Jane Fonda Asked for Don Johnson to Be Her ‘Book Club’ Love Interest


So the movie is
called Book Club. It’s Diane Keaton. It’s Candice Bergen. It’s Mary Steenburgen.
It’s Jane Fonda. And you’d think that all of
you had worked together before. But this was your first time. Yeah, we knew each other very
slightly, but not really. And you know, you
go into a thing like this kind of worried
maybe one of them’s going to be a diva. We had a low budget. It’s going to be a problem. We fell in love with each other. I mean, and we pledged
to remain friends. So tell everybody what
the movie is about. It’s about friendship and sex. Yes– [LAUGHTER] It’s about four older women. I’m one that has sex a lot,
but only in the afternoon and only with men
I don’t care about. And I’m concerned
that my girlfriends– we’ve been in a book
club for 40 years– they’re kind of like giving
up before they really need to. And so I bring Fifty Shades
of Gray into the book club, and it wakes them up. They are woke– [LAUGHTER] –each in her own way. It is– we had the
premiere last night. It’s hysterical. It’s really, really funny. But my favorite
thing about it is it shows the importance
of women’s friendships. Yeah. Because our friendships
are different. We have different
friendships than men do. It’s why we live longer frankly. And the movie’s
really about women having each other’s backs,
pushing when they need to. And we had such a good time. It looked like you
had a good time. And Don Johnson, who is my
neighbor up in Montecito. And I love him. He’s great, isn’t he? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, and you’ve– I’ve known him since the ’70s. Oh, that’s– yeah– I had an antiwar organization. And he would come to the
meetings looking for girls. [LAUGHTER] And I’ve known his wives
and his girlfriends. And– His wives. [LAUGHTER] And then I saw him at a movie. And I was just blown
away by his looks. I think he’s handsomer now
than when he was younger. And there was a lot of depth. And so I said I want him
to be my love interest. Yes, and he was. And he was. And we’re friends. We’ve become friends. Yeah, he’s a great guy. But I– you know, I’ve been
making movies for 60 years. And the book– this
movie Book Club is the most fun I’ve
ever had on a movie. Really? Yeah. That’s fantastic. That’s– It was a great experience. [APPLAUSE] So– and then you’ve got– also
you’ve got Gracie and Frankie. Grace– Gracie– –and Frankie. Sorry. Huge hit. I mean, really. And Lily– It’s a privilege to go to work
every day with this woman Lily Tomlin. I don’t know if any of you ever
seen her in her one-woman show. But she has about 25 characters
across gender, race, ethnicity, and she becomes them. And they are her friends. And she transforms. And through these characters,
she teaches us about life. I mean, she’s cosmic. She’s a genius. And I get to work
with her every day. And she gets to work
with you every day. And I fall in love with her. I mean, it’s just– And– It’s a blessing. And so many people are watching
the show because it’s got– I mean, somebody was telling
me their teenage daughter– like, there’s so many
different ages watching. We did not expect this. Yeah, it’s a huge hit. Congratulations. And it’s interesting
because both Book Club and Grace and Frankie
kind of have the same message. Getting older as a woman
doesn’t mean it’s over. We can still be
multi-dimensional and kind of looking out. And they’re all so
young out there. [LAUGHS] The message is you don’t have
to be afraid about getting old. We have a lot of fun, right? [APPLAUSE]

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100 thoughts on “Jane Fonda Asked for Don Johnson to Be Her ‘Book Club’ Love Interest”

  1. carolinaflor says:

    So excited for the next season of Grace and Frankie! This movie too!!! ❤️ These women are fantastic and are changing the game. So inspiring. 🙏🏻

  2. Cia Meyer says:

    Jane, I m a big fan of your work outs. I'll be watching both your movie s. Please insist on make up every time. You're looking really good

  3. jakedaniels 881981 says:

    she looks 50. it's unbelievable.

  4. S P says:

    That's amazing, experiencing something that's "the best fun I've ever had" at the age of 80

  5. Natacha Jaxaldebehere says:

    It is so amazing to hear and see this iconic woman Jane Fonda, gush with admiration for her friend Lily Tomlin 🙂

  6. Denise Tuyi says:

    Haha… Beautiful girl friendships are awesome.

  7. LJ Stevens says:

    I want the name of her plastic surgeon. Although I doubt I could afford them.

  8. Belton Bandalan says:

    I admire her

  9. Tara Love says:

    No matter how much plastic surgery she has had done, its her posture, her energy and her quick mind all of which are rare once we hit 80, this is what makes her young looking. Also her perfect teeth and thick hair. Back in her mothers time, hair thinned, teeth replaced with awful false teeth that never looked anything other than false. She also knows how to dress and make the most of what she has. Her hair is possibly enhanced with a hair piece. Its much much more than just a face with no wrinkles. Her attitude of course adds to an appearance of youth. Positive and enthusiastic. Ive know young people who look old because of a bad attitude and lack of self care. Fair play to her and hope she lives and works for many more years.

