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So how are you guys today? I am Sankalpita and today in this video, I am going to be talking to you about a bookish haul!!!!! Now, those of you who would know me.. would know that I always get a book for my Nanaji (whenever I go anywhere) and he requested me to get one from Hyderabad when I went there so… so I thought okay.. I will not disappoint him.. I will order one book online (since I did not find one in Hyderabad) and while I was looking for a book on Hyderabad’s history online I also happened to buy many other books so this is actually those books which I got from amazon and it just arrived today! so guys, let me show you all the books that I got so here is the package and I have not even opened it yet and let me show you all the books in this so guys, the 1st book which I got is Heritage of Hyderabad from children for children and its written by Madhu Vottrey so there is this fictional character called Dabbir in this book and its really a book meant for children to just make them understand the history of Hyderabad in totality I think its a really cute read and I will definitely soon read it and courier it to my Nanaji It has got really cute pictures in here and everything which you can possibly learn about Hyderabad’s history So, the 2nd book which I got is this one which is called The Serpent’s Revenge and its written by Sudha Murty the book says it has all the unusual tales from Mahabharata The blurb says that Mahabharata is a very known epic but what is not known are many many stories which lend Mahabharata its actual character so all those tales which are not really known.. which are not really famous and which have lost their importance in the tides of time all these tales are told here in this book so I am really looking forward to this So, the next book which I got is also from Sudha Murthy and its called Gently Falls the Bakula Now this is a story of 2 people.. Shrikant and Shrimati so they are living in Hubli and Shrikant has this crush on Shrimati and and Shrimati also has this crush on Shrikant so they fall in love with each other.. they get married.. but somewhere down the line everything is not what it seems and that is what the story is The next book which I got is this really famous and hyped book I don’t know why is it hyped so much but I really hope it will be as good as the 1st book from Twinkle Khanna though this is a fiction one and that was a non-fiction book but yeah, let me go back to what I was talking about so this is Twinkle Khanna’s The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad now this is a very interesting book I am telling you this because I have read all kinds of reviews and all of them are good so I am just waiting to dive into this one so the next book which I got is from this really really famous author called Durjoy Dutta and this book is called The Girl of my Dreams So this is a story of a guy called Daman who lands up in an accident when he was in a car with a girl and after the accident he does not remember anything and he has a very faint idea of who the girl was surprisingly, the girl was nowhere to be found she was neither dead nor alive and Daman did not know what happened to her just a little after that he gets a writing contract from a very good publisher and he takes up that contract and then a lot of things happen, but I am not going to tell you all that because seriously I dont want to Its better if you read the book yourself or wait for my book review and how much did I spend on it? I guess it was close to 680/-……. yeah 680/- So guys thats it from me in this video I hope you enjoyed this one and if you did.. dont forget to hit that like and subscribe button and turn that notification on you will be notified everytime I post a new video so this is Sankalpita.. signing off now!

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    hey nice books u bought. ๐Ÿ™‚ can i know how do u add that pic of book in ur videos????

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