Joe Biden’s son’s firm linked to Chinese government: New book


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100 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s son’s firm linked to Chinese government: New book”

  1. Shon A. says:

    One year ago and they still haven't sent these crooks to jail…

  2. Daniele Di Lorenzo says:

    reptilians…submit biden to the DNA test and don't believe me on the word

  3. The Akh says:

    Who's still watching this in Oct 2019? 😆

  4. Raymond Marchand says:

    China Joe. Did you cell us out? We're on to you?

  5. Black Swan says:

    Always happy to hear Gorka lay out the facts

  6. Mike Moats says:

    Hate isn't strong enough word were are the charges, the grand juries all were getting is talk. Not just biden all of them. My guess is both sides of the aisle.

  7. doug field says:

    but will they see jail time ? my guess , i hope i am wrong ! is never

  8. red white and blue says:

    🤔 i got a idea biden speaks, Ukraine and China we can make u money and i can make money.🤨 start with give my son a job pay him 50000or more a month and me vice president will give u a share then pay my son with my share.

  9. Angie Dettore says:

    American's are watching, and very intetested in the facts, after all, game of thrones is over.

  10. Ken Robison says:

    Why did Obama let Hillary Clinton sell 20% of the US uranium to Russia? The vice president and the Secretary of State are supposed to protect this country! Instead they're lining their pockets with money and just screw the country over! How much money do the people in Washington make and their families from these deals?

  11. Cheryl Baney says:

    Well, now we will find out all of the dirt on these Dems kiddos… about Pelosi’s son, Kerry’s son and how about Mitt Romney…..all worth looking into!

  12. God Bless us all says:

    We will find out the MSM is paid by this dirty money.OUR money.shut them down and start over.

  13. See Nomore says:


  14. Sherri Browneyes says:

    They knew this a year or more ago and no one did anything then,I won't hold my breath.

  15. MEDiAgamer says:

    He will never drop out of the race.

  16. 549ferrari says:

    Biden is for China he should be in jail, god bless trump 2020

  17. Sir Wulf says:

    Corrupt just like the Clinton's.

  18. Marnorie H White says:

    Investigate Nancy-s son and Kerry's step son and Romney's son along with Biden's son

  19. ronjon 400 says:

    What really makes me mad 😡!
    These people are doing this behind the scenes while supposedly working hard for US, the American people. Our tax dollars make this all possible. I go to work everyday and make an “honest” dollar only to give it to these 🤬 crooks. Burning them at the stake would be an easy punishment.

  20. cornelia wissing says:

    Mr Schweitzer, please check on DoFiChispy's husband making money off China while she has been in Congress. By the way, Hunter Biden and John Kerry's stepson were partners/in business with Whitey Bulger's nephew.

  21. jack hook says:

    Look up Ukraine scandal exsplained it shows Obama joe Biden and his son and how they ran corruption in Ukraine.

  22. ali grotts says:

    "Where is Hunter"? Hunter is in Mexican cartel country making another deal.

  23. Shelf Cloud says:

    So all these Biden videos are suddenly in my suggested feed? Really? Where have they been?

  24. Brian Laurence says:

    Get real, investigate the corrupt, the Trump family!!

  25. Sarita DeJesus says:

    What are the consequences of this corruption of Hunter, Chris, and mobster's nephew, Whitey Bulgar?

  26. Rebecca Lynn says:

    He will not ever be President, if I am wrong on that we would have a puppet in the white house… I have a family member who swears that President Trump will not win in 2020 but, when I offered to bet 100.00 that Trump will he wouldn't take the bet..

  27. nora arrowood says:


  28. nora arrowood says:


  29. nora arrowood says:


  30. nora arrowood says:


  31. nora arrowood says:


  32. mohawk 47 says:

    The Bidens and the Democrats think everyone is stupid. Well thoes who truly believe them probably are. But anyone who's actually paying attention can see right through them

  33. Logan Pillay says:

    Is this the reason Joe Biden was turning a blind eye to the Chinese expansion and building artificial islands in the south China sea?

  34. Kiger Redi says:

    """DUE PROCESS APPLIES TO ALL IMPEACHMENT PROCESSES!!!! Supreme court < proves this is an illegal act! Americans cannot be charged with violating campaign finance laws only foreign nationals are restricted from making donations,
    """" these two guys are Americans from Florida""". They were born outside the country, but they're Americans. And cannot be charged with violating campaign finance laws.

  35. michael collins says:

    our politician's are LINING their pockets no one knows how many BILLIONS $$$ they have robbed from us TOTALLY corrupted MONEY laundering

  36. blackopman1 says:

    Big mouth Biden 😁😂🤣😃😄😅😆😆😉😊😎

  37. Oliver Phippen says:

    Joes son is a traitor ??? and giving away national secrets ???? Thats subject to Hanging and Joe and Obama knew ????

