KORG Module | Expansion Sound Libraries


The KORG Module series also offer the Expansion Sound Library, for and even wider range of sonic possibilities. Powerful 3rd-party libraries can be downloaded from the in-app store, including titles from KApro, SYNTHOGY and Scarbee. I will now introduce some of them.

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6 thoughts on “KORG Module | Expansion Sound Libraries”

  1. Randy Hayes says:

    Pro tip: Many of the demos can be scrolled up for more samples. It's not immediately apparent in the UI.

  2. Roman Ershov says:


  3. Dara M says:

    Poor guy.

  4. Adam Hemingway says:


  5. Big Grime says:

    Sounds great! Maybe interested to go with the mpc live as a mobile setup

  6. defrigge says:

    The Korg Module sounds are among the best available for iPad.
    BUT: the iOS integration is on the LOWEST, BADEST and LEAST USEABLE
    level of interapp audio. This takes most of the fun from using the app
    in sequencer apps like Cubasis.

    It is simply whack from my view to add all the nice sounds, without
    finally fixing this unbearable, lousy third class integration status,
    which has not been fixed in years, to AUv3 support!

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