Kindle 2016 – Is it good to use?

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Hello all, Im DaiTou. Haven’t upload any video for long time because busy schedule. I bought a kindle recently Because I like reading very much and also home is too small to store books. So that I bought a Kindle Let me check the box of kindle I didnt do unboxing Because i think there is nothing special about unboxing a kindle Hmmm…Just open the box and see what’s inside it… I don’t see the interesting part about it Anyway, this is the box The box…..let me see… This is a 2016 version Actually, Kindle is very simple product..Only white and black color. And I picked white. Because white make me feel lighter.. In fact, I used to read on phone But reading book on phone is not good for eyes Also.. The phone become so hot after reading on it for awhile I don’t really like that N you can connect wifi. N 4gb storage 4gb is good enough for books Just my opinoin Because you won’t read every book And also you can delete after you finished it (in case you dont like) The book is like this after opened it The kindle was placed here N also a charging cable But i took it out already The kindle is around 700HKD (660HKD) I think its extremely cheap Let check the kindle itself Oh my nails… My nail polish juz peel off when i took off the case Back is like this, it is very clean and simple No button on top No button at the side too USB charging socket at the bottom N i think thats the reset button N the other button is for turning it on when idle mode N there is no button at the other side I did checked the old version kindle But there are so many buttons at the lower part of it N have to press the button at side when turning pages I dont really like. I dont like to see so many button on a small device N this is the case I bought from taobao Its unicorn~ so lovely~ N it also match the white kindle perfectly The size is around half of ipad Half size…maybe a bit smaller than half size Ipad is so heavy I bought it because of study. I didnt want to carry the notes and I can save the notes on ipad But..ipad is very heavy. I dont usually use it now I watch video on phone.. Ok, lets back to the topic…back to the kindle Login to ur amazon account N then you can buy book from amazon Lets take a look at its features Lets look at this book, turning page is juz pressing the side of the screen The main purpose to use this device to read english book is … The best and the most convenience festure is the translation function You can translate a word very easily For example, your finger press on a word for a second N then you will see a dictionary N there is a wikipedia too. I dont know why they have it here The last one is the translation You only need to set once for each book So many different languages you can pick For Chinese, you can also choose simplified or traditional Chinese. I choose traditional Chinese There is one bad things about it I think it should allow you to set which one is the first box to show up Because the default first box is the dictionary However, I want the translation box to be the first Because i use it most often It will be great If I press the word and it give me the translation box first N also sometimes i want to know how to pronounce the word If there is a speaker icon, n after i press it If there is a speaker icon for you to press and show to user how to read the word That will be better N also you can highlight the sentences you wanna save N also you can write some notes about it Type comment here in the note box I dont want to highlight this line so just by pressing the delete function to delete it N at the bottom of the screen You can select to see location, time left in chapter or time left in book here N percentage at the other side Press the A to select font style and size. also the spacing n alignment n reading progress Im using bookerly and size number 4 There is also 1 bad thing about languages selection. You can only pick simplified Chinese rather than traditional Chinese. (For system) What other comments….(let me think..) There is a clipping function You can also create folder here. Its very easy to create folder. OMG, forgot how to create folder… ah yes, if you want to create folder, you just have to click create new collection. N type the folder name If you want to classify your books you can use this function But i dont classify my books yet I only have a done reading folder if you want to turn to next page, you just have to move like this Remember? We highlighted some sentences. You can find it back on the file “MY CLIPPINGS” Very convenient N then lets check out the store There are many books you can buy But you have to be careful When we go online shopping on other site, they usually ask twice before paying the bill For example, after you press the buy button they usually ask you again if you are sure to buy But on amazon is different…maybe only the book section? If you clicked buy for 4.99 Then you have bought it by just one click They wont ask you confirm or not So think twice before buying it dont make any mistake that u regret N there is the Magazines and Newspaper section Hmmm, for the newspaper section There are few categories However, in the newspaper section…you cannot find any Chinese newspaper They are all in english…maybe there is chinese newspaper in other version…i dunno In fact, i think its quite convenience For example if you want to read magazine There are so many different types I just subscribed a magazine This is the one i subscribed When you subscribe a magazine, you get 1 month trail before really paying for the sub. You can cancel the sub if you dun like the magazine Some people use kindle to read comic also. I have one comic book here Is it good to read comic book? If the box is big enough, that will be ok. You can still read the word I think the word is too small if the box is also very small But you can also zoom in to read. Just like when you are using ipad I think its not really good when moving to another area of the page Its not very smooth Its bit hard to read You can also turn to next page when you zoom in … But I still think its not really a good device for comic Lets check how to unlock the device This is the idle mode now and you have to press the button at the bottom and swipe to unlock it I have finished reading 3 books on my kindle I think the battery used up after i finished reading 1 book which is around 1 week I think it is acceptable Charging time is also very quick The most important thing is…its less harmful to my eyes It wont become very hot if you keep reading for a long time Thats all my sharing about my kindle Hope you enjoy it If you still want to watch my video Please subscribe and thumb up If you have any question, please write on the comment box Thank you all

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