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What makes a great chef? well, training and technique of course. plus a great love of food a generous personality, and the ability to invent hot chocolate truffles. Meltingly addictive hot chocolate truffles hot chocolate truffles balls of creamy chocolate filling that are rolled in fresh crumbs. Let’s have another piece As long as the dough is relaxed, it’s ready to roll. Let’s have another piece Ready to roll, ready to roll freshness is essential that makes all the difference I like to smell something cooking, it makes me feel at home. Bring on the roasted potatoes, bring on the Montrachet. This is what good cooking is all about. I like sour cream cheese filling and a sweet topping all of that crisp pastry you can’t define these in a recipe you can only know them by knowing how the food should taste a blend of oil, fresh lime juice, fresh ginger in fish sauce you need some fat in your diet or your body can’t process your vitamins freshness is essential that makes all the difference I like to smell something cooking, it makes me feel at home. Bring on the roasted potatoes, bring on the Montrachet This is what good cooking is all about cook and cook and keep on cooking, this is the way to live cook and cook and keep on cooking, this is the way to eat bon appétit! the real test of a good chef is a perfectly roasted chicken the lemons, the garlic, the rosemary; what a treat full, rich, and creamy, suspended in its sauce you have to watch it; don’t let it cook too long. beat it up a little bit, just to soften it fast and tough and rough; now let’s show you how you do it beat it up a little bit, just to soften it chop it, fold it, roll it; fast and tough and rough freshness is essential, that makes all the difference I like to smell something cooking; it makes me feel at home. Bring on the roasted potatoes, bring on the Montrachet this is what good cooking is all about cook and cook and keep on cooking; this is the way to live cook and cook and keep on cooking everyone gather around the dinner table cook and cook and keep on cooking; this is the way to live cook and cook and keep on cooking, this is the way to eat bon appétit!

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100 thoughts on “Julia Child Remixed | Keep On Cooking | PBS Digital Studios”

  1. Angel Hintz says:

    Why haven't you made more of these? They are awesome.

  2. Mark Mackey says:

    This is one of the most incredible things I've ever seen.

  3. Rob Radencic says:

    She is the Angel of my stomach. I love her so….

  4. fucken killer jason says:

    Wish i could have met her

  5. bodeswell35 says:

    PBS…please, please, PLEASE create a William F. Buckley jam…

  6. IcaKirito says:

    new channel lol

  7. Stitch7 says:

    Subs are desynced

  8. James Lacey says:

    This is a truly reasonably priced and fabulously comfortable mattress. Is it the best I ever had? I can't say, but I CAN say it's as good as any I ever had regardless of cost and more comfortable than most.

  9. Virgil Williams says:

    Nice try but i'm not feeling it.

  10. Raymont Panther says:

    0.75x playback turns this into a very interesting ballad of love for cooking!

  11. Jared Olson says:

    @ 1:20: MMMMMMMMmmmmmMMMMMMMMmMMMMMMMmmmmmm

  12. SpellboundWolf says:

    One of the greatest joys is seeing others enjoy your cooking.

  13. Josh MacNeil says:

    At work now we just randomly say bring on the roasted potatoes lol

  14. Sambabe716 says:


  15. DeMunkey says:


  16. Steven Castellano says:

    Moar pls!

  17. FrenzyMedia - We know crazy. says:

    Bring on the roasted potatoes!

  18. Sameer Sheikh says:

    Is it me or did the opening melody at the very beginning remind anyone of Numa Numa Yay?

  19. Animated Airlines says:

    This comment section is safe from Justin YT

  20. john t says:

    The WW2 OSS Agent who became a chef. Between Julia and Christopher Lee we have the most interesting man and woman on the planet (my opinion). Thank you for all the lessons in cooking and life Julia!!

  21. john t says:

    Also thank you to John B. and PBS for this fun remix.

  22. Precise Tester says:

    Oddly enough, Achievement Hunter brought me here

  23. hooga booga says:

    Julia and mr rogger makes a good couple this makes me sadd 😢😢😢😢

  24. Letty Guerra says:

    I love old huloa!

