Kindle Publishing: How to Choose a Category on Amazon


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23 thoughts on “Kindle Publishing: How to Choose a Category on Amazon”

  1. Dog Dad says:

    Thanks for more great info Dale! I'm definitely going to be doing some category adding!

  2. Ben Gothard, Host of The Project EGG Show says:

    Great video brother!!!

    What happened to the old intro music??

  3. Antonis Antoniou says:

    Hi Dale, after kdp add my extra 7 categories is there a way to view them? These 10 categories will be listed under my book details ? Thank you

  4. MilkCarten Lmt says:

    isn't changing categories just gaming the system? i know one author I am competing with constantly changes his category and retains the best seller rank.

  5. Bionic Vapour says:

    I want my finger gun back please.😆

  6. DrStrangeSlot says:

    If I choose to publish on Create Space I Will get 4 categories, then I create my ebook on KDP. I think Is the best way to be found for the readers.

  7. Brian Craft says:

    Hi Dale! Great video!  Do you know, if we add a browse category for Kindle, will Amazon automatically add that same category for Books?  Or do we need to add both?  For example "Kindle Store > Kindle Ebooks > Science Fiction".  << Now do I need to add that same category as "Books > Science Fiction"?

  8. Ann Jones says:

    Saved me again! Thank you Dale! Just added categories✍️

  9. Colourful Keto With Dori says:

    Thank You 😊 very great info 💖

  10. travel and living world wide says:

    Thank you for this great video

  11. Mohit Kumar says:

    I am totally new in this ebook publishing school
    sir problem is that I do no any type of idea to write the book I have no any type of experience

  12. James dacko says:

    Dale that's a good video

  13. H.R. Romero Author says:

    how do we get them into the 10 categories. I understand the first three but what about the other 7? I have several #1 New releases and #1 Best seller, but that's without using all the categories. Dale, the problem that I see is that your brain is bigger than mine, and you understand this better. Can you please break it down for me cuz I haz dumb. Are you saying just simply do my research and see what categories my competitors are raking in the dough in and the simply contact Amazon and say What up, Biotches? Can't you please add me to these 10 categories which gives me the tingles and smells of moola?

  14. Marilia Gdulla says:

    Hi Dale, did you know how to list more images of the books on KDP amazon sale page? Thanks.

  15. J.A. Renau says:

    "Awesome video. A shot of highly distilled learning goodness."
    Oh, and the work in your underwear humor was not lost on me lol. Classic. Thank you for that!

  16. N.F. Mirza says:

    Hey Dale,

    Thanks for doing what you do. I have been closely following your channel and followed a lot of information you share. I just made my debut book available for pre-order on amazon and it ranked #1 in 4 categories.

    I think your information about keywords and categories did that.

    Here’s the link to my book:

    Thanks a lot again! 🙂

  17. Kassandra Dosal McLendon says:

    Okay so once I have my first sale, I will be able to see my book categories on the bottom of my book page. Will it still show even if the first sale is a pre-order?

  18. Joe Scalia says:

    Hey Dale,

    Hoping you can help clarify something for me.

    So we have 2 initial categories we set, 1 that Amazon makes for us, then an additional 7 that we can email and ask to add the browse paths for.

    My question is, what do you do with your seven keywords then? Could you not just add the browse path in the 7 keywords your allowed? Or are those 7 keywords better served in some other way?

    Thanks for the vids!

  19. Robertson Kyle says:

    I write fiction books with currebt subtext to them, so the categories we are privy to on kdp is very limited to me. If my category is insufficient, my organic sales aren't just suffer, they're non-existant. People always say writing a ook is the hard part. Obviously ty've never marketed online

  20. Patricia Farrell says:

    I don't think you adequately tell me how to get that "browse paths" for my book. Where is it and how do I get them? Am I being dense?

  21. Waves in Wisdom says:

    I watched your video of children book and came to this video when I look for what category to publish my children book. I haven't seen any video explaining what might be ideal for different types of books. which category will be better for children book please?Thanks

  22. serpentscientist says:

    is there a way to see what categories other books of the same genre are? For example "breakdance" books. Is there a way I can see the categories that other breakdance books chose?

  23. Quen Jena says:

    Hi Dale, why don't you show the Kindle page on the PC screen and explain what categories are there and how to choose them.?

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