definitely do not like and some things that definitely don’t match my
expectations for this I think my favorite thing is the overall color
scheme interestingly they’ve done this in two separate parts once
was two separate buildings kind of like with the the pets was it pet store or
pet shop with the store on one side and then a apartment or in this case they
call it a townhouse on the other so those can be completely separated out
they have a number of base plates included in this have there are some
reviews that are already out from places that have have gotten these Johan
release an announcement day or just before so be sure to check out brick set
calm for example have great pictures including showing you what surprised me
is a selection of base plates that include some 6 by 16 grey base plates
I’ve seen that I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in the modern gray era so
these pictures right here are just showing you the major modules the major
components you know the big sub assemblies that that make up what you
get here in total I really like this right here I like that detail it’s just
it’s something different you can see it’s just a cascade of stacked plates
with these quarter round tiles on top yeah I think it’s mostly if not all just
plates beneath there and there they’re stacked up and then the whole thing is
hinged from the top so it’s put in an angle that makes it a little bit
deceptive in a good way and I also like the judicious use of these candle pieces
that are stacked up so those are the candles they’re just upside-down candles
first introduced with the Harry Potter series and when those first came out
this is just looking from from the back so you can see there’s some open space
towards the back but a fair amount of the overall 32 by 32 size of this is
taken up by stuff that actually gets built up so I feel like it’s it’s fairly
normal for for the the second half of the modular buildings that Lego has made
in terms of how much bulk is here that said this is the book shop over here
when I first heard that it was going to be a book shop or something book related
myself in my own mind I was thinking something kind of like
the brick bank but with books you know books rather than money
so the fact that less than much less than one half of the size of the 32 by
32 base plane is taken up by the actual bookshop which is actually this one over
here not this this over here is a little bit disappointing to me personally
there’s just some more of the individual little modules so to take some of these
pictures Lego took quite a bit of the thing apart in order to let you see
inside so you can see some of the details the cache here for the bookstore
has looks like it’s not exactly the right amount of space just a little bit
more space than needed to barely fit back behind there there’s one of the
book shelves over here with some different texturing rather than just
stacking up sideways tiles and and plates you know trying to get some
actual in-and-out texture I don’t know why they use this exact same ingot I
guess is supposed to be a series of books using that same color surprising
they did that but it might make a little bit more sense once I see the real thing
that is a printed piece right there and a new exclusive printed book cover will
be brick obvious pun right there which works out absolutely perfectly I think
the lime green may be a new color if it’s not new it’s relatively new for
this piece for this foliage piece here and there’s some other interesting
foliage colors included in this I love that I’m always a big fan of Legos mold
well almost always a big fan of Legos molded the animals and and such and this
is supposed to be the exact same one that was used in the last minifigure
Series codes well minifigure series just color swapped so it’s supposed to be the
same one that has switched over to a teal color scheme on its own you know to
match the bed and I think that’s just a great toy a great touch you can you can
use this as a completely different animal if you want or you can pretend
it’s the same animal who has just changed colors it has a
little terrarium here so the idea is that you escape from there and then it
would be hard to find it because it’s you know it’s the same color you use
your imagination a little bit nice grandfather clock right there with the
the stud that’s upside down just sitting there behind a window that works out
pretty well nice little floor lamp set up over there
simple enough but looks pretty good again they really have to tear the
building apart to get you these nice angles down close I’ll take you back to
some of those other official pictures to really drive home what I’m talking about
there but this is a nice little area over in the town house down at the the
ground floor got a nice pantry it looks like over here
that’s very nicely done and I personally really like this semi modern fireplace
you know it’s a little bit more modern than pretty much any well definitely
most things that Lego has done for fireplaces up to this point it looks
more like what I expect to see in a house that you know I would be looking
to rent or buy today in America and at least I’ll go back to talking about the
inspiration for this entire thing as well I just want to take you through
some of the photos to you know kind of establish where we are and this is in
the back behind the town house another new color that’s for the little bird
that came with jasmine and the Disney minifigure series and I think it’s also
been in a couple of sets in white but this is the new color for for this set
in particular it’s an introduction of a new color which is I believe that’s dark
as your is that dark as your or is that medium blue i believe thats dark as your
