Last Book Haul Ever

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hello friends welcome back to my channel
today we’re going to do my last book haul as you may know I’m not buying any
books in 2020 – not technically buying no books at all – but I will leave my video
talking about all of that up in a card. so you can go check it out if you’re
interested. so technically this is my last book haul.
because of my rules, the books that I do buy I have to read right away and so you
will see the books that I’m buying in my wrap ups… hopefully. I think there’s gonna
be a bit of a curve when it comes to buying and reading books, we’ll see how
it goes, you’re just gonna have to hit subscribe! and then you’ll see my journey
with my no buying books in 2020! The first books I’m going to share are the
ones that I got unsolicited from publishers. Because of my job at a
bookseller it happens quite often. The first one is the Golden Compass by
Philip Pullman. I actually don’t have a lot of interest in this series but
because of the HBO show and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s in it… so now I’m thinking I
have to read the book so that I can watch the show. It kind of borders on
like a middle grade/teen series. it’s kind of right in the middle. So I
just I never ended up reading it. I know a lot of people read it in school but I
never got around to it so I have it. I don’t know that I’m gonna like add it on
to like my TBR books, but now I have the golden compass. The other one I got unsolicited
I already have an arc of this but they sent over a bunch of finished copies so
I took one, and I’ll be gifting my arc to someone else. but this is empire walled
by Sherrod Emmeline who is a Canadian slash mighty author and she wrote a
really successful book the Amero Thieves a couple of years ago now that was a
really successful teen book won a lot of awards I really enjoyed it and this is
her first I don’t novel and this is a spin on the
maytee story of the rogue guru which is like a werewolf type story so I’m really
interested to see how this goes down the next book I got is one that I really
treated mice – it was kind of expensive like the book
itself and then the shipping was pretty expensive as well but now that I own it
I’m so excited to have it and I’m glad that I kind of bit the bullet for it and
that is laughter at the academy by Seanan McGuire this is actually a bind
up of all of Seanan McGuire short stories it was published by subterranean
press and it’s also Illustrated let me have some illustrations
throughout as well and they only printed a select number of copies of this so I
have number 715 of twelve hundred and fifty and it’s signed and it’s just like
a really pretty book it’s powerful it’s basically like a limited release a bind
up of all Shawn Maguire short stories I love Sean and McGuire’s every heart a
doorway series I own the first book of rosemary Andrew which I’m excited to get
to and I really like her Mayor Graham book into the drowning deep I’m looking
forward to reading even more of Seanan McGuire in 2020 next are books that my
friends got for me for my birthday because they’re so fantastic I love them
basically of the darker shade of magic series I had the first book in the
special edition then I have the other two books and the regular white original
hardcover editions so they got me these to complete my collection so now I have
the first book and the white hardcover and I have the other two books in the
special edition hard covers which are so beautiful on the Shelf and you’ve
probably seen them in the background of my videos now but I love them so much
the special editions come with like little bookmarks and they have banner in
them and they’re so pretty um so I love keys and I have the best
friends and thank you so much if any of you were watching cuz I know some of you
are shout out to you and yeah I love having both of these which ones I’m
going to choose to reread like which that I’m going to choose to reread
when I do my reread in 2020 I don’t know we’ll see
probably the special editions tbh because they’ve built some bookmarks
why wouldn’t I read those next book I have to show you is of course the queen
of nothing by Holly black this came out at the end of November and as a
beginning of December I actually went to a signing or not to meet Holly black she
was so wonderful I brought like a ton of books to get signed and she was so happy
to sign them all for me and we talked about fairies and I told
her that I love Tinkerbell and we had an amazing little chat about fairies while
she was signing all my books that I brought for her and of course I’ve
already read this I’ve already seen it in my November wrap up because I got the
e-book of it because I knew that I was gonna get a hardcover at the signings
it’s about a girl named Jude and she’s mortal but she lives in the Fae world
because her adoptive father killed her human parents when she was really young
like she barely remembers them um all she really knows is the fate world and
she actually really has come to have an appreciation for her like adoptive a
father and she really wants to become a knight in the court that he is in it’s a
really interesting series along the way she obviously meets a prince
stuff goes down not everything that you would expect which is why I love the
series so much the next books I picked up are ones that I got kind of before
Christmas and like a pre-christmas sale and at the kingdom of copper by sa
chakra Bertie and this is the second book in the city of brass series but
it’s like a gods based fantasy about this girl the only thing weird that she
knows about herself is that she knows every language she’s ever heard and she
can sense illness and other people and so she goes to help this ill person and
she does this like ceremony and she uses a language she’s never heard before and
she summons a God basically and suddenly on the run together and they have to
make it to the city of brass to stay safe and along the way she learns where
she’s from who she is why she is the way she is and it’s pretty interesting I
gave the first book like a three out of five but I liked it enough and the
ending was enough that I wanted to continue in the series so this is the
second book I’m very intrigued to see how it goes
it is huge like it’s heavy the cover is gorgeous but it’s huge so we’ll see how
this goes the next one I got is fierce departures
by Diane bran with an introduction by Leslie C Saunders as I picked up because
I thought it was a collection of Diane Byrne short poetry trans – isn’t really
write short poetry so it’s actually excerpts from her longer works of poetry
I still really enjoyed it it definitely inspired me to want to read Diane brands
other works of long poetry and I really enjoyed it
but it’s not what I expected it to be the next one I got is a Christmas Carol
by Charles Dickens and I’m adding this to my word cloud classics collection
I love these editions I think they’re really gorgeous they’re like these
leather-bound versions they’re kind of floppy they’ve beautiful end papers and