  38. Oliver Phippen says:

    pay for play ???

  39. Oliver Phippen says:

    princelings ?????
    if Obama ever had a son ????

  40. Oliver Phippen says:

    Hunter was buying intellectual property for the Chinese and profiting from it and Joe and Obama knew ?????

  41. Oliver Phippen says:

    And Kerry approved the deal as one of Kerrys family members was part of the deal along with Whity Bulgers family ?? Joe has hit bottom ????

  42. Oliver Phippen says:

    Hunter inked a deal with China in 2013 investment fund called Senaca to buy a US manufacturing company called Jennings who makes sensitive military equipment for the Chinese ???

  43. Three Percent says:

    [email protected]©k Tom Steyer lying POS

  44. Gladiadora Helen says:

    Democrats attack you for thinking differently. Democrats are socialists like the Venezuelan dictator who represses his people after expropriating their weapons, expropriating their businesses, their properties.

  45. BooBoo Bear says:

    The Demerits are the untouchables the biggest crime family in this whole world

  46. shannon washburn says:

    First of all, I think the left just be unbelievably desperate if all they've got is pathetic old, washed up, and worn out Biden. Why isn't that simple fact being talked about?? When you realise how feeble they actually are, in reality, it's SHOCKING that they have the ability to look the President, and the public in the eye, and carry on with their blasphemous carnival of lies.

  47. Thomas Jr says:

    I went to china with my dad and was walking around and saw a help wanted sign so i walked in and got paid 1.5 billion.. My dad had nothing to do with

  48. Phil Shockley says:

    A NEW book does? So?

  49. Clare Logue says:


  50. Juan Matos says:


  51. Judy L says:

    He mentions a Tom Clancy story…ironic that Clinton killed Clancy too!

  52. Gina Nieto says:

    its October 2019 and this story is just NOW being debated……Lou Dobb and Mr. Gorka were spot on and the corrupt main stream media still have the nerve to argue that it is unsubstantiated, they believe that the American public is stupid and uninformed. Pathetic!

  53. Jan says:

    And this was 1.5 yes ago!

  54. he's the Master says:

    It is more than a year and a half later and the media still won't report on this corruption!

  55. Red 2020 says:

    One & a half years Now & Nothing but BS COUP 😣 Trump 2020

  56. Matt Marshall says:

    PRAY 4 U S A.ll

  57. Matt Marshall says:

    Rich kids make big Issues…

  58. Lynda Mackrous says:

    So what did china get from Obama

  59. Lynda Mackrous says:

    They split the money amount all democrats lol

  60. Master P says:

    And now they want to impeach Trump because he pointed this out😅😅

  61. SoupSip Mason-OH says:

    China Joe and Cocaine Hunter Biden needed to be in jail for treason

  62. True red white and blue says:


  63. Christine Currie says:

    BS!!!!! FOX NEWS IS BS!!!

  64. My eXtreme PC says:

    Hillary got away with it and so will Biden

  65. The Truth says:

    Adam Schiff is a liar and leaker! He is also one of the most Dishonest People in Congress. This owl looking A$$ should be arrested and in Prisoned for attempting a Coup against the People and the President..

  66. Charles Law says:

    Drain the swamp of this type of corruption Put them all in jail MAGA!!!

  67. Serene Marine says:

    Refiblicans say all this now but said nothing about Joe's family the entire 8 years he was Vice President picked by Obama. Such BS. Had Joe Biden been all those things. The GOP would have brought it up. Desperation time LMAO

  68. Janice Williams says:

    People you must know that Hillary Obama Biden hunter schiff McCabe Carey and others got $$ from crookedness with Ukraine and China but Sold USA to China. This is why you must vote for President Trump
    These ole Congress people need to be Removed. We can not let them pass this crookedness down anymore to their families.
    We must freeze Hillary and others $$ to stop their payouts. WAKE UP AMERICA AND RISE UP

  69. Mark Mitchell says:

    CNN ya lying pricks? Wait until Sleepy, creepy China Joe and Hunter rat on Barrys and Clinton. Crime Cartel cut

  70. lawrence aderneck says:

    keep talking about the swamp, the people are starting to listen

  71. Evelyn Sinnett says:


  72. BOBBY ANDERSON says:

    Billion dollar deal with China. Who was the president then? OBAMA. Be sure he got a big chunk of the money.

  73. Pat Cattin says:

    This was known 1 1/2 years years ago.

  74. Edward Warwick says:

    Chicago politician, a California politician, no difference, both are so crooked that they will have to be screwed into the ground when they die.

  75. Edward Warwick says:

    I am looking forward to voting in 2020. Vote out all of these crooks.

