Last Book Haul of the year…and it’s a BIG one!


hello beautiful people and welcome to
the last book haul of the year I wanted to do this before the Christmas presents
started coming in however they already started arriving which is amazing and
thank you so much I’m a big fan of wishlist sharing
my wishlist is over on Twitter also down there in the description and over on Twitter I’m also
hosting a Christmas giveaway as well aside from the ten of my nearest and
dearest friends I’m also going to be gifting five random people one book each
as long as you share your wish list over there if not is still active when this
video goes up I’ll put the link down there in the description if you want to
go directly to that tweet I have around 30 books on this book haul so we’d
better just get going okie dokie so what we’re going to do actually we’re going
to first start with the library books but I still have that I haven’t read yet
the first of those is more than we can tell by Bridget Kemmerer this is one of
her first contemporary books and the first book that I read of hers was
letters to the lost which is a ‘you’ve got mail’ retelling and then the second
book that I read was a curse so dark and lonely so I wanted to go back to some of
her contemporary reads enjoy some more of that side of her writing however I’m
not sure that I’m gonna have the chance to actually get to this but anyway it’s
here in this book haul then we have doll bones I have spoken about this book a
lot of my channel and I’ve not read it yet we are following a little cursed
doll who believes she is a queen from the 1800s I
but it’s written by Holly black who wrote the cruel prince series & The
Spiderwick Chronicles a book that I was going to read for Believathon by
Gavin Hetherington I only have a couple more days left of that is the Begone the Raggedy Witches: the Wild Magic trilogy by Celine Kiernan , the author is said to be
island’s answer to JK Rowling so other than that I’m not too sure thing that
will follow a little POC girl as she goes to the witch’s realm with her
mother to find her missing father however when they enter the land of the
witches her brother starts to act very strangely
very powerful and very distant I wonder what the mystery is there?
a book I’ve seen a lot in waterstones as well is A Darkness of dragons by S.A.Patrick this is about a boy he was an
outcast because he practiced a forbidden spell but he realizes that actually this
evil Piper is on the loose and he needs to go on an adventure to save the town
he has the help of a rat called Wren and a Dracogriff which is this like little
cute tiny dragon thing I don’t know whether it’s tiny or not I’m just
imagining a tiny dragon I like tiny dragons and the last of the
library books was lifelike by jay kristoff this is a sci-fi YA? and it
includes cyborg assassins war domes gangs religious fanatics all sorts of
good stuff not too sure the general storyline but we’re following a girl
called Eve an Android boy as they try to find the loved ones of Eve whilst also
learning some dark secrets about her past over to the audiobooks recently
purchased we have into the drowning deep by Mira grant I read this for Spookathon I do have it physically as well but I was told by liv from Oliviareadsalatte say but actually the audiobook was really spooky and Atmospheric so I
wanted to read it for that I also buddy about this with my booktube little
sister izcurrentlyreading and I really enjoyed it I actually highly recommend
the audiobook for this because it is really spooky a great dark wintry read I
also purchased the Testaments on audiobook recently completed this gave
it 5 stars it was incredible it actually takes place 15 years after The
Handmaid’s Tale but it’s a book that’s written over 30 years after definitely
recommend watching the Netflix series The Handmaid’s Tale before reading the
testaments but I don’t think that you need to read the original Handmaid’s
Tale I think that the TV show gives you so much of the original book plus more
that you could just watch the show and then dive directly into the Testaments I
also purchased T’was the nightshift before Christmas by Adam Kay
again read this five stars wonderful this is what I do with my audiobooks I
tend to like just get them in and immediately devour them I don’t he is a
comedian and he used to actually be an NHS doctor in England and these are kind
of short stories of his life as a doctor and the reason why it’s not a doctor
anymore the first one is much larger this is just a two-hour long audio book
and it’s just all the tales of Christmas and all the hijinks that people get up
to and the normal cases that he gets in as part of the urology department and if
you don’t know about urology it’s everything kind of downstairs that’s not
reproductive it’s kind of like the digestive down down there and the
strange things that people do with themselves down there… this channel
wasn’t made for kids… the book isn’t made for kids either.
On my Kindle there is actually quite a lot here because I went on a bit of a spree after I did my
experts pick my romance reads video because I was in the mood for some smut
and you guys had some fantastic suggestions
so first up there we have birthday girl by Penelope Douglas I don’t know what
it’s about but I’ve been told that it’s very raunchy and great you don’t need my
powerful book hauls it’s literally me just telling you what book so for I’m
not sure why people watch them but they do I mean you’re here so so apparently