is what it looks like there’s medium as you’re there there’s teal cat yeah quite
a number of colors that are vibrant and in the blue range these days that’s a
basement space so this guy is taking a ladder a folding ladder out from beneath
that the the house you know some storage area under there and I’ll go back and
tie that all together and this is I believe the first time that Lego has
actually efficiently used that propeller piece first introduced as a
hat propeller for four kids hats to go on top of it first time they’ve actually
used it as a propeller on a small plane build so this kid has this as a toy and
noticing back here with the bay window again I’ll go back but the bay window
use more of these stacked candlesticks upside down which i think is very nice
fills in those gaps on on the sides without using a preformed large piece to
get a large bay window sort of design and there’s a lot of design work a lot
of little details a lot of gaps that are that are filled up nicely using the
various types of tiles and make these days it’s unfortunate that that piece
was not pushed down and looks like maybe that one wasn’t pushed down all the way
over there but on top of there to something else that I actually like oh
look at the second time around but just generally this is done with good
attention to detail yeah these are just some of the individual smaller bits
taken out of it and oh yeah I like this bit I like the colors that
are used for this bit you know I actually have three there so the light
yellow is is supposed to represent the color of a sheet or perhaps the
underside of the duvet or comforter on top the upper blanket and then you’ve
got the medium as your color over there which is a sheet down below and I like
this design it’s kind of simple but it’s aesthetically pleasing to me these look
a little bit on the sharp side but just imagine that they’re not that sharp I
think it works out okay here’s one of the bookshelves in the bookstore so you
see the variation once again that the designer went for it did not make
everything just look uniform and I I do appreciate that but I do wish there was
more in the way of book storage in this set even even with the size of the place
now this is a new color for that hairpiece first time I believe that’s a
new torso for this guy dark orange right there not a very
common color for legs especially with no print and these are all existing pieces
I believe and same here again probably that
least interesting of the figures in this set and there’s the kid he’s got the the
banana fan logo there on the front lime green color for the original
originally it was it was a scarf for Jay from the lego ninjago movie and that is
dark as your his hat dark green for his legs the short legs there and this is
just showing you a little bit of the size comparison although this is
slightly unfair because this building is a little bit closer to the camera than
this this is this looks to me to be close in overall mass to the Parisian
restaurant which is a great thing nowadays you’re just not going to get
things that take up the entire base plate or this is gonna be very difficult
to find things that take up the entire base plate even if they come out towards
the front towards the back they’re gonna be relatively empty and relatively
shallow like with the the diner here and that’s just that’s all all coming down
to to budgeting you know these things have to be built to a specific price and
notice here that these two buildings have been swapped you want to just show
you something different that you can do with that and I think it still looks
pretty good this way the one concern though is that this is going to expose
one side of the building and well one side of the the bookstore on one side of
the townhouse that normally would be hidden away and normally would not look
good but from what I’ve seen from pictures thus far this the non camera
friendly sides of both buildings which have typically been difficult to look at
in many cases are not that bad this time around there’s a lot of the normal color
that the main color that’s exposed you can see it over here and then the colors
that are exposed that you don’t want to see because the pieces aren’t available
in the correct color yet or they need or the designer needed a different color
like this is the backing for the the fireplace in there you know you would
need would have needed to double up the thickness of the wall in order to have
this stay consistently teal alongside it’s
still not that bad it doesn’t stand out terribly it’s not like red pieces and
yellow and regular blue and stuff it’s as as these things go it’s not so bad so
I’m gonna rewind all the way back to the beginning and get in and look at some of
the some more of the smaller details and talk about some of those
first of all Burch books over here these are two printed tiles and I think the
the typeface looks very nice and just the presentation here in general looks
very nice and yes those are prints as is that there are no stickers in this set
whatsoever that’s good I think that’s that’s how it should be for something
that is in the the expert you know the creator expert line whatever possible
they should invest or I should say they should reserve budget for printing just
whenever possible 107 is a reference to the color number for teal which the
designer of this set actually helped to campaign to bring back to the lego world
officially and looking at some other things nice little nest right there
using the the neck what is that like a what do you even call it not a collar
not a scarf you call that a poofy thing that goes around the neck anyway yes
that’s what it is and it it’s turned into a nest here what I find more
interesting are these different colors used for the foliage pieces so this is a
