John Oliver’s Children’s Book Trolls the Vice President

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So your show is brilliant, and
it seems like you just never will run out of anything
to talk about with what’s going on in the world– Oh, sadly. –and especially with this
administration right now. Well, that’s right. That’s because there’s literally
too much to talk about. Yeah. It would be really nice on a
human level and a comedic level if there was less happening. Yes. Because, you know,
we’d all sleep better. Yes. It would be nice if our
job was harder, in a way. Yeah, it really is. I mean, you point out all
the things that are going on and remind a lot of people
that aren’t paying attention, because you have
to pay attention. Is that hard to pay
attention to all that? The problem is that what’s
coming out of the White House is such a soap
opera all the time that it can be
distracting because he’s throwing verbal smoke
bombs all the time so it’s very easy to get distracted from
actually terrible things that are happening because life
is a roller coaster of pain at the moment. Yes, it is. Yes. So you’re doing something
that’s really, really cool. I don’t know if you
know about this. But explain what’s
happening before we talk about your children’s book. So what happened
was, on our show on Sunday, Mike Pence,
who is a man who I think has few
qualities to his name, however, one thing I love
about him is his rabbits. He has a fantastic rabbit. I have no beef with
his rabbit whatsoever. And his rabbit is
called Marlon Bundo, which is an outstanding
name for a bunny. You don’t have to like
him to acknowledge that’s an excellent bunny name. You see? And it’s a great bunny. If you have a problem with
that bunny, you’re dead inside. But he clearly, to put it in
the nicest possible terms, is not a friend of the
LGBTQ community, Mike Pence. So he’s written a
book about his bunny, or his family have written
a book about his bunny. And so we, on top of that,
have released our own book about his bunny,
where his bunny falls in love with another male
bunny and gets married. Because that’s the world
we want to live in. So it’s a children’s book. It’s a children’s book. All right, so you released
it at the same time– The same time, yeah. –as his children’s books. Yes. And this children’s
book is, right now as we sit here and speak,
yours is number one on Amazon. It is? Yes. Yes. OK, so I did hear
that unfortunately we have sold out, because we
were not anticipating people really buying it. But they’re doing a reprint,
so you can still buy it. You can buy the second printing. So it will take a few
weeks, but get this. I love it so much, the fact
that you wrote a children’s book where his bunny falls in
love with another male bunny. Makes me happier than
I can even tell you, and that it’s number one. And all the money
is going where? It’s going to the
Trevor Project, which is a fantastic organization
for at-risk LGBT youth and AIDS projects in
America, AIDS America. Fantastic. Good for you. Good for you. They’re great organizations. All right, fantastic. You’re doing so much good. So we were talking
during the break, and because of what you do
all the time on your show, you have to pay attention
to all this stuff that’s going on in the
world and how scary it is. And you have a little boy. He’s two-years-old. Yeah. And what do you feel about? Well, at the moment
he doesn’t really understand what’s
happening in the world. And long may that
continue, because I don’t have to explain to
him just how sad things are. But part of the reason
of writing this book was so that I could read
something to him which paints the world in the
light that you want it to be, rather than the way that
it’s currently being painted. Yeah, good for you. [APPLAUSE] All right, so here’s
what we’re going to do. So the challenge
is, we are going to send you into the audience. And we’re going to put
60 seconds on the clock, and we’re going to give
you a stack of books. HBO is so proud, and a
supporter of the Trevor Project, they’re going to give
away, to the Trevor Project, $100 for every
book that you give away. OK. Wait. This is a physical challenge? Yeah. Yeah, physical– My gifts are not
necessarily physical. Well, that’s what you’re doing. A couple of rules. You can not pass a
whole stack of books and ask them to pass
them down the row. You have to give
one out at a time. You can’t throw them. You have to hand
them individually. That’s a good idea. Andy and Joel are going
to be in the aisles with more copies in
case you run out. You have 60 seconds. OK. On your mark– Starting when? –get set, go! [BREATHING HEAVILY] [BUZZER] All right. How do you feel? I’m more out of
breath than is ideal– Yeah. –for that level of exercise. All right, well,
thanks to HBO, we’re going to round up
your total to $10,000. Oh, yes! And– [APPLAUSE] Also, everybody in the audience
is going home with a copy. And Last Week Tonight airs
on Sundays at 11:00 on HBO. And everybody at home, go buy
this book to help support. Thank you so much. We’ll be back.

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