Kim Kardashian West Breaks Down 21 Looks From 2006 to Now | Life in Looks | Vogue


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88 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian West Breaks Down 21 Looks From 2006 to Now | Life in Looks | Vogue”

  1. Soleil Bleau says:

    Look at her baby hands

  2. Billie Eilishes Of Eilish says:

    i dont know but this is me i love hearing kim's voice

  3. babyblue904 says:

    Whats wrong with french tips?

  4. Stacey Thomas says:

  5. Dienstag um 12 says:

    I could listen to her for hours ♥

  6. Fu chsia says:

    The way she says Mugler gives me anxiety.

  7. Mike R says:

    I thought she was way more prettier before all this B.S plastic surgery..☹

  8. June Mc says:

    Never realised she had her lips done. Wow.

  9. Change Eye Color says:

    VERY GOOD !!!!

  10. Lily Robertson says:

    the hate these people get is so unnecessary. people make comments about plastic surgery. so what? so what if they got plastic surgery? if they have the money and want to do it then let them. who should care? they’re generous, caring people who do so much for the world. more than the people who constantly give them hate.

  11. Lily Robertson says:

    that pink Yeezy dress for kylies birthday is stunning 😍

  12. Pamela Cole says:

    I love Kim she is hilarious 😂😂😂,this is my worst look, turns the page , no this is my worst look, hahahahah 😂 😂

  13. Catherine 36 says:

    This literally is the only moment I agreed with almost every comments on youtube!!! (As far as I have read)

  14. Janet Gomez says:

    youre gorgeous! I love you so much my queen! <3

  15. Edwin Vazquez says:

    I want to see Lady Gaga doing this!

  16. Bonolo Sekoai says:

    I pronounce it as bar- main but, it’s actually barl- Marn

  17. Impeachment inquiry says:

    If only accidently being born beautiful was a quality…

  18. yaliso gioouy says:

    she's been doing lately.

  19. jflow08 says:

    I hate to admit it but Kim (JUST Kim) is starting to win me over.

  20. Magalí Moglia says:

    Wearing fur is cute? really Kim? 😳

  21. Star Skyy says:

    "I got roasted like 2 years for this" 😂😂😂 I love kim omg haha

  22. Jose Toribio says:

    Very nuanced, but I get it. I really get it.

  23. sarah says:

    she’s so humble wtf i didn’t expect that at all

  24. Jessica Redmond says:

    I used to hate bike shorts Luke how they looked but I legit LOVE them now

  25. Bia Torres says:

    I love how she remembers E V E R Y T H I N G, like, every place, designer, dates…

  26. Maya says:

    So that's how americans say Havaianas?

  27. Princess Charming says:

    2:28 The new Twitter meme 😂😂

  28. Bre-ona Prentice-Griffin says:

    Who is responsible for this played out background music

  29. Purple Bird says:


  30. justa1987 says:

    Now she is the best!!! Pure beauty!

  31. kelly kobra says:

    Wish she didn't get her lips done

  32. Joanne Hofilena says:

    Make-up???? Pharmacy????? What???????

  33. Coral Carrasco says:

    Anna Wintour should do this series herself

  34. D!on D says:

    I love Kim!! She seems so cool!!!

  35. Brookelynn Keele says:

    I know it's weird, but i like the pic before the shiny short dress.

  36. _lexie _marie_ says:

    " i lost my dimond earrrinngg!"☹😭💎

  37. The Classic City says:

    can't believe she said she used to be a cashier at dash and even borrowed one of the dresses.Wow..

  38. chding zuure says:

    She’s grown so much throughout the years and she’s very articulate.

  39. fel ix says:

    You look beautiful in 2nd pic btw

  40. fel ix says:


  41. fel ix says:

    Her nails are beautiful

  42. paulinabalerina says:

    She’s like Kanye’s little doll and he just loves changing all her outfits

  43. TIffanyrose Angeles says:

    People took you more seriously bc you took yourself more seriously,Kimmie.
    I also find your voice soothing ……keep up w your education luv,I respect that so much about you!!
    I like your hair it's natural chestnut hair.
    Glad your your own person you do you, Kim!

  44. Caitlin Nel says:

    Please stop saying the Lord's name in vain.

