Last Minute Studying Hacks

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Hi guys today’s video is about last minute studying hacks, why are we doing this video? It’s because on last week’s video many of you commented in our Facebook comments that you guys are actually having O levels and A levels And also on our instagram you guys that you would like a studying tips video. So here it is in this video We really hope you guys do well in your [exam] so I’m going to share all our studying tips from our [Noc] members and hopefully you do well and At the very least you pass. I’m going [to] be very systematic in this video. So there are five topics I’m going to cover first [is] your learning style The second is how do you approach a textbook? Third how do you approach your exam paper Fourth what to do first thing in the exam hall and lastly some? last-minute tips first that learning style I personally feel it’s very important to know what is your preferred style learning and How to get things into your head because some people [may] they might ask you [for] a casual [last-minute] friend session and that might not work for you That’s because each of us have a preferred style, and there are three different. Main styles Which is auditory visual and kinesthetic learning if you find yourself constantly Reading out loud or talking to yourself you might [be] an auditory learner, and you work when you hear yourself repeating a point So when you study with friends it works when you teach them because you hear yourself repeating the key points and you yourself understand, but I personally am a visual learner which means that I do well when I write now your When I you know copy down things or I type things out or when I use charts or mind maps or when I? Visualize a story in my head [that’s] when I remember things for people like me visual and the auditory learners You don’t really do that well listening to music when you study because you get super super distracted and nothing goes in for kinesthetic Learners you cannot remember things when there’s too many words in front of you You need a lot of movement there for listening to music or walk around on your chair having frequent breaks what helps is actually when you start walking around the room as you try to remember stuff, so Essentially these [three] learning styles might overlap and it really doesn’t matter It’s just up to you to know [that] which [styles] work for you and know that Sometimes if you’re a visual learner like me you really do have to lock yourself up in a room Just by yourself and just read and read and write and write now that you kind of know your learning style I’m going to tell you how I approach a textbook when I study for an exam first of you summarize your chapters What do you do? Is that you read through the pages and then start circling things that are important and then transfer this information on your notes Make sure you shop [folks] when you do your own notes because you really don’t have all [day] to summarize a book and also I Use circling because when you study throughout the year you have [already] [highlighted] some portions So when you want to focus on Key words you have to circle I know many people use acronyms to remember things and that is very very important for example this it’s solution to water supply problems So increasing water supply improving quality of water conserving water what I’ll do is the also called supply quality and conserving and then I’ll use the first word which is supply s called the cue and Conserve see and it will come out of Sqc [in] this case I’ll probably remember it as conquers how to conquer water supply problem and our members conserve Quality and supply, or you can make a story in your head So you won’t forget which is based on solutions to transport problems expanding [route] space you know making a road fat Improving road conditions making a road smooth controlling [hickel] Growth have less class Encouraging use of public transport big bus and reducing travel with things like erp So there’s so many points here, and there five points here, so what I will do is I will form it into a story for example. [I] would say that one day I woke up at somewhere But become really effect and pick out my first point And then I touch the road and you become really smooth that I remember work conditions And then I’ll say and then in my story two cars bang into each other don’t remember Yukiko Growth So in the story, I will pick a public transport. I’ll take bus and then when I highly see a geography I reach my destination so from this story It is I will remember the five point s when I woke up I saw my road become fit which means expanding roads, and that’s all I wrote because smooth means road conditions I improved I saw two vehicles bang each other which means I have to control we go broke in the country and then I want to take a bus in the story which is Encouraged to use of public transport, and then lastly when I saw a castle thing which is a trp [I] was at my destination which means in Brp, so in such a way you have a little star in your head, so that when acronyms don’t work can she use this method So in this textbook there eight chapters and essentially if you do notes this way with short forms and diagrams You only need one sheet [of] paper on both sides to cover each chapter, so when you go to example you Technically only need eight sheets of paper like for me That’s what [I] will need one last thing about pixel is that I also like to study