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Hey! My name’s Jojo Moyes and
today I’ll be sharing five fun facts about my
book “The Giver of Stars”. Number one, “The Giver of Stars” is based on a true story about
Pack Horse Librarians. During the Depression
Era female librarians packed their saddle bags full of books and rode by horseback to some of the most isolated communities of Eastern Kentucky. They delivered books as part
of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Works Projects Administration. Eleanor Roosevelt was a huge
advocate for this program and even visited many of
the small WPA libraries. Number two, this is my 15th book. I came across the story of
the Pack Horse Librarians of Kentucky in a Smithsonian magazine and I was just so incredibly
inspired by these women. They were so determined even
against the rugged countryside, and I didn’t just want
to write about them, I wanted to be one of them. Number three, I traveled to Kentucky three times for my research. I stayed in this tiny cabin
in the mountains of Kentucky. The cabin was located seven
miles of the dirt track. Had no locks on the door, and the toilet was just behind a curtain. And they say an author’s
life is glamorous. Number four, during my time in Kentucky I may have tried apple pie moonshine as a part of my research. Actually, it was delicious,
I was slightly terrified because I thought it
might taste like jet fuel, but it was completely yummy. It did however make my heart race for about two hours afterwards. Number five, during my book tour I
discovered that books weren’t the only thing that
Pack Horse Librarians delivered. An audience member shared
with me that her aunt had been a Pack Horse
Librarian and that they also delivered fabric patterns to women in the mountains of Kentucky. I have to say, it’s so
maddening when you find out a good fact like that after
the book has gone to print. That’s all for now. I really hope you enjoyed
“The Giver of Stars” and the story of these
horseback librarians, cheers! Or as they say in Kentucky, “Y’all come back now, ya hear?”

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    Isn't it wonderful the rich history that authors uncover to enrich our lives.

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    isi buku yang sangat bagus

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