  45. Urdu Channel says:

    Black beauty touching my heart

  46. Daniela T says:

    She has grown as a person. I love that she can laugh at herself and she was humble and knew nobody wanted her at the Met. I like her!

  47. Just Smyrna says:

    I love how she’s so forthcoming about Kanye’s influence on the advancement of her career. Notice how her fashion evolved and she was able to establish relationships with big designers once he came on board. She really values him and I ❤️ that.

  48. Nellie S says:

    she's so pretty, but isn't her hands really pale compared to the rest of her body? lol

  49. Elly Jessy says:

    Kim you were way pretty you should have kept your original face like in dress number 2

  50. Korin says:

    0:49 it’s like a pharmacy. She’s got Coke in there pharmaceutical of course.

  51. horror haze says:

    The Olsen twins also approved of the drugs heath ledger took..

  52. Forever We Smile says:

    I was today years old when I found out she is 39 year old I honestly thought she was 25 or something 😂😂

  53. Lake Roar says:

    Just love you

  54. Brussels Traveller says:

    Kardashian’s family = plastic …. = pollution

  55. jrbland18 says:

    AWESOME for you to tell your STORY of memories

  56. vbddfy euuyt says:

    Kanye: I think this is going to be the next trend Anything Kim wears is going to be the next trend, LOL! She's a trend setter.

  57. Dunebuggie Jones says:

    I came here just to dislike. Anyone else?

  58. KateSimpleart says:

    It looks like learning is useful for her. She is much more eloquent than the rest of the sisters. I think this can be called a compliment 😉

  59. lauralanthalasa7 says:

    Girl, too much plastic surgery.

  60. AnimeGirl 8792 says:

    I have a hate and love with Kim k I lover her personality outside the show when she associate with the show I don’t care for her

  61. nunzia papagna says:

    Top 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

  62. Blackberry says:

    Her lips are so awful…no more plastic surgery please

  63. corter jar says:

    Never made the connection that Anna Wintour played a large role in popularizing Kim Kardashian as a fashion icon

  64. Jess says:

    i know she did not just pronounce havaianas javeeahnas… who’s gonna tell ha

  65. Betsy De La Cruz says:

    Lips and cheeks 🤦🏻‍♀️🤭

  66. Younes 020 says: listen to MRD

  67. Lily Gruno says:

    kim is my favorite out of all the family

  68. ahoward says:

    I feel bad that she was made fun of the way she was when she was pregnant. How can people be so cruel

  69. Castle Byers says:

    0:14 that’s the before they were gone music.

  70. Jesus Is Coming says:

    Did anyone notice she has 666m subscribers?

  71. Roland Smash says:

    She’s much more candid and self-aware than I was expecting.

  72. Sun Shyne says:


  73. xcooc d0d0d0 says:


  74. William Fink says:

    I’ve never seen someone so full of themself to the point of cringe and embarrassing

  75. N K says:

    The Met Gala wouldn’t be the same without Kim 💖

  76. Heinous Hein Foto Motter says:

    Don’t forget your roots ho, #1 pornstar let’s go


    “I got roasted for like two years for this” 😂😂

  78. Lala Loopsy says:

    Really surprised she didn’t show the Gold catholic theme met gala dress …that was iconic

  79. rockintherae says:

    Wow Kanye really elevated her

  80. Salvadori Popadillo says:

    imagine youre a millionare heiress + ur assistant telling you you cant use ya own bag. lol thats power.

  81. alexz vladimirow says:

    "it's very…Kim K…if that makes sense to you guys" …. It does Kim! Kim K era was legendary if that makes sense 😀

  82. Cash00716 says:

    “First inter racial couple on the cover of Vogue.” I’m gonna look that up. I don’t think that’s factual. She’s lied so much, I don’t think that’s true.

  83. fake name says:

    Still trying to figure out what she does besides getting her picture taken.😆 she has literally no talent for which she is famous for…

  84. Summer evening says:

    Is it me or is she starting to look more and more like Cher.

  85. F. says:

    Im so sad that people found it appropriate to pick on a pregnant woman im not even a fan of the kardashians but that was so not cool😣

  86. Renad says:

    Shes my idol

  87. Renad says:

    I love her

  88. Yoongi's Trash says:

    “I was able to afford a fendi belt and matching fendi boots”
    I can’t even afford a bag of chips 😭😭😂😂😂

  89. Simba says:


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