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Hey everyone, it’s Megan. Welcome back to my channel and thank you for
joining me here for today’s episode of Talk Tarot with Me. Today we are going to be talking about Temperance. Before we move into the description of the
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them as quickly and as accurately as I possibly can. So, let’s take a look at Temperance. I want to apologize in advance for the glare
on my glasses. It’s a really nice day outside right now. The sun is shining, and I needed to take advantage
of, first of all, the fact that the sun is shining in central Oregon in the middle of
February – and the light and the warmth that’s coming through my living room window. So, I can’t see without my glasses. So sorry. Yeah. I just realized before we go and talk about
the card, I want to show you guys my shirt. My mom got me this shirt for Christmas, and
it says, “Resting Witch Face”. Like, it’s perfect. It’s perfect because if you see me and I’m
just like out and about and I don’t have a smile. I have resting bitch face like really bad. So, this shirt is perfect and that’s a side
note has nothing to do with this video, but I just wanted to tell you. So, onto the description of Temperance. Temperance, as you can see here in this picture,
is an angel and they are sort of androgynous. We can’t tell if it is male or female. And at this point, I guess it doesn’t really
matter, it’s an angel, right? So, the angel is wearing a white robe with
red wings. They have cups in their hands, and they are
pouring water from one cup to another. There is also something that you might not
notice unless you look too hard. And that is going to be the angel’s feet. You can see one foot is balanced on the rocks
and the other foot is just sort of dangling in the water, and there’s a point to that. You can also see in the background. There is a river, there are mountains, there
is fertile land all around. And in the very back background there is what
appears to be some sort of crown in the sky that is encompassed by a halo of light. So now let’s talk about what these symbols
mean. On the angel’s robe you can see in the middle
of their chest is a triangle enclosed a square. This is supposed to represent humans and the
fact that we are bound by the physical realm of earth. Then you have the cups and the water being
poured from one cup into the other really represents going with the flow. And the fact that the angel is balancing on
one solid object with their other foot sort of flowing in the river is an extremely important
symbol in regard to balance and just being in harmony with the world around you. The rock that the angel is standing on is
a solid, sturdy foundation. And then you have the river which is more
flowy. So, it symbolizes our need to be grounded,
but also the ability that we need to have to go with the flow of the situations that
we’re in. And lastly, you have the path through the
mountains. This is representative of the path that everyone
follows in life. You’ve got flatland, you have mountains and
valleys and plateaus, and it’s really symbolic of the life journey in itself. So, in the upright position, the Temperance
card is really all about balance and purpose. This could go two ways. It could be a sign that you are in balance. You’re in harmony with yourself and the world
around you. Or it could be a sign to you that hey, maybe
you’re getting a little bit out of balance and you need to reevaluate where you are in
life and figure out what is out of whack so you can correct it. So, you can stay in that balance. It can also be a sign to you that while the
world around you might be spiraling out of control, you have the ability to remain calm
under duress and in stressful situations. And that’s really going to be an advantage
to you in the situations that you face in your life moving forward from this point. And then lastly, in the upright position,
the Temperance card is here to show you that you know what your goals are, you know what
your vision is, and the path is clear for you to accomplish those. For you to make those happen. Now in the reverse position, the Temperance
card is all about imbalance and restoration. So, imbalance and restoration go hand in hand. You have some form of imbalance and you need
to restore it. So, when the Temperance card shows up in your
readings in the reverse position, it could be a sign to you that you are experiencing
imbalance in one form or another. Now this could be some form of excess. Maybe you’re shopping too much, or maybe you’re
eating too much food, or maybe your spending too much time alone and not enough time with
your loved ones. Those are all signs of excess. And the Temperance card is here to tell you
that you need to balance that out and you need to restore the harmony among your activities
that you partake in in your life. The Temperance card in the reverse position
can also show up in your reading to show you that you might be feeling something in your
life right now is just out of sync. Something’s not right and you need to evaluate
what’s going on around you and what’s going on inside you to figure out where that balance
is going wrong so that you can open that flow and let it flow freely so that you can be
balanced between being grounded and going with the flow. And then lastly, it could be a sign to you
that you just need to take a step back and reevaluate what’s going on in your life and
your situation and figure out what balance means to you. Because balance is different for everyone. Everyone’s balance isn’t going to be like
everybody else’s. What works for you and what balances you is
not going to be the same for everyone else. So maybe you’re looking at someone else, a
role model or a family member. And they are your goals, right? They seem to have everything in order, and
everything is working well for them. But you need to evaluate why they are your
goals and how you can make that achievable for yourself because their balance is not
your balance. So, thank you for tuning in today for this
week’s episode of Talk Tarot with Me, where we talked about Temperance. Temperance is a very calming card for me. It’s very pleasing to look at and it has a
very, very pleasing energy around it. And I really enjoy looking and working with
this card. So, give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy
it. If you’re not subscribed, make sure you hit
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