Kindle Publishing Scams – You will make $300 a day publishing 20 audio books.


Kindle publishing scams episode 2 you
will make $300 a day publishing 2000 books we’re gonna talk about it come on
hey guys it’s K-Ninja here and if you’re at all into self-publishing make
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notifications because self-publishing is all this channel talks about and let’s
get into it you will make $300 a day publishing 2000 books so in case you
didn’t know I’m currently running a little scam series I don’t usually talk
about scams but there’s so many out there that I figured I should run a
little scam series and just talk about all the scams once in one little series
just to put it out there just to raise awareness as to what kinds of scams are
going on in Kindle publishing and when I say Kindle publishing I don’t just mean
publishing Kindle books I mean all of self-publishing so I’m also talking
about paperbacks and audiobooks potentially hard covers and p3s and CD
ebooks as well so this is episode 2 last episode episode 1 we talked about Fiverr
today we’re gonna talk about how you can make $300 a day publishing just 20
audiobooks you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do it you can be 15 years
old and you can make 300 bucks a day by publishing 20 all the old books
it doesn’t even actually have to be 20 you could publish 14 and then bundle up
a bunch of those and you could make 20 audiobooks out of that so why is this a
scam if someone tells you you can make 300 bucks today Publishing 2000 books
because they did it isn’t that being transparent if they show you the
screenshots if they show you them on the computer and there’s the money well then
isn’t it legit first of all all those screenshots can be faked even if it’s
not a screenshot even if I point my camera at the computer that can be faked
as well everything on the Internet can be faked so first of all don’t believe
what you see second of all even if it’s legit even if someone has made three
hundred dollars a day with twenty audiobooks and they can prove it it’s
still illegal for them to say it and the reason it’s illegal to say it is because
just because one person did it or two people did it it doesn’t mean that
you’re gonna do it like I could say I made a million dollars winning the
lottery you could do it too I could show you how by my course on how to make a
million dollars winning the lottery because I did it so I know a lot about
it so spend money on my course and you could make a million dollars too now to
make an income claim like that is illegal and I’ll tell you what the law
is the FTC also known as the Federal Trade Commission calls any income claim
that you make if you’re selling a product or if you’re promoting an
affiliate product or whatever you’re doing any income claim that you make
must be substantiated and if you’re selling a course by substantiated it
means you have to show a report of every single person to bought your course in
exactly how much each person made and if one person didn’t make over 300 dollars
a day then that means that you are a scammer it means your income claim is
illegal and if you’re not even showing a report according to the FTC guidelines
it’s illegal to make that income claim because it’s an unsubstantiated income
claim even if it’s true even if you published 20 books and you’re making
$300 a day with them you’re not allowed to say it in the description of this
video I’ve put a link to the FTC act with the law in it and I myself think
saying you can make $300 a day publishing 20 all the old books is a
scam it’s an unsubstantiated income claim and not only that it’s also
considered an outrageous claim which you’ll also find in the FTC act because
to make an outrageous claim is also illegal now if you don’t want to go
through the whole FTC yeah I know it’s kind of long then I put another link in
the description for you to a nice little news article and in that article there’s
a video with Frank Kern and you can play the video it’s about 15 minutes and you
can hear what Frank Kern has to say about it now Frank Kern is a famous
internet marketer and he got busted by the FTC he got busted for making an
unsubstantiated income claim and you know when they bust you for an
unsubstantiated income claim the way the FTC works you know how they do it and
I’ve spoken on the phone with the FTC a few times this month so I think I know
what I’m talking about with this anyway based on my understanding the first
thing they do is they watch you they make notes about you they buy your
products they get on your email list they read the emails that you send them
and when they feel they’ve got enough goods to pull the trigger they freeze
everything you’ve got and then you have to go to the court now I sell a Kindle
course so I could make all kinds of income claims but I don’t because it’s
illegal because not everyone is so smart and there’s a lot of people that just
don’t know any better and if you tell them they can make 300 dollars a day by
publishing 2000 books someone who is not so smart they’ll think you’re being for
real they’ll think it’s legit and they’ll pretty much buy whatever you
sell them if it’s got an income claim attached to it because they’re taking
the income claim at face value and like I said the income claim can even be true
but if you’re making the claim and you’ve got something to sell or if
you’re promoting something like an affiliate product and you’ve got links
to it there and you don’t have some report that
shows that everyone who took your course is making $300 a day then you’ve got an
unsubstantiated income claim there and you’ve also got an outrageous income
claim there which is also considered a deceptive marketing tactic and therefore
it’s a scam even if it’s true but it’s not really true now is it not if regular
Joe Schmo buys the course and he publishes 20 audiobooks but he’s not
able to do $300 a day now I used to be ignorant to the whole unsubstantiated
income claim thing I mean you see all these other internet marketers doing it
so you kind of assumed that it’s okay they do it like they must know the law
or something because they’re doing it but no it’s actually illegal and I
figure this out when I got really worried about the gdpr and then I
decided to read the entire gdpr and then after that I read the entire
