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Krushia is the only child and son of a very
loved and wise seeker in another time-space reality, a sacred World called Nusi. Krushia’s seventeenth birthday was the beginning
of his destiny as a multiple dimensional time traveler. On his birthday he went to his favorite forest
with his three best friends, Sparks, Silver, and Patch. And while they were singing, dancing
and playing their instruments, a powerful energy field opened and pulled them in. They
spun around in a rapid circular motion, then were spun straight out like a slingshot into
outer space where they floated downwards and landed on a meteor which took them into a
different time-space reality. In this World, Krushia transformed into a
bronze colored girl, and her best friends became cats. What Krushia and her friends saw in this new
World, was that people lived in misery and they weren’t connected. They decide to help
the people come together and to use their talents and abilities to create a better reality. Krushia and the cats come up with the idea
to put on a circus and parade to make the people happy and open them up to the idea
of change for a better life. On Krushia’s first journey to a different
World, she encountered people making fun of her because she’s different. The teenagers
laughed and pointed at her and said “that’s why you are alone in this world because you’re
strange.” And the adults shamed her and said that “women
don’t horseback ride like that nor walk around in men clothing.” Eventually, Krushia gets them to see that
being different can be great. Krushia saw that the people were happy. And it was time
for Krushia and her friends to move on to the next journey by using a special key for
a magical portal tree. They begin to listen and the world gets transformed
into a beautiful society. They cleaned up their environment and built a bridge to create
more opportunities and relations with the people all around them.

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  1. Sharp Eye Animation says:

    What a great story and message!

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    great animation!

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    this is an excellent anime

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