Kindle Self Publishing on Amazon in 2020 | What you NEED to know!


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14 thoughts on “Kindle Self Publishing on Amazon in 2020 | What you NEED to know!”

  1. Emeka Ossai says:

    Learn Step by Step how to start with Kindle Self Publishing Today
    Do you want to make a six-figure income every year? In this video, I'll give you some of the most important tips to make that dream a reality and avoid some of the mistakes I made when I set out to make my first $100,000.
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  2. Life Soul says:

    Mikkelsen's still strongly recommend putting books on free promo at launch… but you advise against it? Share your wisdom with me Emeka. I want to be as prepared as possible. Which is best?

  3. Mayur Gadge says:

    How to remove blocked book from KDP.? And How to stop from blocking the account and what if more than 5 books blocked. Will the account terminat?

  4. Mayur Gadge says:

    Can I open a second KDP account?,

  5. MrThedolo says:

    If valuable information could be pay with money this video would make you the richest man in the world…thanks Emeka!!!

  6. K. Williams says:

    great video

  7. Francis says:

    Thank you for the most valuable tips Emeka 🙂 They are very essential. Thanks.

  8. Richard Matthews says:

    Thanks Emeka, i'm new to this, about to launch forst of 3 books soon, where can I get a manager that I can delegate this to? can you advise?

  9. Mikey king says:

    Emeka Ossai thank you for 6:01 "Good Tip" I think you may of found something. I haven't started as yet, but as soon as I some what understand the fees, taxes and methods of protection i.e copyrights, pen-name association, legal guidelines and the policy on KDP rules which I must know in order to start things right. Why watch all your video to them mess up on the part that counts most.
    This is a business for you, right and I think alot of your subscribes would appreciate a video that shows how to cover yourself as business with KDP. I mean the minute you make consistent money with KDP it becomes some sort of business, right? I know you may not be able to give professional tax accountant style advice, but you can say what you know is needed to be done from your side of the business the same way you speak on the marketing stuff.. I meaning how to separate KDP sales from your other incomes etc, or whether to set up a business bank account and how much would we need to at least charge as an minimum to cover all fees for KDP – payment gateway – and taxes etc. Some of us watching this are still young to the would of business and just reached the age 18.

  10. The perfect French with Dylane says:

    A quick question, I guess you publish Ebook and paperback at the same time but how to you get them linked to each other right away? I am not sure if I am missing something but my first book I had to email Amazon to get them linked. I am about to publish another one but I want them linked so if someone wants the paperback they can get it. Thank you!

  11. Aaron Williams says:

    What fields was your assistants in before they came along on your journey?

  12. Aaron Williams says:

    By the way I’m the same one that got at you on IG @Comrade5050

  13. LeAnzar Stockley says:

    Thank you for doing videos like this. I have a question that may be silly, but I kept hearing you say, you don't want to be a publisher, you want to run a company that publishes books. Can you give me a bit more explanation on this. I will admit, I have 2 books under my name and working now to complete a 3rd, but being transparent, when it comes to the things you are talking about, I have no clue what the heck I am doing.

  14. Nicolò Risotti says:

    Hello everyone, firstly congratulations for the valuable video Emeka.
    Secondly, I need some help,
    I don't know which keyword is better for my book, the choice is between "Investing In Stocks For Beginners" and "Stock Market Investing For Beginners". I've noticed that there aren't books that have "Investing In Stocks For Beginners" as title (the keyword is a suggested term on Amazon), but "Stock Market Investing For Beginners" has 2'000 results, that is too much. Thank you.

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