FPC Act and it kind of opened my eyes as far as the legality of certain practices
and marketing and some of you who are not in the u.s. you might think oh the
FTC is in the u.s. so they can’t get me because I’m not in the US so their law
does not apply to me but if you’re selling to American customers they’ve
got these international agreements that allow them to get you in another country
but say you’re in a country where they can’t get you they can take out your
website they can take out your PayPal account they can take out your stripe if
you don’t keep your money in a bank and you keep it in gold they’d have to go to
where you are to find it but still they can do a whole lot so just being in
another country doesn’t necessarily protect you from the American FTC if
you’re scamming people in America then they will go after you no matter where
you are and they will do everything in their power to get you and if you’re a
consumer or a competitor and you see a scam if you should see an
unsubstantiated income claim it’s your responsibility
to report it to the FTC and I’ve got a link in the description to a nice little
page on the FTC’s website there’s a nice little video there you should watch the
video now there’s two ways to report a scammer you submit the little online
form there to the FTC however that form looks a little troublesome for me so I
prefer to just call them and there’s a phone number on that page at that link
in the description to the FTC and you can call them and you could complain and
you don’t have to have both a product to complain to them you just have to have
recognized a scam but when you call them you have to say what the scam is
specifically what law was broken hello FTC I saw this YouTube video and these
people were using deceptive marketing tactics they were making unsubstantiated
income claims as well as outrageous claims I think you should know about it
and let me tell you those FTC people they’re really friendly they’ll ask you
some questions about it yeah tell them what you know that’s it
the whole call takes about five or ten minutes now if you’re actually a
competitor there’s something else you could do because when someone engages in
the deceptive marketing practice like making an unsubstantiated income claim
it means that they violate antitrust laws and that means you can sue them for
everything they’ve got and most lawyers will take an antitrust case contingent
which means you don’t have to pay anything as long as it’s a clear-cut
case and they take a contingent because they know they can win and when they win
they take about 40% but you would get free money though you have to actually
go to court and that’s a hassle but as a competitor it is your responsibility to
sue someone when they use deceptive marketing tactics because when someone
does that they don’t only hurt their competitors but they also hurt the
entire industry because they were running a
there’s a lot of burnt customers with a foul taste in their mouth so they’re
less likely to buy a product from someone who’s legit because the industry
has been tainted tainted with blood but yeah it’s just another way you could go
if you’re a competitor but anyway you can make $300 a day with twenty
audiobooks really are you serious well I suppose that they were really good ones
and if you pump them up with reviews in the right niches it’s possible I don’t
know about you but I’ve been publishing in audiobooks for years I’ve got more
than twenty of them and I think I really know what I’m doing with them but could
I earn three hundred dollars a day with twenty books and will every person who
takes that course do it I don’t know it sounds a little far-fetched to me now
you could argue that not all of our students have gotten there yet because
of the sales cycle because it takes time you know from when you get the book
together until when you publish the book to be able to market it to be able to
get to the point where you could earn the passive income but the FTC doesn’t
see it that way so if you’re gonna make an
unsubstantiated income claim then you had best be prepared for the
consequences of your actions now I’m not pointing fingers at anyone
however now that you know the deal with the law if any of you good consumers see
any unsubstantiated income claims out there then I would strongly urge you to
pick up your phone and report it especially if it’s an akin deletion
industry because we don’t really want any scammers in our Kindle publishing
industry now if you sell a legit product then that’s fine
but if you’re gonna make unsubstantiated income claims then that’s not fine so
I’m calling on everyone to get up off your chairs get on the phone and call
your local FTC should you see anyone who makes an unsubstantiated income claim in
our industry and you know how the FTC decides who they go after it’s not how
big the person gets it’s not by how much money
they make it’s simply by how much complaints they get from vigilant
consumers from competitors from everyone whether you bought the product or not if
everyone else can’t make unsubstantiated income claims because it’s illegal then
you shouldn’t be making them either why should you get to do it and we not
report you to the FTC report them to the FTC kids I just showed you how I mean I
follow the law and you’re gonna step into my industry and try to run your
scam your illegal business practice that’s not how this is going down and I
mean let’s face it your claim is totally unsubstantiated it is outrageous and
you’re illegal you are a scammer and what I’m saying is that everyone in this
Kindle publishing game who’s selling a course and is making an unsubstantiated
income claim is a scammer and as a consumer or a competitor you should be
reporting these things to the FTC because this is our industry and the
last thing we need is a bunch of scammers ruining our industry so I urge
everyone call the FTC because if you see what’s going on and you don’t like it
and you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the problem so consider
this K-Ninja’s push to you to get on up pick up a phone it’s ten friggin
minutes out of your day yeah there might be some whole time once again if you’re
new to the channel make sure you hit that subscribe button and hit the little
bell so you get notifications see you in the next one K-Ninja out