color that we’ve gotten before then here you’ve got orange which we’ve only
gotten in one or two sets and only a couple at a time and then in yellow I
believe that’s a brand new color for that part I don’t think lime green
actually is no think about it might be mistaken on that I just didn’t do my
research on those individual colors in advance usually the best place to look
for that level of detail of research is the new is it the new elementary or a
new elementary either of those if you search for Lego new elementary you will
find the site and it’s fantastic for getting into details about parts just in
general so check them out but continuing on with this
this tree over here it’s supposed to be a birch tree I do spot that olive color
for that piece right there which is the same as that piece right there
sorry man I need to get like a bigger pointer or something for these videos
but hopefully you can follow me so that same piece is is here in olive which I
believe is a new color for that if not new certainly rare and then the plane
has gotten stuck up there and that’s why the ladder is going to be needed here
but as a birch tree some of this is working really well especially with the
use of these Technic connector pieces where normally you try to hide the slots
away you know once upon a time they made them without the slots which was great
and then they stopped and it sucked because now you always want to hide
these and oftentimes they’re connected with pieces that don’t have the friction
ridges on them and then they just slide all around and every time you touch the
thing they get misaligned but in this case I believe if not all the connectors
certainly most of the connectors do have yeah I think I think if not all of them
most of them do have friction ridges the parts inside there therefore you can
align these exactly how you want and in this case you actually want the lines to
appear because it’s a birch tree and birch bark has those black lines you
know all throughout it this is a little bit too universal I think you know the
spacing is a little bit too perfect and then I personally don’t like this at all
I don’t like these branches where it starts to come out towards the top
especially I understand it supposed to be fall there’s not supposed to be a lot
of foliage on this tree but just as it is right here all that just doesn’t look
good to me the stock the I guess the branches themselves look more like a sea
creature or something just falls apart for me I would rather see that be
shorter and yeah more more squat and just but the rest of this building looks
pretty good the designer said that he took inspiration from Victorian houses
in San Francisco and also houses in Amsterdam which is pray taking taking
inspiration from multiple cultures and multiple eras is fantastic and I think
ideal for this series while still focusing on a a classic a classic
general aesthetic that is very compatible with the most loved of the be
modular buildings that have been done to date you know the most recent ones were
very strictly they’re very strongly inspired by say like 40s to 50s more
like 40s Americana and they’re interesting I think they’re done pretty
well but they don’t have as much appeal to as many people as things more like
this this just has more of a global appeal I think and importantly
unfortunately fits in much better than the last two that they did with the
previous ones you know even some of the the sets that they’ve done in the past
have been American base they’ve still been able to fit into many different
people people’s cities I think around the world comfortably and this can do
that I think so the inspiration that’s used here I think is good the color
scheme here I think it’s good I’m not a big fan of of using these tile pieces to
be honest with you for this kind of decoration without something else in
front of them without stacking it like in here you got some nice some nice
depth but just this ends up looking very very flat to me and I had that same
problem with the Star Wars rise of Skywalker y-wing which has some surfaces
that are shaped up like this like you get that nice the curving is nice but I
think the the surface itself is it’s just a little bit too flat I like this I
like this little ledge in here yeah pretty good stuff down there and the
shaping of this building I don’t know which one I like better I definitely
like the colors here but then I like this as well I don’t know which one I
like better they’re both pretty darn good I do as much as I do respect and
like this this bay window here though do you feel
like the frames in between or a little bit on the thick side but it’s kind of a
kind of an impact there but they’re these little lamps next to the doorway
have that small pyramid piece on top and you’ve seen those pyramids used
elsewhere such as on the the bed I mentioned but that looks just fantastic
to me I love that I love so much that that piece exists and in transparent
colors it’s wonderful really wonderful it’s just more of a straight-on look and
that’s just against a different background with different lighting
almost the same thing just getting a little bit closer all seeing the same
thing so talking about and looking at details just a little bit more the
basement area over here is actually usable that is actually a mouse trap you
can’t see it very well in this picture go through them again see if we get more
more of the pictures from the other side of this one printed tile that we’ve
gotten before better look at the nest up here actually and I do like this little
shaping down here again using the relatively recent tiles but you know how
I pointed out that the some of the pictures have a lot of this disassembled
do this is about the best you can see of the interior of the the bookstore you’re
like there is that bookshelf back there that cashiers