birthday girl is a forbidden love story I think that the issue is the fact that
the girl is 19 and the love interest 38 and is actually her boyfriend’s
father I have a friend who did this actually yeah I had weird friends in
school she actually moved in with the father of her boyfriend and they got
chickens if you’re watching this I’m not gonna say your name it’s fine
along the same lines I picked up vicious by l.j Shen this comes highly
recommended by Chandler Ainsley and it is one of her favorite series the series
is called the Sinners of Saint I wonder if it has the blurb like in the front of
this no it comes with a soundtrack at the beginning of the book that is so
cool I like it when they do things like that I think that this is a bully
romance he’s at what I think that’s what was British people would call him he’s a
bully and the savior and monster and a lover he’s a brilliant lawyer and a
skilled criminal the one who comes to me in my dreams and haunts me in my
nightmares okay okay okay okay too excited about these two too excited
I definitely blame Riley & Chandler for my new obsession
after I did that video some of the recommendations I got were Pucked by
Helena Hunting and I think this is a hockey romance, again UBER smutty and
then Riley also did a video on underrated romance books and she
recommended desperate measures and this is by Katee Roberts this is an Aladdin
retelling but it’s Jafar and Jasmine and it’s sexy why am I not reading these
right now because they’re making me beam from ear to ear I know what I’m doing
with the rest of my weekend in terms of gifts, I was gifted monstrous volume 1
volume 2 by emily beth hall she’s a subscriber of mine and i was just so
blown away by this comic series it is an Egyptian steampunk fantasy about a girl
that has a demon inside her and her vengeance for what has happened to her
throughout her life including the death of her mother she is followed around by
a little archanic girl called kippa with these cute fox
ears and bushy tail and it’s just divine and so complex it’s a fantastic series
and the artwork in here is incredible Emily said to me thank you so much for
everything you do you’re such a bright lights in the booktube community thank
you for helping inspire me to make my own videos you are just the best so I’m
going to put Emily’s information down in the description of this video you need
to go and check out her channel and I hope that you guys subscribe to her as
well then another subscriber of mine Paige was taking a nosy at my wish list
and said hey I’ve got some books on my shelf I’m just getting ready to unhaul
and would you like them it’s so fucking nice and it’s actually a
great practice like if you’re on hauling any books maybe see if your friends want
them because then you’re only paying the postage especially if you’re in America
or just like doing the postage from Europe then you can keep the costs down
there and you’re not walking out the money for the book and the postage the
first book she gifted me is silver in the wood by Emily Tesh I’ve wanted this
for a long time because it was published by my favorite publishers tour it’s also
blurbed by Naomi Novik who wrote spinning silver a book that I
desperately need on my shelves because I really enjoyed that book and I hate not
seeing it on there I am a book collector I didn’t think I
was going to be but consumerism is just I can’t get away from it like I need to
see the books on my shelf I’m a nester and if I read a book and really enjoyed
a book and it’s not on my shelf it’s like where are you but I also don’t want
to fork out the money for the books because I’ve already read them it’s kind
of redundant Oh Dilemmas of a book nerd there is a wild man who lives deep in
the quiet of Greene Hollow and he listens to the wood Tobias tethered to
the forest does not dwell on his past life but he lives a perfectly
unremarkable existence with his cottage his camp and his dryads when green
Hollow Hall acquires a handsome intensely curious new owner in Henry
silver everything changes old secrets better left buried a dagger but Tobias
is forced to reckon with his troubled parts but the green magic of the woods
and the dark things that rest in its heart she also gifted me the third in
the caravel series finale whoa and look red sprayed edges and it’s signed by the
author the caravel series is about a magical interactive performance that
happens once per year and it happens in different places kind of all over the
world there’s a girl called Scarlett who with her sister has been writing to the
owner the ringleader of Caravel to be a part of it since she was less than 10
years old and now it’s finally her chance to go accepts it’s on the eve of
her wedding so she goes off on an adventure with her sister and a sailor
and takes part in this interactive tournaments however when she gets there
she realizes that her sister is missing and in fact this interactive performance
is a lot more interactive than she thought it was going to be it’s
definitely very mystical magical it’s not technology it’s kind of its kind of
steampunk II but maybe it’s not it’s in that time period when you’re just on the
brink of Industrial Revolution that’s where I kind of put it
everybody’s still in petticoats and frocks but we’re also a lot more wise to
magic and mystery I’m not explaining it properly but that’s how I see it and
Paige also gifted me the wicked King by Holly black you guys know I have a
troublesome history with the cool prince I’ve read it twice now