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10 thoughts on “Kindle Publishing Scams – You will make $300 a day publishing 20 audio books.”

  1. K-Ninja says:

    If any questions or comments on this video or on Kindle publishing, then feel free to lleave them below. 🙃

  2. The Canadian says:

    Frank Kern – He is part of the "system". For a reason.

    Busting him is step 1. Advertise to all people doing similar things, running businesses, that Frank's case is being investigated, prosecuted. Condition the public.

    Step 2. Prosecute, detail the punishments that if you, Mr scammer, does the same as Frank you will suffer the same fate. SET PRECEDENT IN LAW (did Frank even suffer? No)

    Step 3. Wait for the reports, tips. Build a case against scammer, especially for tax evasion.

    Excellent video, k-ninja. I learned something. I wanted to add my knowledge.
    Although it is all truth, delete my post if you feel it takes away from your message.

  3. K-Ninja says:

    Responding to a comment that seemed to get deleted for some reason, not sure why, maybe Youtube marked it as spam, but I could read it on my phone before it got deleted. Anyway, the response: Even if you say "if you do it all wrong, you're not going to make much money at all" it's still an unsubstantiated income claim, having a disclaimer doesn't change the income claim. Check the law, or call the FTC for yourself. I think Frank Kern explains very nicely how it works in the link I've put in the description, watch his video. You don't see Frank using a single income claim anymore. And I don't use them either.

  4. Vince says:

    Yeah, only real novelists with 400 page books and 10,000 email subscribers typically reach those numbers.

  5. Jacob Rothenberg says: – Why is Tai Lopez still around even after spending years of making income claims. He's one of the top players in IM right now, what's your take

  6. DEXTER - The Kindle Publishing Fearmonger says:

    Nice video. Yea, ive been trying to tell people how illegal these things are for years now. Now days most people who partake in it have no clue the legalities.

  7. Butter Fly says:

    Great info thanks.

  8. Vicky says:

    I know this video is quite old now, but I was just watching a random YouTube video and there was an advert by the Mikklesen Twins, a truly abysmal advert so I googled them to see if people realised they were a scam. I didn't want to look at their channel so I didn't know what their story was but you could tell they were scammers from their advert. They motorboated a girl as proof that they were now 'living the dream' and you can too. It was so awful it was funny. Anyway, can I complain if I am in the UK? I just think it is horrible because people get desperate and drawn into this stuff, and a 1000 dollars for their course is such a rip off. Have you seen their advert, they are insanely obnoxious. Have you got anywhere with the complaining?

  9. Sandra Gustafsson says:

    Great info! Thank you! I see these kinds of frauds all the time and I had no idea you could file a complaint and that it was this easy! Thanks again!

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