table is over here so there’s there are no books on on the wall here that’s
unfortunate there’s just that one little row of books there and then there’s a
small book shelf over here so and then a tiny tiny one here really not a lot of
books and then one outside not a lot of books you know normally when I think of
bookstores especially more like boutique ones that are a little older and then
have older material in them not the most modern stuff I I think of places that
are pretty darn full you know where the the books are just everywhere even when
they’re nicely organized they’ll have shelves behind the counter
they’ll have shelves pretty much everywhere you look nowadays we’re
moving towards having coffee shops in bookstores and everything but I think
for something like this where it’s a a book fan most likely you’re serious
literature fan who runs the place it would have been really
full of books and I feel like this is a bit of a missed opportunity here could
have used more notice the side over here notice how that is all almost all the
same color so this is like I was saying how it’s designed to be viewable even if
you take the built the two buildings apart swap their sides or anything like
there’s nothing wrong with this it’s it’s a little plain you know but at
least there’s no encroachment of weird colors that you really don’t want to see
so I appreciate that that attention to detail there
then come up here and you know this is about a 45 degree angle you’re you’re
looking down and you can’t see very well in there this is quite a bit of height
and that is a symptom of how small and tight of a space this actually is if you
try to get in there and pose figures it’s gonna be difficult this one has a
little bit more room inside of it more of those pyramid pieces used in
different places look at that I’m interested to see what’s going on with
that closet if there’s anything inside that closet this is actually a coat I
got a coat hanger rack on the side let’s see if they were any I didn’t notice
there any good pictures of that in in this set of pictures but they just have
some horizontally mounted black microphone pieces three of them so you
can put a hat on there and you can hang a umbrella as well and these are just
showing a little bit more of a close-up of the detail again but I wanted to
I want to know there we go okay cool so there’s the mousetrap so let’s just see
the mousetrap and then there’s also just this small little table for doing some
work underneath and I’m assuming that the shear is there would be for tending
to the garden in the back so you’ve got a little a little bit of access
underneath and you have to imagine you know that you can get in here and
actually use this space because there’s also this stairway to go down there oh
oh dear first floor yeah that door okay not the closet that door mm-hmm where am
I going sorry that door leads to here and goes down that’s what
not a closet leads here that’s the answer to that and then looking around
here see the whole stair system here is nice I like the green color that’s
that’s pretty cool it’s a little thin right here difficult
to put a figure in that space it is possible but well difficult it’s a
little walking it gets a little weird but really restricts use of this space
and it’s too bad they don’t give you a good overhead view again check out the
review at brick set com to see all of these things as they’re being built so
you can really see in the details that unfortunately once the thing is built
you don’t see very much at all anymore it’s very difficult to get in there and
appreciate that space I believe this is like a chaise lounge by the window there
nice little balcony back here simple as it is hey more of those pyramid pieces I
think some other texture would have looked a little bit better here this
looks a little bit too brutalist almost to me just really nitpicking there and
then that better look at some of the furniture upstairs all this stuff in
here is pretty nice too I think look at the bed and see like that detail there
and wasn’t really necessary but I appreciate that it’s there and again
with the colors on different sides of the different major modules they they
fit you know they don’t clash so I appreciate all that it’s just the
interior spacers are gonna be a little bit on the small side beyond that I
think it’s just gonna display really really nicely in many different contexts
all the way out to here and yeah if you want to modify the tree I highly
recommend that make the tree look a little bit more alive make it look a
little more believable maybe more I look at it Melissa I like it to be honest
with you but that’s not that big of a deal most of what you’re paying for is
in the buildings themselves I do even like the little railing around the base
of the planter there make it look like powder coated or painted wrought iron
and those are little well sausage pieces hot dog pieces in black there that are
mounted there so that’s pretty nice overall the level of detail here is is
fantastic attention to detail is very good and the I think the care given to
or concern given to how people will actually display these things is is
excellent here is much better than with many of the buildings that they’ve done
before officially this releases on January 1 2020 some advanced review
copies have already gone out so if you want to see more pictures of this check
around definitely check out the one at brick set , recommend as a starting
point they do an excellent job over there and yeah it’s pretty much all that
I have to say about this one for now I look forward to getting this and
integrating it into my city temporarily at least until I get more custom stuff
done to take up the space thanks for watching
I’ll talk to you in soon

