JOKER – Teaser Trailer


Arthur, does it help
to have someone to talk to? ♪♪ My mother always tells me… …to smile and
put on a happy face. She told me I had a purpose. To bring laughter
and joy to the world. Hey! Hey! Stop them! Is it just me… …or is it getting
crazier out there? ♪♪ What? [laughing] [laughing] What’s so funny? Freak! [laughing] ♪♪ Gotham’s lost its way. What kind of coward would do something
that cold-blooded? Someone who hides
behind a mask. I used to think that my life was a tragedy. But now I realize… …it’s a comedy. ♪♪

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100 thoughts on “JOKER – Teaser Trailer”

  1. Elizabeth Bensinger says:

    This trailer is brilliant, especially the music. I have goosebumps…

  2. sadrock23 says:

    Johnny depp is fit to be a joker

  3. Thunder CRz says:

    From chemical waste to society

  4. robert perez says:

    Too bad deniro is in it.

  5. Dr B says:

    You can tell his evil was forged by insurmountable amounts of pain.

  6. Bala Creations says:

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  7. Unicorn Hunter says:

    Looks good… Heath just won’t be outdone

  8. Projekt Studio says:

    Whyy so serious uhh

  9. Tomas Ponizil says:

    The only real issue I have with this is the cringey comments and posts about "our society." Even if it was what broke Joker, it´s set in a fictional town that´s made for him to exist in. It is a commentary in a way, but more on the mind of an individual, rather than the society around them. Joker is a completely broken and insane man and that´s what is so intriguing about him, because his insanity is far above what a normal mental illness can do to a person. He has crossed a line of what a normal person can be, because in Gotham (which is a really shitty city), there´s only one Joker. There are other villains, but only one Joker. And that´s the point, so please stop with that pretentious shit about society and how you are right about this world, because of a movie. This Joker especially would just laugh in your face

  10. Dopeboidre Gang says:

    Who else came back cause of trailer 2?

  11. I Like Terraria says:

    Damn, we live in a society.

  12. The Life Of Nesey Perdue says:

    Joker was never a bad guy man
    Its the people
    Also my and my girlfriend might watch this together

  13. Kermit DaGangster says:

    Cinematic bonner!

  14. Carlos Alberto Garcez Junior BeijocaJr says:

    Sorriso de coringa 😁

  15. MALLIKA K says:

    Who's here after watching the trailer

  16. Ali Mirabdolbaghi says:

    This is Sad at first

  17. Cine Pirados says:

    All I know is that the next joker actor is going to have a lot of work to get over Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix!

  18. Peteythegenius says:

    This trailer deserves 1B views

  19. Eva K-eva0mwah says:

    Give this man the oscar

  20. Ryddle says:

    Gamers, Rise Up. We have a city to burn.

  21. danneypaul says:

  22. Hector Montano says:

    This is going to be fucking epic!

  23. Daryl Graham says:

    Damn that was a good movie!

  24. Chandini Rao says:

    Joaquin wins an Oscar… Nah!
    Oscar wins Joaquin..!!

  25. PROVEN FACTS says:

    Heath ledger was best

  26. MrTimTom says:

    This movie is a psa on the dangers of smiling that’s why I choose to be depressed.

  27. BroncoGlory says:

    I hope people going to this movie (kids) realize how fucked up this movie is really gonna be. Apart from just the many likely graphic murders throughout the film there are also storylines such as where Arthur gets raped by his stepfather as a child. I’m not saying in any way this movie won’t be incredible, but just because it is a comic book character doesn’t mean the “R” rating will be anything like dead pool or Logan

  28. Poeticbladezero says:

    He who fuckin laughs omg give this man an Oscar or a nod at least damn this is gonna be good

  29. KHAN Sufiyan says:

    THIS WILL BE A AWESOME MOVIE……..LOVE FROM INDIA💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯👍👍👍👍💎💎💎🔝🔝🔝😎😎😎😍😍😍😍😍😍

  30. KHAN Sufiyan says:


  31. Jeromotos24 says:


  32. siddhant agrawal says:

    This teaser make much more sense after the new trailer.
    One can see totally different personalities of joker in trailer and teaser.

  33. Dorian Staten says:

    If this movie is even half as good as it looks, it will change everything.

  34. Reymil Ramos says:

    This remind me of Heath Ledger great acting

  35. DARK KNIGHT 52 says:

    IT'S A 10!!!!!

  36. Micah S. Johansson says:

    Critics love it. Now I can't wait for october.

  37. GD Diggy says:

    This is on Heath Ledger's level of the Joker

  38. Adrian Cantu says:

    The actor who gave one of the greatest performances of all time as Commodus takes his talents to play the Joker! I can't wait!!!!

  39. VAMSHI KRISHNA says:

    trailer makes me cant wait to watch movie.

  40. abdus salam says:

    Reviews are in:
    All are calling it a masterpiece, 10/10, 5 stars

  41. Gamer Silent says:

    9.7 imdb
    519 reviews
    Put on a happy face my dudes

  42. Subscribe to me and I will subscribe back says:

    PETITION: Cut Jared Leto’s joker from cannon.
    Like to sign our petition.

  43. antisocial leo says:

    Ok does anyone know if it's on netflix ?

  44. - Alexmegamind - says:

    I’m from the future and declaring that this is one of the best films of the decade

  45. Faras Shafwan says:


  46. Subscribe to me and I will subscribe back says:

    PETITION: Cut Jared Leto’s joker from cannon.
    Like to sign our petition.

