Keith Transforms Into Eugene’s Worst Nightmare (A Chair)


– One of our members, Eugene Lee Yang, has had quite the year, hasn’t he? But, is anyone doing anything for Eugene. It’s Christmas time, which means it’s time for
Eugene to sit on Santa’s lap, and I will be Santa. (rock sequence) (gentle chiming)
(orchestral music) (gentle guitar) You may remember the last video we did. You may even remember
where this all began. A trip to New York around Christmas time. A gentle giant inviting his friend to come take a seat, take a load off. – After months of wondering, and doubt, and little flirtation, we did it. (french horn) – No, what’s wrong with you guys? (champaign bottle popping) – [Keith] We truly captured the essence of what he called home. Reminding him of his mother in France. Reminding him of himself with
some of his favorite treats. – [Zach] But the moment
itself was everything I could’ve dreamed of. Eugene finally sat on Keith’s lap. – I get emotional thinking about it. (slow piano) – Since then, Eugene has not
sat in Keith’s lap again. – [Zach] And the Summer turned to Fall, and the Fall to Winter. – He cares too much for the world and not enough for himself. So we have to figure out a way to get him into my lap
that he doesn’t see coming. We have decided to create the greatest, positive prank for Eugene
ever seen on YouTube. Basically we’re making a giant, fake chair that’s sort of like a chair
transformer for me to be in, and I’ll be hiding inside
the chair when Eugene… (laughing) So hard to even talk about this, it’s so amazing, it’s so beautiful. – Keith will place his supple, soft body inside the chair we will cover him up, place the chair in the middle of the room, and then Eugene will sit on that lap. (laughing) – Oh my god! Here’s how it’s going to work. (upbeat music) – Once a year, I get to
unlock the discretionary fund to direct any project of my dreams. I play a goof on camera,
but this is my opportunity to really show what I can do. Joining us, is LA’s greatest
furniture related acting coach, Edward Galofulmer. – Throughout this video, I
will be playing the character of Ned, happy-go-lucky la…
(clears throat) The happy-go-lucky guy. Diction! Diction, Fulmer, Diction! Line! I’m making it all up, what am I saying? – Ned is just, he’s such
a great acting coach, I mean he was on Yale’s improv group. He was basically a performer
at one of the greatest educational institutions
in all of the world. So together, I think
we can really pull off a chair performance unlike
anyone has ever seen. A performance of a chair that
will give a standing ovation. – My wife and my baby are at home, So I’ve just been focusing
on making Eugene’s gift. Cut. Look at her, she’s so perfectly a dog. (panting)
(barking) That my friends, is acting. – To pull this plan off,
it is going to require the utmost secrecy and precision, which is why we have designed
a fake branded video. We crafted a fake email and then requested that our agent from ICM
send the email to all of us with a branded offer
from Ashley furniture. The email contained a
fake price, a fake prompt, and brand guidelines
that we had to follow. – They don’t know we’re doing this. Ashley furniture is not
involved in this video. – [Zach] The video is “The Try Guys design their dream office”. – Sponsored by Ashley furnit-
(clears throat) Why can’t I talk today? Haa, Haa! Throw the energy towards the camera. Explore the base, I’m a couch. – We are about to be
moving into a new office in the new year. It’s the perfect cover. – We’re gonna need a
lot of office furniture, so they are coming in as the client, and we are doing our pre-thoughts, sitting on the Ashley furniture
max entertainment chair. I will be the charachair, the chairacter. And I will give it up to
Zach who is the brains of this entire operation. Not only directing this
piece that we’re doing, but directing the fake piece
of the Ashley furniture shoot. – [Zach] We are working with
one of the greatest prop-makers in all of Los Angeles, and he
is going to be constructing a custom made chair. – [Damian On Phone] Hello
there, this is Damian. – Hey Damian, this is Zach the chair guy. Basically we want to hide
a man inside a chair. So the idea is like, there’s a flap up top that we can open up revealing him, but otherwise it hides,
and then he’s inside. – [Damian On Phone] Alright,
so he’s, so does, okay. (slow music) – Way back almost a decade