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  39. Orson Jarrett says:

    These are my favorite types of Lego sets.

  40. zer0 edgy says:

    i dont like the green floor and over all use of green (not counting the pads)

  41. joseph ness says:

    That Birch tree tho…..


  42. PhysicsCaptain says:

    I’m disappointed that there is only one actual book. I would prefer to have more books with stickers or plain covers than just one printed book piece.

  43. Tom Kazutara says:

    17:04 in the Frozen 2 sets there are birch printed tail pieces, why is Lego again so stingy and don't use them here?

  44. Straythorn 011 says:

    Just a simple question, will you get this set to review it? Or is this your review of the set and you will just get it for your own temporary placenta in the city

  45. Angel Mcfadden says:

    That birds nest would be a ‘ruff’!

  46. Da Collector says:

    Should of done something else than a bookstore if you aren’t going to go all in. I’ll still get it of course.

  47. Yang Chen says:

    Reminds you of the Modular Pet Shop, doesn’t it?

  48. Carum Sarene says:

    I really want this set. I might be opening up commissions just to try and afford it

  49. Bob Mason says:

    How can it be fall if the bird is on its nest?
    I like this set a lot but prefer its sibling the Pet Shop. That one was and remains my favourite modular of all.

  50. Defender Prime says:

    This is pretty nice, if anyone's collected and built all of the Creator modular buildings from the beginning, they'd have one big city block at this point! I don't even know how many they've done right up to now, but it's got to be close to 10 if not more, not sure when this all started as well, anyway, the space inside does look too cramped in certain areas, but it's not terrible, and if you don't like the tree, you can always modify it or just not build it at all, nice pre-review, Jang!

  51. Mateo says:

    Pricing is off, should be $160 like the parisian restaurant. For $180 the victorian house should have an additional floor.
    I'm just glad it's not a 50s building. There are endless styles of classical European architecture they can draw on to make dozens more of these

  52. San Ba says:

    $179.99? I supposed at most $159.99. LEGO , you are too greedy !

  53. Mateo says:

    I have an excellent idea! There should be two modulars released each year. One should have a 32 baseplate, and the other a 16, for all the people complaining about price. They can just alternate

  54. Nina Tang says:

    It was a bit disappointed as it reminded me too much of the pet shop, and the price continues to go up every year!

