KEEP STUDYING! – Best School Motivation [Part 8]


how much time do you spend every day
debating with yourself whether you should go and study or procrastinate a
little longer well let me give you some advice sometimes you have to ignore what
you’re feeling and just go through the motions you might feel like watching TV
you might feel like doing something you might not feel like doing something and
instead of not doing it just go ahead and go through the motions get it done
get out there and do what you’re supposed to do it’s the problem most
students have they negotiate with procrastination and at first it’s
difficult to overcome but the more you do it the more you make yourself study
even when you don’t feel like it the easier it will become get up and go
and study we all know the students that complain
about their grades they make excuses why they couldn’t achieve higher but because
they’re making excuses they blame everyone else but themselves so they
don’t do anything about it they don’t fix anything they don’t improve anything
so they continue getting the same grades if all you do is complain nothing’s
going to happen in your life be obsessed over your future be consumed by the
possibilities the super-successful don’t stop when they hit their targets they
simply reset and go again that dream is not going to just sit there and wait for
you to come and get it you’ve got to chase it you’ve got to chase it like a
man possessed you’ve got to go and get it so what are you doing about it you’ve
got to take action with your studying find a solution to your problem
don’t be the problem for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
if you increase your studying by 50% your grades are also likely to increase
and if they don’t then find out why as Owen Cook puts it
success is like a quiet daily set of tasks real real small it’s like that
quiet walk to the library that empty 24/7 library late at night over and over
and over or as I sit there studying other great people and I compare their
actions with my own actions over and over and over or as I sit doing 30
minutes of meditation a day over and over and over making the choice to eat
foods that enhance my brain neurotransmitters over and over and over
it’s a very quiet process where you’re doing these simple little tasks but
finding love in those simple little tasks it’s not the big thing where you
do this one thing and something big happens being able to make a success out
of your life it’s not purely down to luck you have more control over it than
you think you can decide to be successful you can decide to have the
fast cars and the big house and it starts right here with your studying not
because getting good grades is going to bring you success in the future
it’s about the work ethic and the attitude you have towards your studying
that will transfer to your work after you graduate it’s about believing that
you can achieve something and doing whatever it takes to achieve it it’s
about fine-tuning the skills you have to zero in on your goals the skills that
you are improving while you’re studying work ethic time management reading
critical thinking problem solving decision making focus reasoning
persuasion organization overcoming obstacles and self motivation these are
all skills that all great students have improved and refined over years of
efficient and effective studying and it’s these students that have made a
decision that when the world is saying that’s impossible you’re not capable
your dreams will stay as dreams they have that lone voice that goes no you
know what it is possible just watch me they have gone through this process of
growth and they have pushed and pushed through all the obstacles that were
thrown at them it’s important that you don’t think of your studying as though
it’s all about passing your exams and getting a piece of paper at the end of
it all so you can get a good job because it’s so much more than that and it’s the
great students that understand this it’s not about your exams it’s about the
process and the journey you go on and the skills you refine over the years
it’s about when you don’t feel like studying but you continue to push
through and study anyway it’s doing the things that you need to do that you know
you need to do when you don’t feel like doing it because the reality is is that
most people can study when they’re feeling good most people can study when
they have no distractions when they’re in a quiet environment when there’s
pressure put on them as a deadline is approaching but just being able to study
on the highs isn’t good enough you have to be able to study all the time so
learning how to refocus your mind on the lows and knowing the lows are going to
end is a huge skill the process is just as important as the actual prize because
the process is going to make you the deeper the process the greater the
reward just remember the prize is going to be huge stop making excuses and get
it done there’s nobody in this world that’s going to get you what you want
you’re going out to go out there and get what you want by studying hard being
talented is not good enough you’ve got to study hard and you’ve got to work
hard stop waiting for somebody to come in there and make your life perfect make
your life great you got to do it you’ve got to make the change in your life that
you want to happen you cannot depend on anybody
the only person I’m ever going to rely on this world is myself because I know
that’s the one thing I can control my attitude and my mentality stop doing
what you’re doing every single day unless you’re dedicated to being great
it’s so sad to see so many young people give up on the life they want to live
just because they’re scared of failure most people fear failure so much that
they don’t even try therefore they fail just by default
achieving incredible grades will never be easy but the only way you can
guarantee to get poor grades is to not even try in the first place
don’t fear putting yourself out there there’s too much pressure to fit in fit
in with friends fit in with society too afraid to dream about what you are
capable of and going out there and grabbing life by the horns believe in
yourself if you can dream it then you can be it
if you believe it then you can achieve it and it might not happen straightaway