  10. Mrs Odusanwo says:

    Omg I can't wait to see this!!

  11. Hamid Elouardaoui says:

    What a Beautiful classy woman !

  12. Jim says:

    What is her surgeon's name???

  13. Paula Figueroa says:

    Such a lady ❤

  14. Persona Mccoy says:

    I wish everybody that follows you can go on your show I mean subscribe

  15. Emma Dedic says:

    yes because you can have a facial lift 🙂 and look younger

  16. Gabby C. says:

  17. Gabby C. says:

  18. alan wisdom says:

    Cette lady est une femme formidable, un vrai exemple de liberté un vrai exemple de courage et une femme super belle 👌😎

  19. Chanel Javoni says:

    She still look good

  20. JenniferSays291 says:

    I’m 27 and I LOVE Grace and Frankie. I think it’s because I love the movie 9 To 5. I really hope they are serious about making a sequel.

  21. •Extinction WTF• says:

    my dad has a sticker that says "Fuck Jane Fonda"……..i still to this day wonder why

  22. emercycrite says:

    Hearing Jane Fonda use the term "woke" is hilarious

  23. because0011 says:

    She was MJ close friend she’s beautiful

  24. Arlene Queen says:

    Jane Fonda gorgeous!!!! I think she looks way better than her 20s.

  25. anne bibeau says:

    such gratitude for life and the present moment. When she goes, she can proudly say she fully understood the meaning and purpose of life. Keep on rockin' Jane F!

  26. Stephie Pahlavi Zan says:

    Unbelievable! She looks great…..really wonderful plastic surgery. Who is her Dr? lol

  27. John Díaz says:

    An Amazing Woman. Maybe if we would have listen to this Lady from back in the 70's we wouldn't be in Ilegal wars.

  28. Maria Sharp says:

    Legend and icon.

  29. Cha Wki says:

    OMG I can't beleive that she's 80 … amazing

  30. Jacqueline Carter says:

    I love when Diane Keaton is on, can't wait to see her on Ellen

  31. Emily Kelly says:

    ‘Grace & Frankie’ is an amazing show. She’s such a great actress and hope she continues to live long, happy and healthy.

  32. raj bhargav says:

    Ellen this is strange but honestly I cld not figure out any other way to try n get in touch with u , which don't think this will also work but as of now could not think any other way , after seeing u it's really given me a hope that I can live again ,I don't know about the distance well I hope I can get in touch with u sum way and discuss

  33. iLindahLIFE says:

    80 years later she is still ahead of her time.

  34. rylie morris says:


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    I adore her!

  36. Sandra Ruckel says:

    She is absolutely amazing looking. She filmed a movie in Pgh , Pa,with Russel Crowe a few yrs ago, and she's just as beautiful close up! I'd love to have her plastic surgeon!!!!

  37. Mio CO says:

    I loveeee this woman!!!!!!

  38. monica gonzalez says:

    I love Grace & Frankie!!!

  39. Raphel Madeira says:

    Jane é muito maravilhosa. Amo ela em Grace e Frankie espero que venham mais e mais temporadas.

  40. Carolina H says:

    Jane you are so adorable and an incredible and great woman

  41. Jona C says:

    Amazing women!!!!!

  42. Gabe D says:

    So Ellen definitely does not watch Grace and Frankie. She wouldn't have messed up the name.

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    Let me tell you, I love her! Grace and Frankie is great, watch it even if you're young.

  44. Janelle Etsitty says:

    I never realized Jane was married three times…?

    That's why she looks great…lol… Independence/Surgery/DIVORCE=Peace of Mind ,*)

  45. Deron Reed says:

    she looks fabulous

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    She is beautiful!!

  47. Joy Sheets says:

    Handsomemer? Lol… try proper wording "more handsome" 😂😳😖

  48. Marcus K says:

    So she just described the movie being The Golden girls. Nothing new.

  49. roacilynn mothpungmala says:

    I love her so much!!!

  50. Nolaa Emàn says:

    She's so damn cute I'm obsessed with Grace and Frankie it makes you look forward to getting older and appreciate youth all at the same time and it's just so funny ✨❤️

  51. TheFroperson says:

    Love Jane Fonda. Hoping to be 1/4 like her & that will be great! Think at 74 I am also doing well. 80! Wow. You go Jane gal!

  52. 2112Nightshift says:

    Why is Hanoi Jane on Ellen?! Disappointed.

