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Hello Friends, I always say that if we want fast success then we must learn from people who are already successful If i talk about just financial success, then Jeff Bezos is today’s worlds richest man legally hence if you want to be good financially then learning from Jeff Bezos is must Because After Bill Gates (1999) Jeff Bezos has become the first man whose net worth has increased above 100 billion dollars Just for comparison in 2017 Entire Nepal Country GDP Was around 25 billion dollars There are above 100 countries whose GDP IS LESS THAN JEFF BEZOS’S NET WORTH Now after looking these facts the very important question arises what exactly Jeff Bezos did which gave him so much of success and more importantly How did he do it? but today we will understand it more clearly by Watching the video which i have made from Jeff Bezos Biography and from other sources, this video will help you to do something great in life just like Jeff Bezos. So Let’s Begin.. Since Childhood Jeff Bezos parents used to consider him as a smart and an innovative kid because since childhood he was a very curious type of child who used to create new things example when Jeff started walking he opened the crib with screw driver to see how it was made When Jeff shifted with his new family to Houston, There he used to do lot of work with his Grandfather such as attaching pipes, Giving Vaccination to animals fixing Windmills etc when he became more mature and when his siblings were born at that time he created an alarm for his bedroom so that he can know whenever his siblings are going to his room when he was 12 years old at that time he created an infinity cube game,which he saw in a toy shop similarly he created many projects during his school life which was selected in many science fares in fact he created so many things that his bedroom was entirely full therefore his parents shifted his workshop from bedroom to garage now from this small story the thing which i learned is similar to the thing which i have understood from Steve jobs, Elon musk and from other biographies and case studies and that thing is Most of the people who able to do great things in life are usually Curious Creators and Innovators who think of creating things by themselves therefore the first lesson is To be Curious creator, Try to be curious about things and create as many things as you can and Become A Creator Along with creating so many things Jeff Completed his Graduation then he shifted to Princeton University with a hope to study Physics coz he had an interest in Space Exploration but very soon he realised that he was not that great in physics nor he was finding it interesting therefore he learned the fact about his love towards computer and then he completed his bachelors degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering in which he performed very well with this point the second lesson which you must understand is BE SELF-AWARE It is Very Important for you to know about yourself, you must know your weak points and Strong points and you can use it in order to move forward in your life when Jeff Bezos realised that he is not that good in physics and wasn’t finding it interesting still he didn’t do it the way most of the people do, he quit that and did what he found interesting did thing in which he was good therefore second lesson is to have self-awareness, know yourself very well after completing his studies in 1986 Jeff got various job chances from big-big companies but he didn’t go for any one of them, instead he chose something as per his interest and by realising Internet potential he joined Young Fitel Fiberoptic company there he used to create Computer Networks for Internet Finance Then He also worked in D E Shaw Company As A Computer specialist even there he worked hard with Discipline, because of which he became the Youngest Vice President in 1992 and just after 2 years he became the Senior Vice President of that D E Shaw company everything was going great, he was earning good he was getting success, but one day he read an Interesting Fact that internet is growing with 2300 percent every year this fact made Jeff in a deep thought, he knew the internet potential but after reading the fact he came to know how much potential internet actually has and how people underestimate internet potential and power at that time no one was understanding true potential of internet but Jeff finally realised it therefore he decided to Quit his well paid job and thought of starting his own business that business was to sell books through internet (online books selling) when he share his decision to all, obviously every one was shocked because why would any normal person will leave such a great job and why would any one take such a big risk even Jeff Boss asked him the same question that why he is leaving? for which he replied He said that When il be 80 years old at that time i will not regret that i left such an amazing job that too at the time of bonus just for the sake of business, No i will surely not regret it But yes i will regret that i didn’t do anything for A Revolutionary internet thing even too when i had a chance, and that internet had capability of changing the world and i knew that but still i did’nt do it and this thinking made by decision easy to leave this job See Friends another very important common thing which i have noticed in almost every high achievers is they see and understand things as per the future potential Even Jeff had this quality in him, even his colleagues said it therefore 3rd lesson is even you improve and grow your future potential understanding quality and this you can do through learning and understanding new technologies and working on it the same thing is told to us by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Jeff started Amazon just by sharing books, but since beginning he and his company wanted to sell each and everything which can be sold because internet has one positive side compare to physical stores, in internet there’s no limit of storing stuffs and Jeff wanted to take advantage of this positive side since the beginning therefore when you see Amazon Logo You will see that its hidden message is that here you will get A-Z THINGS Jeff Bezos was Always a Long term thinker Example, Earlier when deal used to happened between big companies Yahoo, AOL & MSN & Small Company’s So small company’s used to give there shares to Big Company’s so that they can work with them Even at that time Jeff instead of giving Amazon’s shares to big companies Jeff paid Million dollars to work with them why? because he was a long term thinker and he knew that in long term Amazon share value will be high and he had a believe and trust in Amazon since the beginning similarly, he had taken such decisions many a times which was consider as stupid decisions by his investors and other people because they were limited to short term benefits but Jeff was a Long term thinker and he used to make decision by thinking about long run