  55. Dood Bro says:

    The price is amazing for LEGO, I would have expected for 2500 parts that the absolute lowest would be at least $200. I might just get this for the pieces

  56. Bryan Jensen says:

    Agree with you that the Book Store has too few book shelves and inventory. I imagine more of the packed detail interiors we've seen with sets like Kwik E Mart or Fishing Store as more what should have been a thematic no-compromise design standard for a bookstore — notwithstanding that interiors of Modulars are sometimes sparse. I look forward to seeing this side-by-side with the Pet Shop room footprints, because these appear sized down by at least two studs in depth.

  57. Tile Groove says:

    A fancy neck piece is usually called a "ruff", but only the Shakespeare mining had one. The nest looks more like the fur collar (#26066)… same (better) idea I guess? Excellent to see this preliminary review! Thanks, Jang!

  58. M G says:

    Thanks for your thoughts. The Brickset review does have great pictures and it is well written. I'm looking forward to your review in the new year.

  59. Christian Marx says:

    at 23:08. I think the door leads to the basement, where the ladder is placed. Ah, ok you figured it out by yourself^^

  60. ImRandomHere Studios says:

    Looks great! I like it!

  61. Μαρία Γεωργίου says:

    Great review Jang! Especially considering you only used pictures. Are there any news about Harry Potter sets?

  62. Ron Guerra says:

    Looks nice but I’ll be getting two of these to expand the structure to the rear and add more books.

  63. joseph farris says:

    JANGBRICKS I Love That LEGO Bookstore!!!!!!!!❤️

  64. The savage gummy Bear says:

    Could you please list Canadian prices? It’s not to difficult to figure out at this point but it’s better to hear I guess, gives me and I’m assuming quite a few others a price that makes more sense

  65. Karemaker says:

    Jang's favorite word is 'azure'.

  66. David T says:

    LEGO should make a modern house or something in that style for one of these modular buildings because all of them seem to follow this same style. I know this is so you can connect them and they look like they would fit in but I think it would be cool to change it up for one year.

  67. Charles Rosenbaum says:

    The book shop actually has more books, on the right side of the building hidden in the wall there are multiple tall ones. The landing atop it can easily be removed.

  68. Tim Johnson says:

    Thanks for the shout out Jang! It's just New Elementary 😀 Was originally The New Elementary but ditched that pretty fast! And yes, the lime green leaves are new!

  69. R K says:

    I’m really happy about this but I can’t help but feeling that the townhouse would look better in sand blue instead of the azure, which I’ll do when I get this. Also, I quite like the tree since it’s a lot better than the usual examples that are traditionally included.

  70. Adventurous Eddie says:

    I'm use to the unique texture and part assembly that's in modular sets to make them pop out but the book store looks really flat and the 2nd and 3rd floor don't do much justice.

    But I do like the other building

  71. Greg M says:

    I think they should have made the book store four studs deeper. There's a lot of empty space which could have been used for more shelf space. The townhouse could stay the same size and just add a slat fence on the right side of the planter for a transition.

  72. Tristan Rahn says:

    Can u maybe make ur videos shorter plz

  73. Hew Tube says:

    It's ok but they should of made second building coffee shop
    With an apartment on top

  74. 100,000,000 subscribers without any videos says:

    Why are like 90% of your videos comment sections turned off?

  75. Connor Ross says:

    Hay Jang you should do a review on the Cobi battleship Yamato I think it would be awesome

  76. Brick Life says:

    not as good as i expected i prefer the pet shop which i own

  77. Brick Life says:

    what i like most is the pet in the apartment is a decapitated head in a fish tank

  78. Brick Life says:

    what is the moby brick based on? i dont know the pun

  79. qertZzy says:

    im a college student and i love your video

    coppa cant sue you

  80. LutzDerLurch says:

    I only disagree with your assesment of the visible side walls of the houses: Have you ever seen the side walls of buildings, that used to stand right besides another house? Nothing pretty there.