mystics I make in tests or you know those questionnaires that [you] give up And I’ll only study the mystics part so this actually really works if you are very honest in class and don’t shit So when it comes to exam time you really only need to study the mistakes by now I think You should already memorize the format of your papers by heart by knowing the format of our test papers you have to know every Section how many months you are getting and how many questions are then each section you find out from positive [us] What are the common? Topics they’re coming up And then you kind of like study harder rules and as I used to do those I always tell my students Section a when it’s multiple choice you have to get almost 100% correct because why the answers are really thin okay? You just have to make a very very informed choice and study hard Especially when it’s more multiple choice for [section] C. Or like essay based questions where they give you a lot of blanks? that’s when you have to write explanations right and a Technique [that] my teacher taught me in secondary school and one that I use until today is actually the sed technique which means statement Evidence and evaluations, so using the se technique. How would you approach let’s say housing problems? You make a statement by saying that there is insufficient housing in urban areas, okay? And then you back it up by evidence that says This is shown because the prices of available housings are pushed up Constantly yes this shows and evidence, and then you evaluate the thing you don’t just okay anything evaluate and say this means that the poor people in urban areas find it difficult [for] Proper housing then you kind of like conclude what you’re trying to say so my [integers] say that this is something like a tuition center Video so for the next part what to do first thing an example. We’re actually gonna act it [out] what should you do first thing in the exam hall first make sure you have all your Pencils and stationery already make sure you have Extras so you don’t just bring one so that in case shit happens which you will always happen during exam You are not worried, or you won’t feel anxious Second thing never be afraid to ask for help [that’s] right because there was once my [calculator] malfunction And I don’t need to ask anyone for [help] so I had to do mental calculation before Yes, I know example is really stressful because everybody’s so quiet and invigilator [they] just will play around with [Dunphy], but the thing is you have [to] understand atticus and up downstairs [they] don’t want you to fail. Yeah, that’s right. So if you need hell, you do not know battery or what is ask them I’m sure they will have extra All that they’ve give it to you, [and] there’s this one time we feedback that the Example was very warm because the sandwich [-] coming in and the next Monday the school actually installed misting fans was so I strongly believe If such things happen teachers are really then help you But once you have the paper Read and browse through the whole thing this because number one you can start doing the questions. You’re more Confident first so you don’t feel so anxious You know if you start doing questions that you don’t [really] have a clue and if you less and less Confident know you read through and then you zoom in on the questions that you already know how to do the second good thing about This is because you start writing down formulas or acronyms or graphics on Related questions, so that as time go by you don’t forget it halfway through [the] exam or you blank out? You just write it down bus for our final note Which is if you only have like 24 hours? And you are feeling so stressed right now these are our final tips that I got from people at [ock] first focus on Chapters that you actually know pretty well like you know [80%] go study those until you are pretty good it and for those chapter you are like 50/50 put some time [into] doing that as your second priority and for chapters that you Completely don’t know shit about like 0% you know what just forget about it there’s no point trying to cram new information in by this time or Misha actually offer one way which is Chapters that you have no clue. What’s up you go to the past year qrs you flip to the back see the model answers you just memorize one of the longer ones and Then for every question you twist the words and put it even as if you answer the question So what you should do is what I did for my bio all levels I Just circled some key words and the key word. I remember is for And every question that comes out for gastro-intestinal Stuff in Bio paper, I just right now It is due to every lace and proteins or whatnot okay? honestly if you’re a top student And you’re a genius in class Do not listen to these tips this tips are for people who are desperate and because I studied for 10 subjects for my own levels I was pretty damn desperate because there were so many subjects going on like consecutively, so yeah This is why you do so this marks the end of our last minute studying [hex] video And we truly hope that you know you can get one or two pointers out of this video that’s really going to help you in your exam and If you do like such Serious studying videos give this video a thumbs up so we know you like this content And we’ll try to do more like proper studying tips not just like last-minute tips so click here for more Clear to subscribe and all the best for your leg, [thanks]

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