both times I gave it three stars I want to enjoy the second book and the trilogy
so much more than I do especially because you guys love it so much so in
the cruel prince we follow a girl called Jude who was kidnapped from the human
world along with her sister and her twin sister after her kidnapper a fairy
murdered her parents then ten years later she’s living in the realm of fairy
she loves it it’s brilliant except she’s human and she doesn’t really like that
she hates being beholden to these fairies and hates being weak so she
trains herself up to become one of the fairy Knights however when that plan
falls through she ends up going undercover with a royal to be his kind
of spy and it’s the other Royals but then it’s political intrigue there are
royal deaths there are Royal banquets and tragedies and there’s also a cruel
prince in this one we clearly have a wicked King so the spoiler is right now
in this title attached me what do you want to read this I want to enjoy it
much more than I did the cruel prince yes for book star caught myself we
firstly have never world wake by Marisha pessl this has been on my radar for so
long and then I saw it and I thought just pick it up Rachel so I did we have
five friends who I believe are stuck in some kind of timely because one of them
in the group died and they keep repeating the same day over and over
again until they figure out who killed him or how he died I don’t know if any
of that is accurate at all because actually the back of the book is really
super vague but this is what I’ve heard from other booktubers a book that has
been everywhere and it’s one that everybody really adores city of brass by S.A. Chakraborty this is blurbed by Sabaa Tahir here who wrote the ember in the ashes series freakin love that author it’s also blurbed by Laini Taylor as well
one of my top fantasy writers of all time this is said to be the best fantasy
that they’ve ever read since name of the wind which is saying something because
name of the wind is one of my favorite adult fantasies of all time I don’t know
I don’t know what it’s about I don’t care because look at this cover the
streets of eighteenth-century Cairo are unforgiving even for the most talented
thieves tricksters and con artists among the bustling markets the city’s outcasts
eke out a living swindling rich Ottoman nobles and foreign invaders alike but
alongside this new world the old stories linger tales of djinn and spirits of
cities hidden among swirling Suns of the deserts full of enchantments desire and
riches when magic pours down every streets hanging in the air like dust
many wish their lives could be filled with such wonder but not nahri she knows
the trade she uses to get thereby are just tricks and slights of hand there’s
nothing magical about them she only wishes to one day leave Cairo but as the
saying goes be careful what you wish for I need to read this we then have 2000
doors of January this bloody cover oh my gosh oh my gosh this is a cover of
dreams January is in this sprawling mansion filled with peculiar treasures
and she ends up stumbling across a very strange book and a book that actually
carries the sense of all these are the worlds each page reveals more impossible
truths about the world and January discovers a story increasingly entwined
with her own step into the world of January scholar in Alex E. Harrow’s
spellbinding debut this has been blurbed by so many people considering it as a
debut there’s a lot of very popular TV new books out there at the moment but I
really do want to get to this one I’ve actually gifted one of my best friends
theirs for Christmas so I’m planning to read this hopefully if my new TBR game
I’m creating actually helps me with that then this is on the list and finally the
last book on this big book haul the skills of storm and shadow by Natasha Ngan this is going to be my book for the winter quest book he trails it covers
all the prompts – really really happy about and it wasn’t the reason why I
picked it up but then I saw that other people were like it covers all the
prompts and like brilliant because I’ve just bought it in this world there are
three casts you have the paper cast the steel cast and the moon cast and which
cast during dictates how much magic you have and also how much animalistic style
features you have in the first book we follow a girl called lei who I lei in
the first book we follow a girl called Lei who was whisked away from her home
to be one of the demon King’s concubines specifically because she has these
beautiful golden eyes we don’t know the mystery of these golden eyes yet why
they are important to the story but this is an Asian inspired fantasy and I do
think that it is worth while your time I have a review on this where I was quite
disappointed with the ending of the previous book but there are many things
in this that are making me want to go back to it so I hope that you guys enjoy
this one – if you’re reading this series so here we have it guys these are the
books that I have acquired over I know in the past two or three months some of
them the hot going back for instance library books but it’s been it’s been a
busy one and this is what happens when Rachel’s mental health isn’t great
… rachael buys books…so wish me luck reading some of these and other than
thank you so much for watching please don’t forget to Like subscribe and
comment all that jazz you can find me on Twitter on Instagram
unknown Goodreads my patreon link is