  25. MarloSoBalJr says:

    That knife solo was savage but that Julia using that roller whilst beating the life outta that dough was godly.

  26. josh rosenfield says:

    Truly a wonderful woman

  27. G.R. Wickstaff says:

    I cannot believe four hundred and forty three people dislike this. FU Julia childs taught your mama how to cook.

  28. sooooooooDark says:

    one day humanity will realize what grave mistake cooking was
    foodgroups not meant for primate consumption made available
    a planet in pain and denial, stuck in their tongues

  29. og shotime says:

    Who ever made this is badass 👌

  30. Sambabe716 says:

    I love you 💋💋💋…

  31. Slipfilth666 says:

    BibleThump…. bring it back twitch

  32. Lance Uppercut says:

    I remember visiting my grandma, and anything she did, as simple as it was, tasted great. Even scrambled eggs, potatoes, and sausage was amazing! I'd have to assume it was the experience of cooking for so long, but I wouldn't doubt if it was the love that went into the cooking itself. It seems love, whether it manifests in one way or another makes all the difference. Bless your heart Mamatala, and all the love you gave us.

    If I could give you a hug and a kiss, that would mean the world to me ❤

  33. Mark Susskind says:

    sounds like "I like to smell something cookies" to me

  34. Tobin Frost says:

    Julia Childs had nothing on Pudgy & Grunge. #realcooking #pioneers

  35. Rookie Actor says:

    There are those who make food. And then there are those who can cook.

  36. Glinda The Good says:


  37. Michael Stokes says:

    This will never not hit me in the heart. We miss you Julia. <3

  38. Double live Gonzo says:

    I saw this last Sunday.. it put a smile on my face well done!!!! It actually choked me up a bit I’m no good in the kitchen but I remember her from my childhood. Such a cool thing you guys did

    Cheers 🥂

  39. Medi Mpezo says:

    I made a presentation about her it was extremely awesome learning about her

  40. Dan Lewis says:


  41. Ross Wood says:

    Love this! Thanks!

  42. tellmo25 says:

    they need to put that on twitch again i miss it so much

  43. Klaus O'Shaunacey says:

    Why is this so damn good

  44. Joseph Schultz says:

    Julia Child is awesome. Anyone who thinks otherwise obviously doesn't have the same level of love for cooking that she did.

  45. Colin Rost says:

    Was cooking today and listen to this

  46. ASHLEYS COVEN says:

    Thank you pbs

  47. Kitsune Luey says:

    The "Bob Ross" of cooking?

  48. xoey says:

    i watch this video at least once a month to refresh my mind with really matters

  49. Edgar 'The Talented One' Alexander says:

    Love this beat!

  50. Justin Kalman says:

    Over four years on! And she is my muse. She is my teacher and guide. ANYTIME I feel like I can't make a dish? I think of her.

  51. White Crown says:

    Such a beautiful song and such an incredible person!

  52. Michael Anderson says:





  53. Michael Anderson says:




    AS I LEAF*

  54. Tessa Venter says:

    Gives me goosebumps 💕

  55. Jose herdina says:

    julia child was decisive

  56. Joseph Stalin says:

    Cooking skill: too good to be calculated

  57. Blyndtyger76 says:

    Who saw Emeril Lydia and Peppin?
    Those are my favorites

  58. Yu Hua Debate says:

    julia and bob, heavenly couple

  59. kr7kr says:

    This song literally gets me choked up—

    🎼I like to smell something cooking;
    Makes me feel at home🎶

  60. Shaded says:

    I saw this on TV and thought I was on youtube or something lol guess it's an actual thing that gets aired every now and then

  61. Matthew Corcoran says:

    Anyone else here from twitch?

  62. KUNGFUFUMAN says:

    Need a good mix of Bob Ross and Julia Child to start off the new year.

