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Hello, you guys! This is Kindle Prep. Throughout this channel, we’re going to help you in your SATs, TOEFL, and most of your high school subjects
like science and math. I recently posted up some TOEFL speaking practice
questions that’ll come out on your test and um… don’t ask me how I know this but they WILL (come out) with sample responses but other subjects will soon be posted. So tell me if you got any problems, specific problems, with your school or anything, and we’ll try to answer them. So that’ll be customized. You ask us questions or problems and we’ll work them out and show you how to do ’em. So, subscribe and let’s get going. Some
will be in Korean and some in English. So if you need
something explained in English please let us know with your request. That
being said, let’s go! home

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