ago, I played Chairy. We did a Pee-Wees Playhouse parody, and I created an entire chair costume. It wasn’t quite to where we are now, but I have trained for this. – I played al sorts of
furniture, I’ve played chairs, I’ve played tables, I’ve played couches. I one time starred in a duvet role for a magazine. See the stars were sitting
back to back in bed enjoying a nice breakfast and there I am splayed out on top of them. In “Fiddler on the Roof”, I
was an understudy for the roof. – [Keith] I’ve been doing wall-sits, I’ve had Becky sit on my lap. I’ve been doing so much training on lots of different chairs. I went to a Cracker Barrel, and I tried to just sit next
to all the rocking chairs and see if anybody noticed me. I went to Ikea, and I just sort of looked at all the different chairs they offer. I obviously went to Ashley furniture and sat on every chair there. – I could’ve been something great. You know I auditioned for
the role of the throne in “Game of Thrones”. It went to Penn Badgley instead. – Really, thing that scares me the most is that Keith is someone
who expresses his joy and jubilation vocally. Even a peep inside that chair. What are we even doing? We are going to be giving Keith rigorous, extreme, chair training. We tried to get Jenna Marbles to come to tell us how to be a
chair, but she was busy, so. She really wanted to, she was like “wow, this is such a good idea, I wish you guys the
best”, but she’s not here. So we’re just going to watch her videos. (slow jazz) – You are going to need
to try not to laugh. – Right. – Any laughter will give it away. – Right. – So you need to watch these videos, and calm your entire body. Let’s do a relaxation exercise. Can we turn off the lights? (clapping)
(clears throat) – Uh, we need those to
see me on the camera. – [Ned] That’s just mean. – Oh, I know this one. (Ned laughing) (heavy breathing) – This is why I didn’t get
the “Transformers” movie. I was going to play a lamp,
in Shia LaBeouf’s room. – [Keith] If I make the
mistake of expressing my joy and laughing before the big reveal, before he knows it’s me,
it’s going to be ruined. And he might think I’m laughing at him, he might think this is all
some crazy prank on him and it’s not, it’s a crazy gift for him. – Try not to laugh. Everyone, deep breath in. (loud inhaling) – These videos are just
children getting hurt, it’s not funny.
(laughing) – Sam, Sam, Sam.
– It’s not funny. – Sam, they just got like ran
over by a kids lawn mower. – I’m gonna go ahead and
say Sam, it’s very funny. – Pretty funny, but
like, not in like kinda. – [Sam] It’s not the whole video. – It makes me uncomfortable. It’s like when you’re-
– The first five were children getting really hurt. – Keith, you have to be
prepared for anything. – You’re right, okay. – Oh
– Oh no, it’s another child. (laughing) Oh my god, it’s just
children getting hurt. Sam!
– Oh no. – Sam!
– No, not like that. (laughing)
– Oh my God! – No, no, no, oh!
– Oh my God! Okay, he seems okay. (laughing)
(screaming) – It’s a game of contradictions. Firm metal anchors it to the ground, yet the plush, pink,
gives an air of whimsy. I could even write my name, if I make the velvet go the wrong way. A game I used to love as a child. How does chair move, does chair
move their body like this? Does chair move their body like this? – No, a chair doesn’t move. – The chair doesn’t, exactly! Exactly! What body part does the chair lead with? – The lap. – The lap! So he needs to be firm,
supportive, strong, yet soft, gentle, sensual even. Just keep saying “I love you, Eugene”, and then don’t even say words. Just say it with chair. – I love you, Eugene. I love you, Eugene. – Don’t forget to fill
out a feedback form. – Oh yeah. – What was your favorite part of class? – Sure. (laughing) Sure man. – And I do sure hope to you back for advanced scene work and chair work. – Great, uh, yeah I’ll let you know. – Okay, okay, great.
– I’ll email you. – I’m also happy to do some one-on-one. – Can we cut? (laughing) (upbeat music) – Oh wow, yes!
– Wow! (laughing) Yeah but this is an entertainment chair. – It looks like one of
those fancy movie theaters, where you sit in a giant chair and watch the movie.
– Yes, yes! – This looks exactly like the big AMC recliner theater chairs. Ashley max home entertainment super chair. – [Zach] Mega chair. – [Keith] Mega chair, okay. – We’ll have to-
we can change the name. – This guy is a monstrosity
of a human being – Thank you. – In the nicest way.
