Lapshicha Sheera – लापशीचा शिरा – Broken Wheat Sheera(Halwa) – Marathi Recipes


Namaskar, I am Sushama Today in Sushama’s Kitchen, I am going to demonstrate “Lapshi Sheera”(Broken Wheat Sheera) Ingredients required – Wheat Daliya(Broken Wheat) – 250 gms Milk – Half Litre Jaggery – 250 gms Saffron Milk Elaichi(Cardamom)powder – 1 tsp Mixed Dry Fruits Pure Ghee(Calrified Butter) – 1 Bowl Home made Malai(milk cream) – 1 bowl OR Mawa(Khoya)(Whole Dried Milk) – 50 gms Now we will take the washed Daliya and add them in the Pressure Cooker container Now we have taken the daliya in the Pressure cooker container now we will add the milk to it Now we will let it cook in the pressure cooker for 2 whistles Now we have boiled the Dailya in 2 whistles. It is nicely cooked now Now we will free it up a bit and and we will proceed to make our sheera We have now kept our pan for heating We will add the Ghee(Clarified butter) to the pan Now the ghee should melt. Once it melts we will add the daliya The ghee has melted. we will now add the daliya to it Now for about 2 mins will fry the daliya in the ghee Now the daliya is fried we will add to it the jaggery and mix it well It should take about 5 mins for the jaggery to melt We will reduce the flame and let it cook. Cover the pan with the lid. Now the jaggery has almost melted Just a little bit to be melted Now in that we will add The Saffron Milk Milk Cream OR Mawa Elaichi(Cardamom) powder and mixed Dry Fruits After adding, we will mix it well Now on a slow flame we will let it cook for 5 mins Will then the jaggery will also melt Our Lapshi Sheera is now ready We will now move it to our serving bowl Our Lapshi Sheera is ready If you like my recipes, please subscribe to my channel. Thank you!

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    Kaki yat shiryat ghalto tas Kel (banana) ghalu shakto ka??

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