JUNE WRAP UP || 6 Books!

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I am here with the video that I haven’t
really done before. I have decided to film a June wrap-up because I read six
books in June. And why not talk about them? I wasn’t doing reading vlogs in
June so I didn’t get to talk about them at all to you guys so I thought I would
do a wrap-up and briefly tell you about each one. I’ll just talk about them in
the order that I read them. So the first book that I read in June was Kill the Boy Band by Goldy Maldavski. Yep. This is about… now I already forget if
it was three or four girls… I think it was was four girls.
but a group of fifteen-year-old girls who are all friends because they’re all
super big fans of the same boy band called The Ruperts, and they’re all like,
super obsessed with them and they end up getting a hotel room at the same hotel
that the boys are staying at one night so that they can hopefully meet them, and
they accidentally kidnap one of the members of the band. And the story just
kind of spirals out of control. Everything they do to try to make the
situation better or help themselves ends up making the situation worse and it’s
just absolutely ridiculous, but I had so much fun reading this. I read it in two
sittings. I thought it was absurd. It was just ridiculous. This story was
absolutely ridiculous, the girls in the book were all terrible, horrible people, a
lot of the stuff that happened was super cringey because it was so terrible but it
was so entertaining. It was so entertaining and I really enjoyed it, so
I gave this 4 out of 5 stars. The next book that I read was 99 Percent Mine by SallyThorne, which I enjoyed. I gave it 3 out of 5 stars. I didn’t like it as much as The
Hating Game and I think mostly I just wasn’t a huge fan of the writing style
in this one. So this is about a young woman who is renovating and getting
ready to sell her grandmother’s cottage who has passed away. a very old friend
from when she was a little kid is the person who’s been hired to renovate the
house and he’s living in a tent in the backyard while it’s happening and she’s
living in the cottage. It’s just her trying to not do anything about her
feelings for him and that’s basically what it’s about.
I thought it was very sweet and it was very cute. I just didn’t really like the
way time passed and the way memories were talked about. I don’t really know
how to describe it. Sometimes I found it hard to decipher whether we were still
talking about a memory or we were talking about something new. Just the way like, scenes transitioned and stuff sometimes it wasn’t a huge fan of
but I did still enjoy it and I’m glad that I read it and I would like to
continue reading more books by Sally Thorne. the next book that I read in June
was Alex approximately by Jen Bennett which I really enjoyed I gave this 4 out
of 5 stars. So this girl who is a part of this old, like classic movie forum online,
and she’s been talking to this guy Alex and she ends up moving across the
country to live with her dad, who lives in the same town that Alex lives in, and
Alex doesn’t know that she’s moved to town but he’s been trying to convince
her to come visit him so they can meet and basically it’s about her trying to
secretly find out who alex is before telling him that she’s there, but she
ends up meeting someone who is Alex and she just doesn’t know it and it’s very
like “you’ve got mail”ish and it was very cute and very sweet and there were some
deep moments and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a lot of fun. I did think
it was a little long; I felt like there were some scenes that were kind of
unnecessary and didn’t really need to be there but overall I really did enjoy it
and I immediately watched you’ve got mail when I was done reading this. And
then I read brave like Lily by Richard Cardenis. this is the story of a 13
year old boy who is dealing with the death of his older sister who was shot
by a police officer and it’s just him kind of going through his grief of
losing his sister and his confusion of how it happened and about him basically
trying to fight for justice for his sister. And I thought it was a really
sweet middle grade story; I think a lot of 12, 13 year olds and 11
year olds could get a lot out of it. it’s simply written so it’s easy to read
really easily but it’s not so simple that it’s like dumbed down I guess. I
feel like it’s a perfect middle grade story with a deep, important topic with
some cute scenes in it as well. so I thought it was really well done and
I think it’s a great middle grade story so I give this four out of five stars. And
then I read Awkward by Svetlana Chmakova, which is a graphic novel and this
is about a girl who is new at school and she is mean to the like, loser kid
because she realizes that he’s like, the loser kid, and she doesn’t want to be
associated with that. But then she feels terrible about it and so the story is
mostly about her trying to apologize and redeem herself and also getting to know
him because they’re both in after-school activities that kind of have to do with
each other because the two different groups that they’re in are like fighting
against each other for something. And I thought it was so cute and a lot of fun
and it just warmed my heart and I thought it was adorable and I liked the
artwork and it was cute, and again, perfect for 12 year olds, 13 year olds
and they would really enjoy it and I gave this a four stars also. And the last
book that I read in June was a very large expanse of sea by Tahereh Mafi,
which takes place in 2002 and the main character is in grade 10 which I loved
because I was also in grade 10 in 2002. The main character is from Iran and she
wears a hijab so because it’s like the year after 9/11 people are really
terrible about it. And it’s about her kind of dealing with
everyone at school and in public with just the fact that she wears a scarf
around her head and also about her meeting this really really sweet boy and he was super sweet, I really liked the boy in it. And I thought this story
was really important and it had a lot of things in it that can really help you
like, learn and see what it’s — what people have to deal with, that a lot of other
people don’t even think about. And some of the scenes were like, really heart-wrenching and like, just tugged at my heartstrings so I
really enjoyed it. I thought it was really well done. I just thought the main
character was kind of annoying sometimes. Like she was so back and forth with
everything like she would change her mind and change her mind back so many
times it kind of got old. But that’s basically my only critique about it was
just that that portion was a little annoying, but other than that I thought
it was really good so I gave this four and a half out of five stars. I really
enjoyed it No five star books in June, but a lot of
really enjoyable, entertaining books so that is my June wrap-up. I don’t know if
I’m gonna do this every month but I read a lot of books in June so I thought I’d
tell you about them. bye, have a good day!

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