  53. Fouad Chahbandar says:


  54. Joelle Aittama says:

    Kind of interesting that they’re reading a book about female bondage, and Jane refers to this movie as a “Me Too” movement.

    I saw her in another interview.

  55. ohmusicsweetmusic says:

    Her make up is looking SO much better.

  56. Franklin Lopez says:

    She's in her 80s? GOALS ! Love Grace and Frankie.

  57. geraldine pearson says:

    I’m a millennial and I’m obsessed w grace and Frankie. I refuse to watch the last two episodes bcuz I don’t want it to be over.
    I love that show!!!
    Jane is absolutely beautiful. I would love to be 80 with zero health issues and my right mind and pure joy! Go Jane🤗🤗🤗

  58. Nekeisha Nelson says:

    Lovely message!!

  59. sheikh adham says:

    happy Ramadan

  60. Nancy Marcotte says:

    So looking forward to seeing this the cast.

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    Jane Fonda, always positive and inspiring women 👏😍

  62. Nguyen Binh Tuyen says:

    Very good! You can watch this news on my channel.

  63. bchbounds says:

    I'm going to see this movie with a couple girlfriends next weekend..

  64. Yousra Salah Ahmed says:

    i want to be her sooo bad

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    Jane Fonda looks absolutely incredible … "The Book Club" is an excellent movie!

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    I love her!

  67. Lisa Luminaire says:

    My mom, 60 and I, 39, have just started watching Grace & Frankie and we really enjoy it, I am not excited about ageing at all, but Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin make me feel less anxious about it!

  68. CC says:

    What an amazing woman !!! I've not seen anyone aged so gracefully !!! She moves like a much younger person!

  69. Emy's Makeup Room says:

    I love her 😍

  70. DWINC says:

    Neighbor? I heard Johnson left Montecito because of his horses.

  71. Thida Yang says:

    I swear Jane Fonda is the epitome of class & goals

  72. Matthias Bohn says:

    Just love her !

  73. Hope Young says:

    Don Johnson is so good looking, still!!! My aunt was lucky enough to date him in high school.

  74. Honnie Bat-Kohen says:

    By far my favorite actress of all time.

  75. Amelia B says:

    ‘You don’t have to be afraid of getting old.’ Love it. I hope I will be as beautiful and classy as Jane Fonda if I reach her age.

  76. glendale6 says:

    Her mind is so sharp. 90 percent working out good nutriition and. Ten percent some kind of facial work. No wrinkles at 80. Really ?

  77. La Marie Gui says:

    she is amazing, and i love how well she speaks about other women

  78. Jordan Fisher says:

    Fuckin cool as shit. Love these women.

  79. Aries Snake says:

    She’s so cool

  80. SlapHappy says:


  81. Ali Jane says:

    Amazing…I LuV books…I LuV the message that Women must stick together to help each other…WE generally live longer, and we generally historically have had to battle for equality…LoVe for EveryOne!

  82. Olivia95 says:

    Jane Fonda is literally the only person that has told me – and shown by example – that i shouldn't be afraid of getting old. Such an inspiration thank you for making me a little less miserable Jane

  83. Nella J says:

    It was a good movie

  84. dragonfly6908 says:

    It is wonderful that the film "Book Club" is a success especially as nearly all the cast are over the age of 65. It should teach the big film studios that not everyone wants to watch "Star Bores" or "Jurasic Bore" and that people still want fun movies featuring warm likeable characters who they can relate to and laugh along with. I saw this film last night and i could hear the people around me laughing and i felt sad when the film ended because i was enjoying it so much and i didn't want it to end.

  85. Ri Ranjo says:

    "they are woke"

  86. Ian macdonald says:

    You can detect the onset of dementia.

  87. Vlamir Marques says:

    What an inspiration!

  88. Jessica Bonish says:

    LOVE this woman!! She is just so classy and inspiring. I LOVED Book Club also, one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

  89. Lisa Barnetson says:

    Book Club is one of the best movies. I have seen it twice. It hits so many points. I laughed,I cried. Jane Fonda is the poster child for taking care of yourself.

  90. Melissa Gomez says:

    What a beautiful message!

  91. Jackie Smith says:

    4 OLD women

  92. Tsetsi says:

    Spend the night with me!

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    Awful. Just show me young, sexy women, please.

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    I was 13 when I started watching Grace & Frankie with my grandma. Its my absolute favorite Netflix series. Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlin are awesome!!

  95. Donna Lewis says:

    Jane Fonda you are absolutely beautiful!!!! I just love you!!!!

  96. Bella Ventimiglia says:

    I am in awe of how FANTASTIC Jane Fonda looks! She obviously got some kind of work done (as well as good health, diet, & exercise), but she doesn’t look ALIEN like a lot of face lift/plastic surgery celebrities do! You go, Jane!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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