  76. Edward Warwick says:

    Hunter Biden, money laundering? Did he declare all of his over seas income to the IRS?

  77. Garrett Vanjohnson says:

    Biden is crooked ,sneaky, creepy and sleepy. Lock his crooked and up.

  78. Garrett Vanjohnson says:

    Contaminated people

  79. Shoshana says:

    it's October 2019 now, and things are just surfing up as a result of the obsession of the Dems about impeachment. Still waiting for justice!

  80. Oliver Phippen says:

    Hunter Biden got  a sweet deal  from China in 2013

    Hunter also go a sweet deal  from Ukraine  in 2014 

    The DON didn’t come into office until January 2017 

    Shall we IGNORE  the crimes  that came first ??

  81. Gene Hess says:

    Joe Biden and Sun, slump loads,

  82. Josue2018 says:

    Hunter is handsome.

  83. James Skaggs says:

    The evidence is there do something about it or shut up. The DOJ is spineless when prosecuting someone from the swamp.

  84. Robert Eischen says:

    If it weren't in fox news I could more easily believe it

  85. del crane says:

    @AJjs Biden and sons deal with the Chinese Bank

  86. Man Nguyen says:

    Joe Biden is racist, hypocrite no more no less hes bad guy. Im telling everybody. In 1975 he was senate in Washington Dc. He hated vietnamese refugees by veto the fund to help settle down the miserable people at that time!!!Shame on him hes roman catholic! He should convert to Satanism..instead of being christian..

  87. Man Nguyen says:

    I am sorry. He was senator for Delaware or Virginia if i dont misrember..

  88. Sarah McAulay says:

    I'm from Canada, all the same, I, too, am God smacked! Lol

  89. Harry Cunningham says:

    Treason of the highest order and Obaba knows nothing about it, duhhhh!!!!

  90. brian belton says:

    AG BARR: Do the right thing. Put the cuffs on the fuccs.. .

  91. Sue Ginger says:

    I hope President'Trump takes Biden And His Son Clearance away from them ..It's bad enough we have Jihad's GROUPS in AMERICA and Omar and Talib Cortez Harris Booker in the house of Democrats.Who are Selling America out and along with Nancy P and Schumer And Nadler Adam Schiff and others in Obama Cronies World Soro Bernie and Hillary..Need too be Locked Up In GITMO Together Biden And Son …. Abolish these Bad Evil Corrupt Criminals of Hilliary and OBAMA and Soro Democrat's ..Get these Big Radical LEFTIST Demons Rats 💩 Poop Disease's out of your Districts Clean out the Swamp Demons In AMERICA Districts …Clean Out the Illegals of Wanting everything Free .. Including our Schools our Neighborhood s ..These Foreigners of Illegals are Buying up our Neighborhood s Districts for there Illegas of Caravans Mexicans and Muslims Somalians Illegals of Every Where That Muslim OBAMA and Hillary Soro Brought into AMERICA invading Americans Citizens for 8 Years we have too Support these Illegals ..And Demons Democrats are still Sneaking Illegals into AMERICA . Booker Cortez Omar and Talib Harris and Beto Drunk ..They Were Helping These Illegals along with George Soro ..Our American Citizens Tax Payers Money is given to these Illegals by the Government Demons Democrats ..

  92. Juju Rellama says:

    its not really Hunters firm at all, its his dads. To make sure, his wonderful daddy cant be linked to corruption, he ll have his son to bear the brunt

  93. Brandon Weilburg says:

    Our justice system needs to be purged!!
    Cia dismantled and put on trial for treason entire doj incarcerated!! NSA should be put on trial for violating the constitution and employees put in prison with mandatory life sentences no parole

  94. Brandon Weilburg says:

    Until chump purges-our deep state who seem to be prevailing, he’s a total tool of the deep state…

  95. Tim Gwinn says:

    ChinaJoe should be prosecuted for treason and Obama with him both go to get I🤑☠️🤑☠️🤑☠️

  96. K. West says:

    So they are trying to impeach Trump for something the Biden’s have done. Typical liberal/Democrat policies

  97. William Wilhite says:

    Pelosi's son is involved also.

  98. Oliver Phippen says:

    Bidens donor s  recognize  that Joe is in trouble and they  don't believe that  the  MSM can continue this  FRAUD  despite  the Contrived polls   ?? 

    The time line 
    Joe Biden  committed  and Admitted to EXTORTING UKRAIN   in 2014  under the  orders of OBAMA  ?
    The DON did not  come into office until January 2017 
    So when the DON discovered the Extortion  he had a DUTY to  investigate  as Joe Lost his Political immunity  -The Dims call that Impeachable because  RUDY and Barr  are investigating ???

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