  81. Martin Drkoš says:

    I wish it had more of those book cover prints with pun names.

  82. Mayo Hosko says:

    Are you going to do a full review of this set all built

  83. Naus Cakes says:

    I wonder why the comments on the James Bond car video are disabled.

    I just recently got into Legos 3 months ago, and when I first saw that car–I knew I had to buy it for my buddy for Christmas! We used to Lego back when we were kids, but now we're both in our late 30's. So I think he'll really enjoy it! I know in that video Jang said it felt like a waste to include all those play features for a display model, and maybe that's true. But to be fair. I think as a gift it'll be neat to see my buddy recognize some of those advanced building techniques as he trucks through the processes. Get to see that Lego is more than just basic block building. I hope he doesn't get stumped on it.^.~ Price wise, it wasn't an issue, because gifts are hard to put money on. They're the kind of things we'll justify spending extra on.

    My biggest complaint about the Bond car, and one of the big reasons I'm posting this lol. Is why the heck did the Batman car get a bunch of Batman guys? Wouldn't it have been so awesome if the James Bond car came with James Bond too???

  84. Martin Dokoupil says:

    23:06 I don't think that is a closet. I'm pretty sure it's the door to the basement. EDIT: Sorry, you mention it a minute later.

  85. BurntBacon says:

    Only £150 is really good value. I might get 2 of them to make the store bigger

  86. Martin B says:

    I like the design/detail more than 2019 creator modular, BUT
    1) for a real book store, this needs a second floor with more shelfs!
    2) Every time I wonder why there is no door/staircase seperation on each floor
    3) The room-scale is too small to feel realistic, 2 buidlings on one baseplate?
    4) Why a green base plate? Visible on front/inside – Every modular should use a grey one.

  87. Nate Niezgoda says:

    I feel like I’m just buying the pet shop again. Also I’m not sure what decade this is set in? The style is different from any other modular. It’s a nice set, I’m not sure if it fits with the modular series. Was really hoping for a school or library or hospital

  88. doug whiddon says:

    I still have the diner and the carshop in boxes. I'm falling behind. But, I WANT this.

  89. Joseph Petsche says:

    Does this set include those new 3-wide windows introduced in the new knight bus? Seems like those atop the blue building…

  90. Gus Krough says:

    i see theyve done away with the older architecture style in favor of the 50s colors and design

  91. R3INHARD1 says:

    How buy a set like this during a vip type pre sale from LEGO's website?

  92. Man of Action says:

    Drop a couple of The Other Side ghosts in there…. Who ya gonna call?

  93. Carolina Eric says:

    I like it but I would’ve rather had a police station with a 1950’s police car included but I think you got it right that LEGO had second thoughts continuing with the whole 1940-1950’s Americana look. I know it comes down to sales numbers probably, they felt that the look didn’t appeal as much to European fans where as this does I think, maybe that’s what the sales showed them

  94. Axel Tjernström says:

    I love this modular, happy they have left the 50’s

  95. peter tuann says:

    bookshop should be bigger, with freestanding bookshelves

  96. Sirbanza says:

    This is my new favorite modular building! I love how they split apart ( my favorite part of the pet shop) and the detail! I love it

  97. GinnyFan765 says:

    This is seriously my dream modular set, and for the first time I will definitely be buying it day one! Loved the look through!

  98. The International Reviews says:

    I personally feel it is way too similar to the Pet Shop. Even the windows of the apartment look the same as to the windows in the apartment of the Pet Shop. I wish they would think outside the box and produce something as breakthrough as the modulars of the beginning of the decade: Shop Emporium, Fire Brigade etc.

  99. Sahta99 says:

    Is the retail price (the one displayed in the shop) the full price you guys in the US pay or is that non-VAT-added price? I overheard almost a decade ago that VAT is different in each state so that it's added on checkout. Is this still true?

  100. groovy leg says:

    Feather boa nest

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