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Hi I’m Ben from CV-Library and here are some tips and advice we feel will help you find your next job fast Before you begin your job hunt, you need to make sure that your CV is up to scratch While there’s no proven right or wrong way to present your CV, there are definitely some ‘must do’s’ Include all of your latest and relevant employment experiences And order them by starting with the most recent position first Also, double check that your contact number and email address are the ones that you use daily Also, don’t lie You’ll only get caught out in the long run Employers will be sent loads of CVs, so make sure yours is No longer than two A4 pages. Highlight key information so it really stands out, even at a glance, and always use bullet points Once you’ve brushed up your CV, it’s time to start getting it out there With a clear idea for the type of job or industry you wish to work in Be proactive and register for free with online job boards and local recruitment agencies When applying for a job, make sure your cover letter is unique to the job Reference the role, company and address it to the relevant person After searching and applying to jobs, the time will come for an interview So make sure you’re fully prepared Firstly, get familiar with the job spec Know what’s expected of you and research key information about the company Secondly, pick up the phone By calling the employer or recruiter and asking if there’s anything you need to bring or prepare show’s you’re interested Find out who’ll be interviewing you and what their role in the company is Also, prepare some questions At the end of your interview, you’ll be able to turn the table on the employer And ask about the job With a handful of questions ready, you’ll show that you’re really serious Finally, dress smart, take a copy of your CV, don’t be late and always turn off your phone By following these simple top tips, you put yourself in a great position to find, apply and get that next job Good luck For more advice, visit CV-Library’s Career Centre:

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  1. genet abdi says:

    Thank you CV-Liberay

  2. billybudds says:

    Ray Mirkovic took note of this

  3. Free Resume Maker for Android says:

    #Jobs  are scarce and skillsets are more, in this case, definitely a good resume will help you in the process of getting into a #jobinterview  . Only way to get more #Interviews  is by using a #Professionalresume  .

  4. says:

    Good advice from CV Library here.

  5. Gul Zar says:

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  6. Richard Longmore says:

    Found it impossible to upload my cv to cv library:(

  7. THE UNICORN says:

    Yes, he's right to a point. Neck ties are not needed any longer as it is sexist gender discrimination against males so like him I don't bother either.

  8. Helgi Simon Sveinsson says:

    Hello. Your video is clear. But I wanna know if I'm able to apply for a job considering I'm 39. Is there any limit of age for apply for a job? Ty.

  9. Michael Ibrahimovic says:

    I've been looking for job for a long time and all they say is im not suitable. Employers are just a bunch of liars. In fact it's so much easier to find a job outside the UK.
    Looking for a job in UK is difficult. All this effort, for what? You get peanuts for all you do. Low pay, high tax. Not worth it. But thank you for the advice. I gave up looking for a job long time ago in the uk and now i am happy that I left the country because all i did after university was to waste my time there looking for work.

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