they also have like various quotes kind of like engraved on the books but this
says have other little holiday stories in it so I’m excited to go back to this
and read some of the other ones by Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol is
actually the only Charles Dickens I’ve ever read I don’t even think I’ve read
anything of his in my undergrad at all so yeah and of course I feel like I’ve
talked about this book so much lately because I read it in December and I
loved it so much so I just keep talking about it
the third book in the last name Sarah trilogy the first book the last name
Sarah introduces us to this world where there are dragons and dragons are
attracted to stories so in the first book stories are banned because once a
dragon like attacked the kingdom and burned a lot of it down the main
characters mother died and she herself was one of the casualties in the attack
half of her body was burned by the dragon this
is the third book in the companion series of follows two different other
characters they are closely related to the characters and the other two books
in the series follows sapphire who is a soldier and like has a higher up command
in the kingdoms military guard something like that and then it also follows eros
who is a really well known pirate she’s known as the death dancer and it’s about
them kind of always being on each other’s tail eros kind of aggravates
sapphire and Sapphire is kind of now up to get her but there are other things
that Eris doesn’t know about herself she has this magical spindle I believe that
she can like rip through space in and she can like travel through these
doorways and stuff so at this one I love to because it also brings in a little
bit of portal fantasy which I love portal fantasy you don’t have to read
the other books in this series to read this one even though I do recommend the
other ones this one is definitely my favorite out of all three of them this
next book is one that I got for Christmas I actually picked it out
myself it’s the secret history by Donna Tartt
I’ve been meaning to read this one for quite some time I feel like it’s been on
my want to read shelf on Goodreads for a very long time because the tube has
always talked about this book with really high praise I feel like I don’t
know too much about it I know that it’s about a bunch of guys at an elite
college like getting into like some dark shit
so especially after reading ninth house I really want to read this but also I’ve
just this has always just really intrigued me because it’s like academia
I think it’s classified as dark academia even like literary academia type books I
have really enjoyed so I look forward to reading this and the next books I bought
are ones that I bought with some Christmas gift cards so I kind of chose
these ones wisely because they’re the last books that I bought in 2019 leading
into my 2020 no buy so first ones I got I’ll show
together their volumes eight and nine of saga by Brian Caitlin and Fiona staples
this is a series that I love so much if you watched my books I want to reread in
2020 you would have seen the first volume
I bought these because I didn’t own them yet and I want to reread them and I
initially read these from the library and since I want to reread them I figure
it’s time to get the last two at the moment the series is on a break which
I’m upset about because the cliffhanger and this guy volume 8 is or volume 9 is
something it broke my heart I don’t know when sound is gonna start
up again I don’t know what kind of plans they have for it I don’t know where
they’re gonna go from here it’s a time the next one I got was this is how you
lose the time work by a mult Elmont are in max Gladstone this is one that you’re
gonna see in my favorites of 2019 video I can already tell you it’s a female
female how many enemies two lovers but it’s also a time travel like heavy
sci-fi novella and it’s about we’ve discovered time travel already and we
know that the world is either gonna end up like this lush garden natural world
or it’s gonna end up this technology-driven world and so these two
sides of people have agents that they send out into space and time to win this
time war and this is about red and blue one is on the nature side one is on the
technology side and they start leaving notes for each other kind of like
mocking each other riling each other up and along the way the notes start to
change their tone and the ending is so fantastic I cannot wait to reread this I
can’t believe I haven’t reread it already to be honest and I highly highly
recommend next book I got is the ocean at the end
of the lane by Neil Gaiman and this is the hardcover illustrated edition by
Elsie Hearst and this is so beautiful the illustrations remind me a lot and
I’m showing you every page that is not Illustrated but remind me a lot of the
illustrations and a monster calls by Patrick Ness and I forget who the
illustrator is on that one I have not read an ocean at the end of
the lane I have really heard fantastic things about it and Weil Gaiman I heard
somewhere said that he thinks this is his most underrated book and this is the
book that he wishes more people would read it’s a super short book this one’s
Illustrated so it looks longer but something about this just really
intrigues me especially this illustrated edition so
this is now in my little Neil Gaiman collection I really want to read more
Neil Gaiman in 2020 I really want to breed American Gods and never wear 2019
I read Norse mythology one of my favorite books I gave a 5 out of 5 stars
and then might get to my top books but I really really enjoyed it I think he’s a
really great storyteller and the very last book I have to show you is kind of
little bonus this is one that I pre-ordered it just came in the other
day it’s come tumbling down by Seanan McGuire this is the fifth fifth book in
the wayward children’s series which is a novella series of portal fantasy that
follows children who have found doorways and they’ve gone into magical worlds and
when they come back they go to this little boarding school for wayward
children when they go into these worlds they feel like they really belong there
and when they come back they become kind of depressed because they can’t find
their doors again it’s a really fantastic series I know it’s really
beloved here on booktube but I also really love it and this one specifically
is kind of a sequel to down among the six and Bones which follows Jack and
Jill which is my favorite of the series so I’m trying not to over hype this too
much in my head because I don’t want to be disappointed but also I’m so so
excited to that’s because I love jackandjill story
so much this is so many more than I thought okay okay so that was all the book that I got
since we last book called it’s a lot more than I expected it to be um but to
be fair like I’m about like five of these I think six um so I feel like I
did a pretty good job um but in 2020 no books no buying books but that’s my book
haul I hope you guys enjoyed it and I will see you next time

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