hey guys so in celebration of our upcoming September box legends of the deep I have a few book recommendations I’m usually Sully does these videos but to this month it’s my turn so hopefully you’ll do a good job I got some help from Sally and Kelly on this one so I’m excited to share these thoughts with you alright so the first book that I have is of course the classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea I remember reading an abridged version of this book when I was a kid and I loved it so I love this book it has tons of fun sea creatures in it the main character of Professor arrow knocks I believe he goes underwater and he discovers a submarine that’s been built by Captain Nemo and then they go on an underwater adventure and they discovered all these cool creatures it’s a really good story highly recommend there was like tons of versions of it everywhere um so yeah check it out the second book that I have to recommend is related to Jules Verne and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and it is a max tilt series so this is a series that Sally introduced me to and it’s a boy named Max and he is like the great-great-great grandson of Jules Verne and one day he discovers this unpublished manuscript of Jules Verne called the lost treasures I believe and he realizes there is a lot more truth to those manuscripts than fiction and him and his friend they go on a adventure to discover the treasure and yeah it’s a really fun series I think there’s two books in the series right now but it’s a trilogy so the third book that I have for you guys is called race to the bottom of the sea by Lindsey Iger and first off the main character in this book she has this awesome name Fidelio Quayle and the premise of this book is that her parents are both marine scientist and they get killed in a some accident and while she’s mourning she gets kidnapped by pirates and these pirates kind of force her to use her marine knowledge to find their lost treasure at the same time the Navy is chasing the Pirates there’s lots of crazy things happening in this book it’s really fun and I highly recommend it so the fourth book is a picture book that kelly recommended it’s called off and away by Cale Atkinson and he’s this amazing amazing Canadian illustrator and he wrote and illustrated this book and the main character Joe her father works his job is to deliver messages in a bottle to the right people but one day he falls ill and Joe has to step up to the plate to like kind of finish delivering these messages and like kind of continue doing her father’s job but the thing is she’s scared of what’s under the water and like mysterious sea creatures so this book is so beautiful like the illustrations are stunning I highly recommend following him on Instagram kale hakonsen yeah it’s it’s beautiful alright and I have two more books for you guys um the first book it’s a nonfiction kids book and I have it right here it’s called underwater and if you flip the buck it’s under earth and it’s kind of like a like a fact book but that’s just beautifully illustrated about anything you can think of that like lives under the water things about the water there’s like there’s facts about submarines about diving about fish it’s so so beautiful it’s such a big book um but yeah I loved this book when I saw it at the bookstore I was like oh this is awesome um yeah so highly recommend checking this book out it’s like it makes such a great like learning viewers it’s also just fun and I learned a bunch of things from this book so yeah and I love that you can get two books in one and finally my last book recommendation is called smart about sharks by Owen Davey so this is exciting because in our September box we’ll be featuring an illustration by Owen Davey and if you don’t know what Owen Davey is I highly recommend checking out his Instagram page or his website his illustrations are just mind-blowing they’re so beautiful and he creates these beautiful like non-fiction fact books for kids and his book smart about sharks is all about sharks and they’re just beautifully illustrated you’ll learn a ton about it about sharks and yeah it’s it’s great and I highly recommend it like I highly recommend all these books um so yeah those are my recommendations I hope they are helpful and useful and yeah let me know what you think of them if you have any um middle grade kids recommendation books about underwater the deep sea sea creatures let me know in the comments below especially if they’re about roommates cuz I’ve been getting lots of people asking me for book recommendations on middle grade mermaid bugs and I’m just blanking I like don’t know too many of them so yeah love to hear from you as of uploading the box legends of deep is available to purchase we left a discount code in the description below it’s gonna be a really fun box we’ve done one sneak peek the oh and a violist raesha and and another sneak peek will be coming up soon but yeah the book is so exciting it’s full of quirky characters kind of creepy ocean sea creatures legends I’m really excited and I think Sally has done such a great job curating this box and it’s it’s awesome yeah so check it out so if you liked this video give it a big thumbs up if you want watch more of these videos be sure to subscribe to our Channel and yeah happy eating and thanks for reading awesome [Music]

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  1. Jay G says:

    Off & away sounds so cute!

  2. Iris Alvino says:

    Awesome video and recommendations!

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