Justine Bateman Tells Megyn Kelly About The Pitfalls Of Fame | Megyn Kelly TODAY


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71 thoughts on “Justine Bateman Tells Megyn Kelly About The Pitfalls Of Fame | Megyn Kelly TODAY”

  1. BROOKLYN R00TZ says:

    While everyone's thinking about her appearance I'm thinking about her book and can't wait to put it on hold at my local library so I can read it when it comes in! 📚

  2. Amazing J says:

    Love Justine, she is so Accomplished yet so Humble & Down to Earth. I Love that she went & got her Degree at the age of 50. Shows that your never to old to go back to school. It irritates me when Megyn interrupts everyone she Interviews, never letting them tell their version of their story. She thinks she knows what her guests are thinking. I like the Today Show but Megyn needs to back off or put another person in.

  3. Stagger Lee says:

    Megan Kelly will always be Fox News trash. Remember when she seriously insisted that Santa Claus is white? He doesnt exist!

  4. joske103 says:

    Justine is great she is so wise and good at explaining

  5. Lester Scruggs says:

    It's a dude and it's breaking down with age.

  6. SS M says:

    She looks horrible at 52, there are many woman who don't get plastic surgery, and looks great…she looks ill, she looks like she has, or had an eating disorder

  7. KillerDoc42 says:

    She aged badly!

  8. travisbickelll says:

    Bulimia destroyed her looks.

  9. Ellen Henderson says:

    I applaud Justine Bateman for going back to college. But I couldn't make heads or tails out of a single word she said here.

  10. Sonny Crockett says:

    Justcock Cockman

  11. Mandy Cote says:

    …Justine Bateman…you are my kind of person! Insightful 'cause you watch to see and listen to hear! And you look to express it! And you SHARE it!

  12. Gods Eye View says:

    love the cover of the book. Kudos to the graphic designer

  13. M Catherine W says:

    Megyn asks guestions to answer them

  14. Craig Smith says:

    She looks like she Sara Gilbert on crack. I can't believe we're the same age. I look 20 years younger than her.

  15. TJ Tampa says:

    well, tv and the stars themselves asked for it, did they not? it was their dream. tv hyped it up and spoon fed it to the audience who only had so many channels to choose from. they were told its better to be energetic and extreme than quiet and thoughtful . Now they hv another agenda. ho-hum. transparent…. once you've been around a while, you see right thru it.

  16. Dimitri James says:

    has the word fame or famous been redefined?

  17. SunShine Jackson says:

    O M G I finally see it. MEN. (((THEY))) are ALL TRANSGENDERS!
    WHOA…gotta say DID NOT see that coming.

  18. Panthers Fan says:

    Jesus H. Christ! Did Michael J. Fox do her plastic surgery?

  19. Leesy -gurl says:

    Sadly, her 'finding God' was temporary. Using HIS name in vain when talking too when talking in a recent interview with Megyn Kelly. She obviously had an emotional "Jesus" experience which was not rooted in anything. She needs to get her strength by returning to God's Word (the Bible). At least the link to true faith she left at the bottom of the article a few years ago can help others – hopefully! I hope she gets grounded in what she knows is meaningful in life. Christ, who is the only way, truth and life.

    PS: And were all the "F-bombs" in the book just to make a word count quota? Very unprofessional and 'low.' I couldn't read it… 🙁 but according to the reviews, I would be wasting my time anyhow!

  20. prskyguy says:

    wow she looks soooo old..

  21. Angie Rucker says:

    I wish people would quit talking trash about how she looks, I think she looks great, the only thing I would suggest. Is to get her eyebrows cleaned up a bit other than that she's great

  22. tim kat says:


  23. Sinnister Muertes says:

    At 49, Jason Bateman looks the best he ever has. At 3 yrs older, Justine looks 20 yrs older than Jason.

  24. TexasGirl 1 says:

    LOVE Justine!,,,

  25. Rien Heitzmann says:

    She’s beautiful. So happy my generation is forgoing the fake plastic surgery look. Love her!

  26. 黒人 says:


  27. EF ANDMK says:

    Cur your hair just above the shoulders and stop wearing it behind your ears!!! You'll look so much better!! You won't elongate that horrible neck and accentuate the old lady ears. Another thing that would take attention away from that neck is if you parted your hair on the side. Or think about bangs. Don't you have anyone to advise you on this stuff, Justine? Or do you not mind looking older than Joan River's corpse? I guess Jason got all the good genes. I know that he's 3 years younger, but jeez.

  28. joseph smith says:

    im sorry, i love her, but she looks so tired.

  29. Lola Wie says:

    She could look good with a little touch up. Still a great woman.

  30. Jayson W says:

    Hahaha, Not ev one is hating on mallory like she say in her vlog where she drops f-bomb on those people, just little curious. Use to look like ashley judd, now a bit more like, actor bruce greenwood. Maybe the teeth, is why people say ecstasy or meth. Why, didn’t her brother jason help, is it like eric roberts not wanting help from julia !?

  31. TD Riehm says:

    Isn't This The Same As ANY Young Person Going From Middle School To High School? Regardless Of "FAME"…"fame" Is The Same As Popularity. Comes And Goes. To Some On Bigger Scales But It Is Always There.

  32. bluedance lilly says:

    Justin Bateman says he and Justine and NOT related. Its a myth and everyone gets that wrong. Watch here:

  33. That1Grl says:

    I have always liked her. So refreshing to see a real person. She's so interesting

  34. the truth says:

    Megyn looks Asian to me and Asians look white to me

  35. Sophia’s Vlogs says:

    She’s aging gracefully. She’s a beautiful woman. I love her for not getting plastic surgeries like everyone else in LA.