– No, I accept it. – Very tall. – Keith is six foot three,
is also worth mentioning. – [Damian On Phone] Uh. – See this little lap,
that’s the star of the show. – He gets it. – And so we want enough
contact as possible. – Yes. – This straps around you. – I’m a Thwomp. You know from Mario,
the big walking walls. – So reach in. – Oh wow!
– Whoa! – Okay, do you want us to help you in? (Zach laughing)
– Whoa! – So then slide those back in like that. – Oh wow! – So we need to negotiate
some of this stuff. – And we’re a chair. – Wow!
– I’m a chair. – [Keith] Hello Eugene. (laughing) – The biggest challenge ahead of us is establishing the chair and Keith as two separate characters
inhabiting the same world. We have to meet Clark Kent and Superman. Because of how complicated this is, we have found ourselves
throwing emergency meetings at night with the entire company. All hands on deck. – How hard is it to get you in the chair? – [Behind Camera] 10 minutes. (laughing)
– That’s way too long. (laughing) Is there a way we can have Eugene walk in and see Keith standing next to the chair and then we distract Eugene long enough to send him away?
– There’s no way. – [Zach] Johnathan, that’s a great idea. – [Keith] I mean, But I know we can do it.
– I dunno if it works. – Like is there a way he could like go out for lunch or something?
– Starts with Keith doing pre-thoughts. – The clock is ticking, the time is tight, and if anything goes wrong,
Eugene will exit that room, and Keith will be literally caught, with his pants down and his lap exposed. – [Keith] I’m very worried
about all those little things that could go wrong, but
personally I’m also just like I hope it’s the greatest gift
he’s ever gotten in his life. Yeah! (imitates gun cock and fire) – This is going to be the
greatest film I’ve ever made. (intense music) – It’s the morning of the Eugene gift, and everything is going crazy. First of all it’s raining,
and it doesn’t rain in LA so that’s a bad sign. And then this morning I
realized on our calendar that Eugene has an appointment
in Glendale at nine AM, so he’s definitely coming into the office sometime between 9:30 and 9:45. We have planned for him
to come in at eleven. – Ned, you’re keeping look-out? – [Ned] Yes. – [Zach] Alright. – [Ned] I’m seeing if Eugene has maybe shared his location with me accidentally. (laughter) – Oh, hey, by the way guys,
Eugene is Ubering today. He left his car here last night. – [Behind Camera] Oh that’s right! (gasps)
Oh no! – [Keith] That means he’s not
got a long walk in the rain. – So we’re gonna have like moments – Okay, where do these go? – [Zach] It doesn’t matter, just get them. We need all hands. Get the fucking bin. Get the bin. – Oh is that the one. – This is the one – Wow! – [Camera Man] Ah, who’s here? – [Behind Camera] It’s Miles. – [Keith] And it’s raining. – I saw a car that looked like his car so I was just checking. – Yeah that’s normal. Now whenever you see our cars,
Miles always comes outside. (laughing)
Just to wave. Hi thanks for coming, well see you inside. – We’re movin’ out of here, who cares? Fuck up the wall. If this falls, while we’re
shooting, we’re fucked. – [Ned] I see a car! – [Zach] No you don’t. – [Ned] Wait, wait, wait, I think, I think – Right in front of us.
– Roll down, Roll down! – False alarm!
– False alarm. – False alarm cutting.
– Oh my God. (sigh)
(gasps) – I’m just trying to remain
calm amid all this chaos. – No you’re not, you’re good,
you’re calm, just stay calm. All you have to do is nothing. – All I have to do is sit. – But also everything. – But then, and wait, and be still, and be a chair and be nothing. – He’s here. Let’s get ready, let’s get the slight end, all right here we fucking go. Oh, hey Eugene. We’re about to roll. – Is there an Ashley person here? – [Behind Camera] He ran out,
we asked for like an ottoman or something and he went to
Ashley furniture to get it. – [Zach] You wanna get
your rude comments out now. – It’s ugly as hell. – It’s a monster, I know.
