Kindle Paperwhite unboxing und erster Eindruck (English Subtitles)

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Up to now I was reading with an old Kindle Touch. Now, I wanted a device with better
background light, higher Resolution and faster response
time. This is exactly what I got. But not instantly. Opening the package, the Paperwhite
was shining bright packed in plastic. The plastic bag is easy to open
however the reader refuses to leave it’s cover. After trying a few moments I
finally suceeded to release the reader and to start it. Nothing happened for the first seconds.
Time to check the content of the box. In the box there is a 1,50 long USB
cable. (approx 60 inches) No power supply. For charging, I use an older
Apple PSU with no problems. The configuration is quickly done:
set up the WLAN, login at Amazon. But after that it gets tough. Amazon insists his Clients to
work through a tutorial. The first step in the tutorial
confuses me: there is something about Cloud on the screen. And the term
is also written in bold. So I think I have to tap on “cloud”
but nothing happens. I think the Kindle has
a software crash. I decide to use a classic trick Power off and on again. After rebooting I happen to hit the right
spot and I can continue to work through the tutorial. Tipp Touch the circled area. After mastering the tutorial I
can finally get my books from the cloud and start reading. First impression of the screen: Super
Resolution, very good and even Backlight. Fast response times
while turning pages or entering text. Compared to the Kindle Touch
the Paperwhite is a great upgrade. Upgrading from the 2012 Paperwhite
is not worth the money in my opinion. I don’t regret buying the 2013 Paperwhite.

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