  36. Jayne Bills says:


  37. gaguy1967 says:

    megyn is only 5 years younger

  38. Sophie Brown says:

    Usually women in this age group look better with shorter hair. I think that would be true here. Otherwise we tend to look like hippies.

  39. Space Monkey says:

    She looks like she's 71 years old her brother aged better.

  40. Lara O'neal says:

    I love her. She’s so real and highly intelligent

  41. Lara O'neal says:

    She’s talking about persona versus the actual person. Ppl idolize a persona NOT THE REAL PERSON .

  42. alliemo62 says:

    Justine was an incredibly beautiful girl while filming Family Ties.

  43. julieprus says:

    she is too skinny cachectic

  44. Scott Killjoy says:

    Wouldn't recognise her, but her voice is still the same

  45. Mike Hubbard says:

    Still beautiful, and smart.

  46. Amazing Supergirl says:

    Celebrities really think their fame is way more life consuming for us than it is. They link together thousands or millions if fan interactions and think of it as one. They should remember for each fan it’s a 20 second interaction we’ll talk about a few times. It’s entertainment but not our lives. People can’t place her at first because their world doesn’t revolve around her. If you wanna be a celebrity you have to choose for your entertainment to be ur life. U can’t be a famous celebrity without fans. Just approach it at ur job not ur self worth.

  47. C K says:

    She looks like a life long smoker

  48. damien Smith says:

    Justine Bateman looks like Sen. Kelly Ayotte

  49. E Gale says:

    What a great interview !

  50. charles incharge says:

    Love Family Ties and Justine but Huh??? She got a degree in computer science or philosophy?

  51. SassyBratt1 says:

    Her face gives me a stomach ache.

  52. Linguine Past says:

    Justine Bateman is a real person. I love her

  53. Sizzle Wrap says:

    There is obviously such a thing as being over weight. There is also such a thing as being to thin. Justine falls into that category.

  54. Scott BikeDawg says:

    Justin is such an intelligent, thoughtful person, with an enormous amount of wisdom. Thanks for the interview! Self-centered, young people should read her book.

  55. Lisa T says:

    she doesn’t look well. No 52 year old looks like this. I know it’s horrible that we are judging by her looks but wth she looks absolutely disgusting

  56. Patrick Barnwell says:

    I think she’s vegan

  57. Sergio Cueva says:

    So I was gonna comment about how she def looks older than expected but then found out about her eating disorder and think it sucks how hollywood or just people in general can make one end up hurting themselves in such a way

  58. Julio Pacio says:

    She is just 8 years older than me but looks like my mother.

  59. Edward Tasi says:

    Wow,I like the Batemans,but she looks sick.Noone at 52 looks that rough!I hope she is ok

  60. SETH other says:

    It’s funny. I was just thinking about what she was saying about how back before internet and cable got so big everybody watched the same shows. That was earlier. Remembering Justine Bateman to get to get to this video was just something that arbitrarily, much later in the day. But what made me think about how we all used to watch the same shows, was I was thinking about that Rock and Roll movie called Trick or Treat, tgat had Ozzy, Gene Simmons in it, And when I was thinking back to that movie, I was remembering my friend telling me about the Movie before I saw it, saying that the Main character was played by “Skippy” Then i started thinking today how it’s weird how he said “Skippy” and how I instantly knew who he was talking about. Then i thought how that would never happen today. Anyways, Skippy was from Family Ties too. I guess it really WAS a higher level of back then then it is today. It’s just weird how Family Ties popped into my head from two completely separate trains of thought today.

  61. Okoboji says:

    And Megyn Kelly candidly tells Justine about the pitfalls of being a racist.

  62. ASHSID says:

    I see why she was canceled, the guest is waiting to talk while the woman is babbling about stupid crap.

  63. Saber Tig says:

    Overall theme in this talk: Life Goes On

  64. PearlyJamx says:

    I had to scroll through about 30 comments to read one NOT about Justine Bateman's appearance… smdfh 👎

  65. Mj W says:

    Be proud! The show was ment touching the audions, and not to shock them. It kept me on right side of the track. Thanks

  66. alfred arroyo says:

    Justine, will you PLEASE pluck those eyebrows!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Univerz says:

    Put some weight on and look healthy you look like skeleton.
    She's just gone from one extreme to the other. Not impressed at all.

    She's a new Jane Fonda, gone all activist type, oh not having facelifts trying to be au natural. Hm how long will it take her to give in?? Jane Fonda contradicted herself big time. I bet her old skin is somewhere in Mexico. 😂

  68. juilian and my mom is janita snead is great. says:

    Wow she can’t tell a complete story that I can follow. She really didn’t explain the fame thing at all. I was waiting on her to tell the truth and she went to Milky Way version of it, like she smoked some weed and tried to explain it

  69. BRANDY D says:

    Is there such things as libraries anymore to find this book instead of paying a fee that keeps a yearly membership going & those that love libraries a place to go & a historic value outside of technology & laziness, alive?

    Edit: Meaning I want to read but why so much $….her, though she deserve value of her word. And audience started to clap about good ol' days but was shut down — not cool. Libraries are, has, need to, shall be & will be.

  70. Misanthropic Atrophy says:

    I used to be in love with her when i was little. NOT ANYMORE…looks like a crackhead.

  71. Jimmy B says:

    That chick is a mess. Big drug addict

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