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Hey, what’s up, hello! I’m being very quiet
today because I have housemates home, and I’m always extremely awkward when I’m
filming while my housemates are home. But I have a slightly exciting little thing
to share with you guys today! If you’ve watched my vlog video, which should have
come out by now, you’ll know that the NovelTea Book Club is on hiatus-ish at
the moment, because I’m struggling a lot with all kinds of things as will have
been discussed in that video. Which means that the NovelTea Book Club on YouTube is
also kind of not happening anymore, but I do have an exciting replacement for you,
which my gorgeous friend Vanessa from Paper Faerie and I will still be running.
Basically we are rebranding the idea of the classics book club, because we don’t
think that there are enough classics book clubs on YouTube. There’s too many
YA ones, and not enough other genre ones… And I think we’re calling it the Keep It
Classic book club, I don’t know if that’s true.. or not.. uhh… But basically we’re gonna
be continuing the idea of the monthly YouTube book club with the classics, but
instead of going with the books that are in the NovelTea Book Club, we will be
choosing books ourselves for you to vote on for us to read for the month. And
we’ll be starting in May, because we feel like it… So by the time this video is up,
I will have posted a poll on Twitter with the books of the month. I will leave
a screenshot of it here, and you can go onto my Twitter account and vote if
you’re interested in reading along with us. I don’t think there’s really that
much else for me to say, because you all know how these YouTube book clubs work
by now. Read along and watch a live stream etc. If you’re interested go ahead and
vote, or leave a comment below if you can’t be bothered finding my Twitter
(which makes me very sad) but if you can’t be bothered then that’s fine, just vote
in the comments down below. I’m gonna try my absolute hardest to keep regular
updates going on about the book and things as I read through it, and I think
Vanessa and I would both like to be able to maybe have like some watch-alongs
and things as well. So if there’s like a movie adaptation of the book that’s
chosen, or something related to it, then we’ll probably try and like host a
watch-along on Twitter as well for that. So it should hopefully be a
really fun little community of people from around the world
uniting over classics, so I hope you’re interested in reading along with us! I’ll
try and post an announcement video once the book has been chosen here on YouTube
as well, so that you don’t miss any updates. The only final thing to say
is that we are currently looking for someone to potentially co-host this book
club, so if you are interested in being a co-host for the Keep It Classic book
club, then let me know in the comments, or on Twitter, or on Instagram, or anywhere
else where I’m contactable.. or contact Vanessa at Paper Faerie as well. Now I’m
rambling, so if you’re confused by all of my ramblings, just remember these three
main things: 1) Keep It Classic book club starting in May. 2) go vote for the
book on my Twitter. 3) if you want to be a co-host let us know! And I will see
you in another video very shortly I am sure, and until then, as always, stay
classic! ♫♫

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12 thoughts on “Keep It Classic | A (Kind of) New Book Club”

  1. Novel Thoughts says:

    I'm genuinely so excited for all of these books, so please help us decide which book to read by voting on Twitter! 😉

  2. Molly Reads and Writes says:

    I'M SO IN FOR THIS. I mean, why not just add yet another book to my massive TBR for the coming month hahaha I need to read so many more classics. I could co-host… then I'd definitely HAVE to read more classics…. XD

  3. Lisa and Things says:

    Oh yay!!!! Love the name too! Looking forward to reading along with you both ❤️

  4. ThatTaschReads says:

    I’ve just voted! I’m very excited for this.

  5. FIFI ASWANA says:

    Oh my, Scarlet Letter has been on my shelf like forever. in need for someone to read with. love this new book club!

  6. Books and Things says:

    Lovely idea – I'm looking forward to this 🙂

  7. Kayla Elizabeth says:

    I will definitely be reading along 🙂 I have this new classics… thing/series/I am not sure what I am going to call it yet that I want to bring to my channel and blog, so this is perfect! Excited to see what the first book is 😀

  8. From Me to You ... Video, Photography, & Book Reviews says:

    Cool! I voted! =0)

  9. worthathousandwords says:

    Love this idea+the name!

  10. Paper Faerie says:

    Yaaaay! Can't wait! Watchalongs would be awesome and I hope we do them!

  11. Kyra Thomsen says:

    Yaaay I'm so excited, this will be my first booktube book club!

  12. The Mushroom Forest says:

    So wait… Did this ever happen?

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