– It’s crazy. – [Behind Camera] It’s open
enough to go in our office. – Why is there lighting up on the bottom? – [Zach] Cause it’s the
Ashley max entertainment, or wait, what is it? The Ashley max home entertainment. – Super chair or something. – Oh, is this for a theater? – Yeah, this is like a home theater. – Oh. – It’s like a rich person home theater. I know. – [Behind Camera] It’s awful. It doesn’t have to go in our office. – [Zach] We’re contractually obligated to have at least three in our office. (upbeat guitar) – Ashley’s furniture; Keith’s
pre-thoughts, take one. (snap) – The Try Guys are getting a new office. Long have we endured
this tiny little house. – [Eugene] You see that chair? – Yeah. – It’s the ugliest fucking
chair I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m thinking of saying
nice things about it. – I don’t know. (chuckles) Yeah, it’s something huh? – We are getting all of our
furniture from Ashley furniture, which is my mom and dad’s
favorite furniture chain. I’m not kidding. Thanks to Ashley furniture,
our new office will be home. Home is just something that’s
super inviting, you know, you walk in and you just
want to take a seat. You just wanna relax and
unwind and just feel good. That’s what home is to me, you know, you’re surrounded by you
friends, a warm embrace, a place to sit back and relax. You know, so much fun,
everybody just laps it up. – We could just get him
in the chair right now. – Where’s Keith? – We killed him. – No Keith, someone’s
going to move my car, and their going to say
“Keith had to run back because he locked Becky
out of the house again”, whish is very believable. I’ve been doing that a lot. – So guys lets speed on
sound and roll on cameras. – [Camera Man] Sound speeds. – This is Zach pre-thoughts
take one marker. The Try Guys are moving offices. I am gonna miss this office, I mean this is our first office. Sure it’s a decrepit old house but we made memories in here, why, this is where I started the
company with my best friends. – I think Zach is still going. – Yeah, I’m just… – Oh yeah, okay. – Today we are teaming
up with Ashley furniture. They are going to help us
furnace the office of our dreams. Because let’s be real, this office was not our dream office, it was our first office. Next time around, I’d like
to do a little better. – Have Sam move my car
because I had to go home. – [Zach] The biggest question
is what is the furniture inside the office. What’s gonna go in it, to really make it feel good?
– Bye. – [Zach] I want this thing to
be exciting and unexpected. Something could spring out at any moment. This is a max entertainment chair. I want this to be my max
entertainment office. I’m talking streaming
room, video game chairs. I want everything to be a seat, that’s like all the best offices. I think that our company,
our business, is built on a foundation, ultimately of trust. We’re brothers. I want this day and this
furniture to be a testament, to the bond that we share. I want my chair to feel like a friend. Okay Eugene, so I’ll walk you through this but the intro up top is
we’re moving offices, we’re designing our
dream office, and like, the meat of the video when we get into it is like thinking big picture about what our dream
office might look like. And then, contrasting our
four, like, designs and then… (Intense music cuts off Zach) – Contrasting four designs
like, you want me to pick something that’s more in.
– Eleganzo probably. – I love that I taught you all that word. (laughing) – This is Ashley furniture;
Eugene’s thoughts, take one. (snap) – Okay, gimme a second, I’m trying to get out of this mental funk. – [Zach] What funk are you in. – The presidential primaries
are pissing me off, everything’s pissing me off. Just feel like I can’t win
against fucking white people. Okay watch me act. (laughing) – Well, I’m safe.
– All right. – [Behind Camera] So this
is your dream office. – Yes! – [Behind Camera] That we
are, actually this is… – Ashley’s not gonna
see that footage, right? – No!
– Okay, cool. (laughing) I assume Ashley is white. – [Zach] Ashley is one white woman. (laughing) – Its the Peloton lady. (laughing) I love this chair, I love it. The Try Guys are moving offices. We have spent a wonderful almost two years here in Ned’s old house,
but listen to that sentence. We’re in Ned’s old house. He made his baby around here somewhere. Ned should’ve just named him try. The memories associated with this office are the great videos we produced here, not the actual space. I in fact find this a very
cramped working situation, I think everyone here would agree. Not only are we moving into a real office, we are going to get to
design the entire office. That’s right, we chose a location that is basically bare-bones, gutted, ready to get all made over, like a beautiful girl wearing
glasses and a ponytail at the beginning of a 90’s rom-com. We get to design the furniture
that gets to go in there, so we are partnering with Ashley furniture to help us realize our dream of creating a second home away from home. – [Zach] And specifically they want us to thank Ashley furniture, this is home. – Thank you Ashley, this is home. – Ashley furniture, this is home. – Thank you to Ashley
furniture, this is home. – What do you like about the chair? – Is this speakers? – [Zach] Yeah. – Okay, I like that
the chair has speakers, gives you that surround sound, so you feel like you’re in the movie, and not in front of the movie. – I just have to adjust something. – I like that this chair is black, – Fuck um, Shit uh.
