Kindle Voyage Experience 2020 (Personal Thoughts…)


Hello, Guys, this is GiverTheYH today just you know I’ve been using Kindle this device for seven months so I’m gonna be talking about what’s like
to have a Kindle at your side and what’s the benefit of learning English using
only Kindle device so let’s get into it okay so first of all I gotta say it’s
really convenient you know whenever I went to someplace like My grandfather
house or some someplace traveling with my friends, I always carried this square
looking weird advice with my hand all the time you know since it’s a super
light it’s like having a feather you can just put it in the bag and then you’re
good to go everywhere how can you even carry more than three books in the bag
you know how can you. it’s a heavy as hell takes a lot of space and just
uncomfortable isn’t it having a Kindle is definitely gonna help you to carry
around your books all the time with wherever you go so and don’t you ever
forget about the night reading experience I have never read any book in the night.
before I got this device you know always unless your bat or have a night vision you can
clearly cannot see anything in pure darkness right that means you cannot
read a book in darkness then you have to use some stand, you have to turn a
light in your room you have to somewhat in a way, you have to shine a
light on your book that’s how you can you read a book in
night. well the power of a Kindle kicks in ,so whay i mean by that is you just simply
adjust your brightness on your Kindle that is comfortable in your eyes then you
can just start to read just reading a book like that how simple is that
well just don’t try to read a horror fiction while reading in night, you don’t
see anything but your Kindle you know something might be lurking beneath your bed Of course, I’m not using Kindle all the time also buy some paper book like this
I buy a paper book also as well then why am I having a Kindle? if I gonna buy a
paper book at the same time well here’s the thing dudes so I’m gonna
explain this more detailed so there were situation where you have to decide
whether you’re not you or they’re gonna choose paper book or ebooks so what i mean by that is I usually don’t buy e-books more that’s
more than $8 so I usually go for more than $10 paperbacks and paper books
physically like this one so okay so I’m not buying any books that’s more than $8 on
Kindle device because I consider it a little bit too expensive for ebook than
paper book so I usually go for the paper books when it comes to price more than
$8 you know I think it’s more worth it to having a paper bag like this one the
physical book that I can smell it I can touch it that I can, you know
actually opening you’re good with your hands just reality touching feeling it’s
really quite different than Kindle just so if I see a 2 versions of the
books at the same price I usually go for u name it, the paper book, yes
the paper book is always win Kindle book when it comes to price more than 8 dollar personally yeah of course I’m saying even personally okay so here is
another thing about the Kindle so learning English by using this Kindle
device is much easier and efficient and let me tell you why it is so I can just
look at the meaning of the word by pressing the button on the screen
why did I said button but anyway and then here comes the definition and if I
want to see a certain place or name then I can just look it up on Wikipedia so
it’s much efficient to get the definition of the word then using google
translator I have to I have to pick up my iPhone I have to go to the google translator
then I go that I have to type the exact word that I’m looking for then I
get that definition of it you know there are a lot of steps there are a lot of
steps going through getting the definition of the
word using google translator so it’s much complicated than Kindle so actually
there’s amazing tool in Kindle device it’s called vocabulary Builder
it shows the words that you click before so in this way, you can build your vocabulary
really much better than merely trying to memorize that or random words on the
Internet right you because you double check your forgotten words the
second time third time the fourth time you name it
untill you memorize it perfectly so that’s what I’m saying, of course I’m not gonna
say that Kindle is much better than having a physical book, yeah this is I’m a lover
for both sides, this experience of reading so I’m not against any of it just you
know but I also think that inventing this Kindle device the e-book thing was
really revolution in book industry I mean it had changed a lot of aspect of
having a book, publishing the boob and it changed a lot of market for there even
a lot of courses on how to write a book on Kindle device and you can publish
more cheaply than ever just think about it if you want to publish your paper book
in reality. first of all you have to buy publishing more than 100 people 500
books all at once and that’s gonna cost you a lot of money right why am I
saying this but anyway get to the point you know results having a Kindle was
really fantastic experience for me fantastic can be in an efficient way in reading and I can guarantee that also if your book the lover just like I
am and you haven’t tasted any of this Kindle device thing, tthe ebook thing
you must try this one a little bit just take a look at it and what’s like to
having a Kindle like this I highly recommend to all book readers on in this
world to have a Kindles I mean it but anyway thanks for watching
video I hope you liked it, if you have any opinions about Kindle or you have a
you might have a personal experience with this device. because it’s electric
devices can pop some error or some kind of malfunctioning situation or anything
like that so just leave a comment down below that I can see it and
if you want to check out the Kindle device, I have a link down below in the
description you might go to that this is Amazon of course and before you go, click
the subscribe button down below with a notification Bell as well, I know you
gonna do it I know you’re gonna do right I believe in you so~take care! (Raddom video)

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