Kindle Fire Accessibility

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>>NARRATOR:Hello, this is a breif guide to
the Kindle Fire and the access to accessibilities.There are four major features of the accessibilities
feature on the kindle fire. The first one is the screen reader.
>>NARRATOR:Then we have explore by touch, the screen magnifier, and the use of large
font for emails and menus.>>NARRATOR:There are two ways to get to the
settings option. The first one is to put your finger by the time and slide your notification
screen down. And as you can see, the blue circle indicates that there should be an icon
in the corner.>>NARRATOR:The next part is to go to all of
your apps and there should be a settings icon and you click that. Alright, the accessibilities
options we have are the screen reader. This allows the device to read to you menus, taps,
and apps on the device.>>NARRATOR:It also comes with a reading speed
adjustment that can be made to whatever you prefer. The next option we have is explore
by touch. This allows the device reader to describe the item under your finger. It provides
descriptions and additional navigational gestures.>>NARRATOR:When you turn it on and you want
to click a button, you have to make sure there is a yellow box around the button. Then what
you want to do is double tap the button and it should work. There is a breif video to
help you with further instructions.>>NARRATOR:The next option we have is the
screen magnifier. This allows the screen to be magnified. There are a few directions;
to magnify the screen, you have to triple tap the screen and if it’s not working, try
adjusting your tapping speed because sometimes the screen will not associate your taps with
magnifying.>>NARRATOR:To enlarge the text more, first
triple tap and then pull two fingers apart to make it bigger. To pan the screen, use
two fingers and drag them across the screen. When you want the text to be the normal size
again, just triple tap again.>>NARRATOR:Alright, the last feature we have
is the use of large font size. This allows words on menus and emails to become larger.
For example, the red arrow indicates that this features off, and the purple one indicates
that it’s on. You can tell the difference from the two images that it does appear larger.
>>NARRATOR:The abilities of the kindle fire are use of the Amazon store. Sometimes you
can buy books cheaper and the books come with voice to text so it will read the book out
loud to you. On Amazon, you can also rent textbooks for 180 days, which is a normal
school year.>>NARRATOR:And it also allows you to send
word documents and PDF’S to your kindle by the way of kindle email. Each device comes
with a kindle email. You can also open PDF’s and word documents from the internet such
as D2L.>>NARRATOR:A few apps I found from the Amazon
App Store are Evernote. This allows you to keep all your documents, dates and notes on
the device in one place. There’s handrite, which allows you to write with the screen
pen your notes and keep them on the kindle. And also myHomework, which is a planner for
your device.>>NARRATOR:If you have any questions, come
see the Disability and Assistive Technology Center, located on the sixth floor of the
library.Thank you.

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