– I like black. – [Behind Camera] Do you wanna roll it up. – Yeah I think so. Here, you know what you keep talking cause we’re talking about moving. Uh, Miles do you wanna help me. – [Miles] Yeah. – Talk about the process
of moving, Eugene. What are you, roll up or roll down? – Well the process of moving, we’re going to have to take
everything that’s in this office including equipment like Miles and Zach are rolling up right now. Basically every single
item in this office, unless we don’t want
it to be in the new one is going to have to get transferred over. – And, you like this chair? Does it remind you of a lap? – Why did you guys, what are guys doing? Is this another thing? – What do you think we’re doing Eugene? – Oh my God.
– I love you Eugene. Hi Eugene. – I’m so fucking angry. – What do you think, Eugene? – I’m so angry. – Eugene, what do you think. Eugene what do you think
of what we did for you? What do you think? – [Zach] Just stay right there,
we have, I know that you, this might be shocking. – What if, I’ll go back in. – To commemorate our new office, we have some shrimp cocktail
and some champaign for you. – Is that real champaign,
it is Martnelli’s. – It’s Martinelli’s. – I don’t want it. – Okay, I’m just going to
put the shrimp cocktail here, and I’ll take the… – Was this whole Ashley
furniture thing a ruse? Did we never have an Ashley
furniture sponsorship? – [Zach] Oh no! – Why was, oh , I didn’t
know that was there. I’m inside the chair. – I’m just staying here
cause I know Keith’s not, you’re probably not very
comfortable are you. – It is heavy. (laughing) – This is what you get. – Do you want me to go back. – No, I don’t even know what life is now. Roll the tape back, I think I was, I’ve never been more disturbed in my life. – Man when you were
doing those pre-thoughts, when you were talking about
how bad mood you were, I’m sitting inside a chair underneath you, being like, we have to call it off. (laughing) I can’t communicate
with the outside world. I’m like, call it off, just
make the video be he sat and never knew. (laughing) – You know, y’all did good. That’s… (laughing) I like that a lot, that’s funny. (gentle guitar music) – [Keith] Eugene, are you ready? – [Eugene] You know I do like it better with your face getting covered. – [Keith] I feel like it’s more fun too, I’m like a puppet. – Can you say Optimus Prime? – [Keith] Optimus Prime. – Autobots sit down. – [Keith] Autobots sit down. (laughing) – Yeah, I’m into that. You know, I guess I’m thankful that you guys put so much
effort and thought into me, – [Ned] Chairs. – [Zach] Chairs. (clink) [Keith] Come on over. ♪ From the Carpet ♪ ♪ And the People ♪ ♪ Feels Just Like Home ♪ ♪ Since I’m Here ♪ ♪ Oh, Won’t You Let Me Stay ♪ ♪ And Promise You Won’t ♪ ♪ Ever Go Away ♪ ♪ Cause it Feels Like Home ♪ ♪ Just Like My Home ♪
– Good morning, take a seat. ♪ And I Don’t Wanna Go ♪ – Are you ready – [Keith] Yep. – Here I come. ♪ Feels Just Like Home ♪ – [Keith] Yay! Yay! – Oh God no. – So during the past few weeks while I’ve been vigorously researching preparing for an
interview with YouTube CEO about Coppa, and queer creators, and the far right on the platform, you three have been trying to figure out how to stick Keith in a chair
so I could sit on his lap? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Eugene] The whole staff? – Yeah the whole staff
was working on that too. – Logistics and decorating. – I mean I think this one will
get more views than that one. (laughing) ♪ Uh Oh ♪ ♪ Here We Go Again Now ♪ ♪ Earthquakes ♪ ♪ Throw Me To the Ground Now ♪ ♪ Uh Oh ♪ ♪ Falling in Your Arms Again ♪ ♪ Start ♪ ♪ Just Don’t Break My Heart ♪ (rock music) – I’m gonna prank all three
of you so hard in 2020. And not just this level, cause lap sitting is innocuous and cute. I’m gonna prank you so hard, that your grand children will feel it.

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