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26 thoughts on “Last Book Haul of the year…and it’s a BIG one!”

  1. becklepanda says:

    Ooh, Lifel1k3. I enjoyed it and I love Jay’s writing, but this one was predictable to me! So I hope you don’t call the twists like I did. If you do, the last line made me want to read on! 🙂

    I watch book hauls for the same reason I watch tbr videos. I just like people talking about book lists. 😂

  2. Reading With Nori says:

    The chickens part cracked me up lol Oooff!! City Of Brass is so good and it gets better in the second book!! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

  3. Pastelparadise says:

    Omg that's so sweet of you to gift books! My wishlist contains Christmas gifts for my kids atm. I'll gift myself books after Christmas when I have some extra money lol. But seriously, that's so kind of you! Good luck everyone!💛

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  6. Maren says:

    … "and they got chickens" … I laughed harder than I probably should've 😂

  7. Emily Beth Hall says:

    Thanks again for being so sweet! ❤️❤️ Oh yaaayyy! I got City of Brass recently too! Found the second one at a library book sale and treated myself to City of Brass. Hoping to read it relatively soon before the third one comes out and I'm excited to hear if you enjoy it! 🙂

  8. bethandherbooks says:

    Adding Neverworld Wake and City of Brass to my wishlist now! Thanks for the wonderful recommendations, my dear!!

  9. Lilme_78 says:

    You should sooooo get in to narrating books for audio as you just have that voice you could listen to for hours

  10. ASeaofTomes says:

    Oh my goodness so many books, but I love it!
    I really want to read the Testaments, but I'm wary of the show for some reason, even though I really enjoy the world and the story.
    I feel like no one talks about Adam Kay on here, but a lot of people I know in real life do and that's super wild to me.
    I love that kindle cover! It's so pretty.
    It's funny you mention book hauls and people watching them. I have a complicated relationship with hauls, but some people's I love watching.
    I wish I was brave enough to try more graphic novels, but I can really struggle with the layouts of them sometimes, so I never buy them and rarely pick them up and I need to change that.
    That's a really great practice. I love that actually. More of us should do that if we can.
    I really need to read Spinning Silver but I'm nervous. I love Russian/Slavic fantasy but I'm picky. I hated Grisha but I adored Winternight so fingers crossed that I like it.
    I'll be very interested to hear what you think of the Wicked King. I'm hoping to pick up the Folk of the Air trilogy/series sometime next year.
    I feel like I've heard a lot of mixed things about City of Brass, so I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
    The Ten Doors of January sounds really interesting. I'll have to look into that a bit.
    I hope you enjoy all of those when you get to them Rachael!

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    "Whisked away"? Wasn't Lei kidnapped, sold into the sex slave industry, and told she had to comply with being raped or else her family would be murdered? That's quite a bit different than being "whisked away" don't you think?
    (sorry if I sound aggressive, I've just noticed that a lot of people seem to be downplaying the fact that this main character was literally forced into sex slavery, and it really bugs me)

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