  47. Dirty Harry says:

    It's ironic how this trailer tells you to put on a happy face, but then makes you want to cry.

  48. Christoffer Boman says:

    IGN: 10/10
    Empire: 5/5
    Total Film: 5/5
    ComicBook: 5/5
    Heroic Hollywood: 9/10

  49. NoLaKazi says:

    "Someone who hides behind a mask"
    Bitch because obviously y'all would find him and stop it the fuck?

  50. Amrit Mohanty says:

    Haha.. Jokes on you Batman..💛💚💙♥️❤️

  51. Yvonne Perez says:

    They changed Gotham city

  52. The Zeest says:

    Just keep Rewatching it.
    Best trailer I've ever seen in my Life.
    Nailed it

  53. Duck Man says:

    So excited about this movie! Just made a rap song about it!

    Consider checking it out?

  54. The Dark Searcher says:

    Im so excited for this movie then I found it is rated R,has sexual content,intense scenes,and really bad use of words

  55. Amrit Mohanty says:

    That laugh at 1:05 creeps you out..😧😧

  56. Toompea says:

    This movie is definitely something you have to watch, look great

  57. Mood Enhancer says:

    His body looks wired

  58. Mashiris says:

    I think I’ll cry on this movie idk why

  59. Angel Morgan says:

    All the dislikes Marvel fans

  60. Vegeta The Great says:

    Warner bros knows how to make good trailer

  61. David Bradley Oinonen says:

    Did he stop eating for this role?

  62. Nayaz says:

    This is going to be better since dark knight w Christian bale

  63. E.Y.T says:

    He didn’t even carve his face

    What kind of joker is he

  64. stone sherrill says:

    apparently this is going to be intentionally an oscar bait movie

  65. В. Р. says:

    1:29 1:24

  66. Bleep 0 Bleep says:

    This trailer is still the best

  67. Make.lucas.grate.again _ says:

    DC movies universe is just horrible, but at the same time they can make masterpieces like this.

    Marvel wouldn’t even try to do something like this

  68. Aneldy Salmeron says:

    Who came back here after seeing all the reviews calling this a “Masterpiece”

  69. Danny Arroyo says:

    Early "JOKER" reviews… A MASTERPIECE !!!
    Can't stop smiling 🙂

  70. Buzz says:

    IGN said 10/10

  71. BIGWORM 510 says:

    1:47 young Bruce Wayne?

  72. Gavin Ramlall says:

    No one :

    Absolutely no one:

    Joker :lol

  73. guys i need drop drop me ak says:

    no one will be better the Heath Ledger.

  74. Freddy Javier Ramos says:

    To 44000 Disnylovers do not like the trailer. O are bots?

  75. Daniel Ramirez says:

    This movie is going to be breathtaking

  76. MR K says:

    All you need
    Is one bad day

  77. Bruce Wayne says:

    This trailer is better than the other one.

  78. w Pappy says:

    He looks so freaking creepy GONNA LOVE IT

  79. Everything Gaming says:

    Basically a realistic version of Joker

  80. Dave G says:

    The only people that would down vote this are marvel fanboys.

  81. Umar Mannan says:

    Joker will always be my favourite villain.
    The world treats him like dirt and it’s almost satisfying to see the revenge he gets.

  82. Collector K says:

    So the movie is equally as great as this trailer

  83. poniz eater of wolds says:


  84. Mykhailo Versta says:

    this song is so amazing and genius that I want to listen it for my entire life!

  85. Oleg Cherkasky says:

    This makes Joker's back story more similar to Batman's. They both were made into who they are by Gothom, by the very people who live in it.

  86. Arturo Cf says:

    fucking society

  87. John Kimbo says:

    Joker is the greatest villain ever!

  88. K1ngZzZ! says:

    Batman can finally let go of Joker's hand and set him free! #Sendintheclowns

  89. Jacob Hancock says:

    This looks FUCKING FANTASTIC! Raw. Real. Go this way, Warner/DC, and let Marvel do their Disney thing.

  90. lolol says:

    Reviews are in…. everyone is loving it

  91. Katticus Finch says:

    I am frightened

  92. Ali ismet Yılmaz says:

    İsnt that song is the song of mirror of erised from harry potter

  93. joshua hunter says:

    So I'm guessing the black girl is Harley Quinn not too sure just a guesstimation would be cool if she ends up turning into her and maybe have her own movie as well also I wonder if that man is going to have a cameo I doubt it tho just so much goin on through the mind other than that dudes laugh is on point this looks amazing!

  94. Jordee&Babes says:

    This trailer is definitely better.

  95. Totally Baked says:

    I used to think mass shootings in US was tragic. But now I realize, it's comedy.

  96. DV THE FOX says:

    So… No falling down into the acid thingy to turn him crazy, or does it just happens near the end of the movie?…No hype at all

  97. Davidovar34 says:

    2:06 = EPIC

  98. Literally Nobody says:

    "I used to think that my life was a tragedy , but now i realize , it's a comedy."

    Literally my fucking life now.

  99. Ngu Nguyen says:

    This is what how you get people hype for a movie. The need to give a raise to the crew that put this trailer together. It is so much better than the Final trailer.

  100. DC Legion says:

    Want to see the Joker get REAL jealous…. check it here

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