January Bullet Jounal + Study Bullet Journal 2020 Setup | Plan with Me


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12 thoughts on “January Bullet Jounal + Study Bullet Journal 2020 Setup | Plan with Me”

  1. ChloeRaeofSunshine says:

    This is so ironic because i just spent the last hour looking up bullet journal stuff and then this appeared. Wow this is great. I think im gonna upload a bullet journal build for a newbie/pharmacy student XD

  2. aries War says:

    Happy New Years Meowdicated. To you

  3. ebele übele says:

    Keşke türkçe altyazı olsa

  4. 황의권 says:

    도움이 되는군요^^ 새해 복 많이 받으세요~~~!

  5. herbst aroma says:

    it looks so cute! love the yellow and pink C: sadly I don't have time to make my bullet journal right now bc of upcoming exams, but in February I want to start with one again. your set up really inspired me <3

  6. sevvalstudies says:

    Good to see you! Your journal looks simple and amazing , I want to start one too

  7. Madhu Taylor says:

    Wow a video from meowdicated…🥰.. That too about bujo♥️
    You rock Sophie ♥️

  8. Isabel says:

    I was so happy to see you uploaded a video! Lovely bullet journal 🙂 I'm excited to do my set up now!

  9. Studies히나 says:

    Wow, very beautifully made bujo. Loved hearing your voice again and seeing chewie. How is the material and holding for the 192 page book since it’s thick? I remember one of my old journals had pages comes out when I reached the middle because it was thick and bulky.

  10. Audrey Rosette says:

    Happy New Year Sophie! May you reach all your goals this year 🙂 great video btw!!

  11. Gnossienne Magika says:

    Happy New Years!

  12. Smilyyy flower says:

    what is the grid spacing?

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