it might take you longer than you expect an eighth grade student doesn’t
transition to an A grade student overnight but if you’re committed and
maintain belief that in the end you will achieve the results you are chasing then
there’s absolutely nothing getting in your way
it is within you you just gotta find it so when your alarm clock goes off you
have a decision to make and it takes discipline to do this to get up and to
make every single minute of your day count and you got to do this every day no
matter what it takes if you really want it that bad you better get used to being
uncomfortable what you concentrate on is what you get
you’ve got to concentrate if you concentrate you’ll get the grades that
you want if you concentrate on improving your work ethic every day an incredible
work ethic is what you’ll get if you concentrate on success every day success
is what you’ll get it’s not a difficult concept to understand if you want to do
something in your life whatever it is it’s gonna take concentration don’t stop
obstacles challenges distractions keep moving forward the feeling of getting
the same mediocre grades every exam every report every assignment the
feeling of being tired of getting beaten up by procrastination the feeling of
anxiety and stress every time a deadline approaches it’s the tiredness that will
propel you to have the motivation to change the desire to get off the ground
and stand up and stop eating dirt the battleground is in your mind that’s
where the war is it’s in your head that’s where the enemy fights
that’s where procrastination and temptations lie as soon as you wake up
the battle begins and it continues throughout the day through temptations
and seductions the battle continues and your friends see you studying and
studying they see you studying all day and you make it look so easy but they
have no idea of the gunfire going off in your head because the real battlefield
is in your mind it’s never the situation that you find yourself in it’s always in
your head this is your moment this is your year of transformation complete
rethinking re-examining rescheduling re-evaluating this is the battlefield
it’s not exams it’s not reports it’s not enemies it’s not teachers it’s not
parents that’s not the battlefield stop wasting your time focusing on these
things and look within you it is something that is ingrained in every
successful person to look at the external problems around you and improve
and fix yourself to be able to overcome those problems the ability to push
through difficult times the more you overcome today the easier you will
overcome obstacles tomorrow and once you build up that momentum of improving your
productivity it becomes a whole lot easier and it’s funny how it works the
more you study the more you prepare for your exams the easier your exams will be
the easier University will be the easier it will be to get a good internship or
graduate job after you graduate it’s really very simple the more effort you
put into developing yourself and improving your studying the easier your
life will be respect the struggle of your journey because it’s the struggle
that will build you to become stronger but be persistent keep working on it’s
going to be hard but that is an incredible thing because you’re going to
figure it out you will pull through you have enough time
you have enough resources you have enough commitment you will find a way to
smash your exams you will figure things out when tomorrow comes you might not
know what steps to take but believe in yourself
I like how Andi for Silla pudding he said have you done what you said you
were gonna do on January 1st last year did you stick to your new year’s
resolutions or did you just talk about doing them did you just tell yourself
that you were going to do it doing anything successful doing anything
importing is going to take discipline there’s always gonna be a reason to wait
there’s always gonna be a busy schedule there’s always gonna be something
unexpected that happens it’s always going to be that way you have to work
through it you have to prioritize your studying and make it more important than
everything else going on in your life but a lot of you don’t want it enough
it’s easy to fall into loving the idea of something and it’s hard to fall into
the habits of action to actually achieve the grades you’re aiming for it’s not
about after the vacation or after the film or after the YouTube video it’s
about right now people who succeed stick to the plan regardless when you
tell yourself you’re going to study for hours tonight for your exam next week
you need to do it you are all curious about what the secret is why certain
people succeed when you don’t succeed well I’m gonna tell you why
successful people while you’re whining and crying about
how things are hard and why things aren’t fair guess what they’re doing
they’re doing the studying you have to commit to becoming better you have to
commit to being a person of action you have to commit to being someone who
doesn’t just talk but follows through become someone who does instead of
someone who just talks if you really want it it’s yours to take no one gives
it to you or takes it away it’s yours if you want it it’s a marathon not a sprint
there’s no fast fix to achieving extraordinary grades there’ll be days
you’ll be tired even exhausted but you continue regardless because you don’t
judge it on the daily you judge it in the long frame you keep your eyes on
graduation you know there’s going to be ups and downs but you know that it’s all
going to be worth it you know that when you start getting results it’s going to
be worth it you look in the mirror and you’ll say yeah I did this you feel this
overwhelming feeling fear over working in a crowd you’re overworking everybody
around you you’re studying more than them you became something you became
somebody and once you get there that’s when you know you’ve done enough but
don’t talk about practice what you preach and just do it it won’t happen
overnight it’s gonna take months and months of work just don’t quit you keep
fighting you keep fighting no matter what because trust me on graduation day
you’ll look back over the last few years and you’ll realize it was worth it

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