Kerry Hudson on the power of libraries | Book Week Scotland

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Hi, I’m Kerry Hudson. I’m just at the end
of a wonderful Book Week Scotland tour with Scottish Book Trust. A lot of what I’ve been
talking about as I’ve gone around has been about the vital, vital importance of libraries
to our community. They were an absolute, genuine lifesaver for me as I was growing up. And,
I really. . . it’s not an overstatement to say that not only would I not be a writer
without libraries, I really don’t know if I’d be here at all. Probably my most cherished
memory of the library is when I was finally old enough to get my adult ticket which meant
I could take out the maximum amount of books. And I remember every weekend for months and
months and months leaving with all the books proudly piled up on my chest. It was just
having access to those free books and knowing that I wasn’t going to run out during the
week, and feeling part of the community at the library was such a wonderful thing for
me. And that was true no matter where we were, no matter what age I was. It was a constant,
wonderful thing in my life and I hope that all children get to experience that as well.

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