Kindle Publishing Scam | Unpublishing Republishing Bad Books


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8 thoughts on “Kindle Publishing Scam | Unpublishing Republishing Bad Books”

  1. D Robinson says:

    Your videos are excellent and provide quality information. You really should think of putting them on Steemit.

  2. Raw Feeding 101 says:


  3. Data Is Amazing says:

    Actually, you cannot change the title without un publishing and republishing as a new product. I was instructed to do this by Amazon, when Amazon decided certain things were no longer allowed in the subtitles.

  4. Mat H says:

    This is bullshit. Also, the entire bullshit erotica market needs to go. If anything, Amazon should make a "Kindle After Dark"'for that garbage.

  5. Archangel Ink says:

    Powerful words, well stated my friend. Trust is important currency, and once broken writ large economies break down. On this scale, it undermines legitimate work and who knows where that path leads. Don't want that.

    Also, great use of chicanery. Love that word.

  6. Mojosiedlak says:

    Glad I watched this one. Even though I would have been publishing as a publisher and not an author using my own ISBN numbers, technically I would have been doing exactly that even if it was unknowingly. Like I said, "trying to make sure I am doing things correctly." Still have more of your videos to binge watch on my next day off.

  7. Cmrd Knightmarez says:

    Lol ok, haven't even published yet. Just write another book lol.

  8. Paul Skertich says:

    I like how the color changed from blue to dark green. I loved his energy too and passion about it. I only unpublished three short stories because they were including into my newest novella. However, as of my first novel goes as I mentioned earlier, I'm contemplating of unpublishing it to save face. Until the novel is completely revised and polished clean. The book is riddled with grammar issues and typos apparently. I'm mid-way in the revising process then goes the polishing effort with a cool online manuscript program: ProWritingAid. As of now, I'm on the fence on how I should tackle this issue. It goes to show everyone, one bad book could eventually kill future book sales and that's no joke. It's what I sow after rushing out the book. My logic is this, Dale. If people are still obtaining my first born novel, it would bury it deeper in the ground. Any suggestions?

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