  63. Prism Sage says:

    reverb mmmmmmmmmmm

  64. KBX says:

    The Bob Ross of Cooking

  65. Steven Soltay says:

    I've never watched Julia Child but this video makes me feel like I've been watching her all my life.

  66. ThePowerNacho says:

    how cook with the heart

  67. Ana Braga-Henebry says:

    One of our family favorites! What a lovely, kind, lovely lady.

  68. ari scales says:

    Watched this with my dad when I was a young girl. Loved this video. Reminds me of good times with him

  69. Dan Maftei says:

    "The secret is knowing how the food should taste" is the best cooking advice I have heard. I keep it with me to this day. "Freshness is essential – that makes all the difference" is the 2nd best.

  70. KBX says:

    Okay so PBS had Bob Ross, Julia Child, Mr. Rogers, and Bill Nye
    For a breif period you could've watched all of these probably in the same day
    Goddamn PBS save some wholesomeness for the others you're a gift.

  71. ALIEN CHASE says:

    Beat it up a little bit just to soften it 👌🏻🔥

  72. Bill Hamton says:

    They should have added in a clip of Dan Aykroyds impersonation of Julia Child.

  73. Nana :3 says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhh so hard to stop see this

  74. Minong Maniac says:

    These beats are fresh, and I've been told that freshness is essential, it makes ALL the difference. Words of truth.

  75. CoolGameReviews says:

    1:20 makes me smile

  76. V R says:

    i still love this video

  77. President Jason Le says:

    I love this

  78. Christopher O'Brien says:

    @ 1:40 she had it it all worked out "you need some fat in your diet (wry simile) or your body can't process your vitamins" ….. smoking gun at the fat free diet faction

  79. Kid Crayz Zoe Gang says:

    She got bars son. Lol 😂

  80. DATONE GAMER says:

    Mrs. Doubtfire?

  81. Faith Animation says:

    I miss Julia PepeHands

  82. Joseph Britt says:

    Fun to watch

  83. ann brewer says:

    Julia Childs, one of the worlds most intriguing women. Classy, intelligent and, the worlds greatest cook. Love u Julia . The world misses u soooo much. She is my favorite

  84. Joshua Ehl says:

    Missed and loved.

  85. Vicki Zimmerman says:

    What's the song? I love this! Outstanding job, John D. Boswell/melodysheep

  86. Threelly AI says:

    Old town roads is full of weird comments…

  87. Jayden Fountain says:

    This is INCREDIBLE!!!! I have never seen anything like this!!!

  88. Esteban Alvarez says:

    Mighty Titan of the kitchen

  89. Dorothy says:

    Still love Julia💜💜💜🌟💫🌟one of a kind top chef‼️

  90. ichhabahnung says:

    im so happy i got like 60 episodes of the french chef <3

  91. deep fried pidgeon says:

    Anyone PBS has given us all the most genuine wholesome people? Steve Irwin, Bob Ross, Mr. Rodgers, Julia Child. All people who cared and loved sharing there craft, wether it was animals, art, cooking, or just being a good person, they wanted you to teach you and for you to believe in yourself. I think most people forget about Julia Child because we know Steve Bob and Fred from our childhoods, and cooking tutorials don't hold kids short attention spands.

  92. scrubl0rd says:

    Julia Child discovered Emeril Lagasse long before the food network.

  93. Matthew 2400000 says:

    How do vegans process their vitamins? 🤨

  94. Andrew Bellinger says:

    463 people dont beat it up a little bit to soften it.

  95. Nooget says:

    She created the “are you hungry” phenomenon among grandmothers. No cap

  96. Amy Sauers says:

    464 people don't like truly good cooking with love. There's always one, eh?

  97. Kid Crayz Zoe Gang says:

    Julia Child > Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, etc.

  98. Kid Crayz Zoe Gang says:

    I wish she was my grandma

  99. Jack Chen says:

    Julia child please cook for me plz!!!! 🥘 😃

  100. Charlotte Pilkington says:

    My grandparents used to show this to me when I was little. I still love it. Bring on the roasted potatoes!!

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