example of long term thinking i will share further, for now Lesson no. 4) Always take action by thinking for Long run, like most of the people don’t do wrong or take wrong decisions just for short term benefits Since 12 years of Age Jeff started reading books, but the book from which he applied many things in his business was “MADE IN AMERICA” This Book Is Written on Sam Walton, who was the owner of the biggest company Walmart and also a SELF-MADE MILLIONAIRE Learning from Him and from other mentors Jeff had created certain core principles for his company in fact there are 5 core points which Jeff had followed like a religion in his company always which are First: Customer obsession( means to do everything by thinking about customer and should do everything as per customers preference) second: Frugality: Proper use of money with proper thinking, planning and understanding thirds: Bias for Action: means instead of always thinking and doing research should take action by using customer feedback 4th: Ownership: means to become a Leader in your field in the market which is at the top 5th) High Bar For Talent: means working with good and talented people and lastly he added 6th point) Innovation means instead of following others every time should invent something by your own once when Jeff went to meet Cosco Owner related to work, His business deal wasn’t completed But he Learned a Key Lesson from a Cosco Owner, because he was fond of reading and learning from mentors whose Experience is much higher than him, will share the key lesson further but for now the key lesson which you must learn from all this is Lesson no.5) Learn from mentors and books and create some core principles for your business which you must follow like a Religion now i will explain above core principles in detail in 2000-001 Internet bursted, almost every company was facing loss and was getting shut down just like always investors believe and trust was loosing from Amazon because at that time many analyst were saying bad things about amazon they were saying that Amazon is not but Amazon.bomb which will burst at any moment but at that time Jeff Bezos did something which put everyone in a deep shock At that Time Harry Potter 4th book was launched Harry potter the Goblet of Fire on that same day of launch Jeff started selling the Harry potter 4th book with 40 percent off that too by providing Free same day shipping. with this he faced loss of some dollars in 55 thousands book which was ordered by looking this every one was angry on Jeff investors and the company but the Real Result was seen in the Long Run which was truly awesome and Jeff already knew about it with such risky stunt what happened, Amazon customer loyalty over amazon increased in fact over 700 articles were written on appreciating amazon service which turned Amazon market name to positive Jeff Bezos always use to do good things for customers without worrying about investors and their stock price example: by keeping customers in mind, Jeff launched one click order system in which by sharing credit card information in just one click customer can buy any product without filling information all the time and this idea he got from Cosco’s Owner he started things like ranking feedbacks stars such things for products so that customers can write their feedbacks so that other customers or potential customers don’t get fooled Jeff Started Market place Initiative, meaning if any product is not there in Amazon then the option will come next to it which will show which third party has the same product new or second hand, with this customers will never go bare handed by closing amazon now again all these things were very loss related things as per investors because through this he was promoting others and by buying second hand stuffs many businesses were facing loss and many negative comments were written about his product in the feedback which wasn’t good, but Jeff ignored everything and did what was right for customer and by thinking about customers he run his company and Result of it you all can see now Hence Lesson no. 6) Customer Before anything, Always keep Customer at your first priority and take actions If customer gets benefits then for sure you will get more advantage and benefits in the Long run Jeff was a long run thinker, therefore just like worlds biggest companies Jeff also wanted to create Amazon a great Platform Example: Microsoft is an Architect of such great strategy because they had created such a great operating system on the base of which many Software operators started creating their own products for earning money Similarly Apple created an IOS, which was used as a platform by many developers to create an app earned money, Similarly IBM INTEL ATnT Has created platform base on their product Similar thing done By Amazon also they created such a Website where people can sell their products and can earn money somewhat similar to eBay one of the most interesting strategy which Jeff Bezos learnt from The Innovator Dilemma book is Many a Times small companies dominates the small niche and then become big and after sometime they started competing with big companies therefore to deal with this problem what Jeff Did he called his Book business Chief and asked him to make a new Division and work on it he asked to create a small company under his own company which will sell ebooks to which His chief said that i can handle both Physical books as well as ebooks for this Jeff said No and asked him to Manage only Ebooks company with an aim that one day he will defeat his own physical book company such long run thinker Jeff Bezos was, he knew that one day ebook field will for sure move ahead therefore instead of competing with others he started competing with himself all this he did to become a market leader you will notice that whenever a big company sees that any small or new company who is doing good in their field, then they buy that new company, they do it to stay a market leader Hence Lesson no.7) Market owner, Use Innovation and creativeness to become Market leader don’t always copy others. These are some knowledge which i have shared from the Book The Everything Store book this book contain many knowledge and things which will tell you how Jeff Bezos was and how he Became world’s richest man, and how you can become like him as per me you Must read this book, I have mentioned its Link in the Below description if you want free audio book of this book then you can take it from Audible is an Amazon company which give one month trial only then they will charge you i have made this book summary by listening this book from Audible Like the video if you find it useful, comment and say in which mentor i should make a video share this video with people who want to be great financially want to do great things in life do subscribe, i upload such great book summaries every sunday and do click the bell icon or else you will miss such great knowledge and finally ….. thanks for watching….

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